9 Interesting Facts About Jimi Hendrix


The musical legend was an interesting man beyond the music he played – here are 9 interesting facts you might not have known about Jimi Hendrix!

He was a Highschool Dropout

When Jimi was in high school, he decided the army life was for him, enlisting in 1959 and entering The Screaming Eagles, which was the 101st Airborne Division in Fort Campbell. His plans were to become a paratrooper, but lucky for us, it was not to be. After a broken ankle gave him his medical discharge, he returned home, and the rest is history.

He had a Complex Relationship with Miles Davis

The two superstars were meant to be recording together, close to the end of Jimi’s life. The word on the street is that Davis demanded $50,000 at the last minute, which led to the joint recording being called off. We would have loved to hear that record!

He was Left Handed

While that might not sound so interesting, it led to one of his most iconic idiosyncrasies, playing his guitar upside down! Unfortunately, not everyone thought it was so cool, and his father was so convinced by how unnatural it was, that some say he believed Jimi was possessed by the devil.

He had a Slot Game Named After Him

Jimi Hendrix left a footprint on this planet, even a video slot was made about him! If you’re a fan of online slots games, and you loved the guitar hero himself, you won’t be able to get enough of this addictive slot. Which of the free spins will you pick up? Purple Haze, Crosstown Traffic or Little Wing?

He Couldn’t Water Ski!

As told by Jon Roberts, his untimely end by sleeping tablets wasn’t his first brush with death. Once, when out water skiing, he fell off the skis, and ended up thrashing about in the water, without onlookers even knowing whether he could swim.

He May Have Had Two Children

According to Swedish records, Jimi had a son who he recognised, called James. He also may have had a daughter by a different mother called Tamika, but there are no records to suggest that he accepted her, and a paternity test was never completed for either child.

He Couldn’t Read Music

As one of the most famous musicians in history, and certainly one of the most talented, it might surprise you to learn that he could neither read nor write music theory. He had to learn music by ear, which he says he did by listening to Elvis Presley.

He Used to Play the Broom!

Luckily for us, not for too long. When Jimi’s father saw him playing a simple kitchen broom, he bought him his very first instrument, which was a one-stringed ukulele! From here, he eventually made his way to become who the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame call “the most gifted instrumentalist of all time”.

He Enjoyed Making a Show

Jimi is known for his stunts and performances, including four instances of guitar burning, and his world-famous teeth playing. One of his most famous performances was of the Star Spangled Banner at Woodstock, which might be his most lasting legacy. Rather than a patriotic act, it was meant to show his disgust about the war in Vietnam.

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