5 Great Casinos To Gamble And Watch A Concert


Take one walk down the Atlantic Boardwalk and you get a harsh realization. For a number of reasons, casinos don’t carry the same allure they once did. One definitive blow to the majesty of casinos is that casinos aren’t so rare anymore. You no longer need to travel to Las Vegas- or Atlantic City to take your chance at Jackpot Heaven. Here in Northeast Pennsylvania, there’s two casinos within a forty-five-minute ride; Mohegan Sun and Mount Airy. Before that, locals would set up weekend bus trips by the dozens down to Atlantic City. The sheer volume and now proximity of casinos throughout the country has no doubt watered-down the concept on casinos; but that’s not all.

Online gambling is a massive, growing industry, with many sites including Online-Casino.ie. Just a few weeks ago, Pennsylvania announced it will allow online gambling and betting in airports and truck stops. Fox News noted that PA lawmakers anticipate at least an annual gain $200 million from casino license fees and associated taxes. That’s big business. In the digital age, the greatest loss has been people’s patience. Everyone wants constant stimulation in a want it now- get it now­ culture. You already don’t need to go to a real casino to gamble with online casinos; but this could be a game-changer. Forbes.com previously equated online casinos to be similar in nature to how people would prefer to watch a great sporting event at home versus traveling to the actual event.

But you don’t get the same bang for your buck on your lazy boy clicking buttons that you do when you grab that cool, metal lever, yank it down and BANG! Jackpot! Seven-Seven-Seven! Coins rushing out of the machine like rapid water through a busted damn. A magical feeling. Not unlike the feeling of seeing a great concert. Hence why so many casinos are branching into having great artists more and more perform. This isn’t a new concept but nowadays, when you need to stand out and get people off their Lazy-Boy and into your casino, it’s all the more important to present an overall great experience. Here are five casinos that are great to gamble in AND great to see a concert at.

  1. Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino- Las Vegas

The home to the wildly successful Brittney Spears residency. Piece of Me has captivated audiences for almost two years running with its onslaught of Spears’ classics.


  1. Mohegan Sun- Connecticut

Genre-bending rockers will take the stage there November fourth, but they’re just one of a long line of bands to have rocked this original Mohegan Sun.

  1. Borgatta Music Box- Atlantic City

The Borgatta is known more for just its unbelievable chandelier; hosting great concerts. An eclectic mix or rock and pop bands such as Gin Blosoms and Rob Thomas will soon own the stage there.

  1. Sans Casino Resort- Bethlehem

The event center in this Pennsylvania gem has hosted a wide varitety of rock and metal acts over the years such as 311, Weezer, Mastodon and Clutch.

  1. Hard Rock Casino and Hotel- Las Vegas

Rock legends Guns N’ Roses made this their home during their legendary residency that preceeded the band’s classic lineup reunion.