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We are happy to announce Pearl Jam will be returning to South America in 2013 for THREE headlining performances in Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

Show Dates:

March 31 – Sao Paulo, Brazil at Lollapalooza Festival

April 3 – Buenos Aires, Argentina at Constanera Sur

April 6 – Santiago, Chile at Lollapalooza Festival

Ten Club has arranged for a limited amount of discounted tickets through the public ticket seller for Fan Club Members only. Supplies are limited, ticket availability is not guaranteed. All eligible members will be sent an email today with detailed information on how to receive a fan club ticket discount. This information can also be viewed by logging into your Ten Club account and then clicking on this link:


Lollapalooza Festival March 29-31

PJ Performance: March 31

3-Day Passes on sale: October 2 at 00:01 BRT

Fan Club Discount: 50% off 3 Day Pass (not to be combined with any other discounts)

Festival Site:


Costanera Sur

PJ Performance: April 3rd

Tickets on sale: October 15

Fan Club Discount: 20% off

Ticket Site:

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  • Spoonman

    jesus christ play a god damn show in the us, besides the fundraisers. they should just move to south america because thats the main place they gig anymore.

  • random hero

    A US tour that are not festivals are in order. I think they are doing Brazil again more because of the shows being Lollapalooza.

  • Shaun Jam

    They played PJ 20 and Canada last year and Europe this year. Till the next album comes out, there won’t be a full blown tour just festival dates and such. So no need to complain like they’re a rare act in the USA…

  • lol


  • Adam Hewett

    “be” just spotted a bit.

  • lol

    Adam Hewett, little of that?

    lol :D

  • Zach

    Well there you go, I guess PJ will never play another non-festival show again. I mean, they haven’t played a non-festival show in the US since May 21, 2010 at MSG in NYC. Its very frustrating when you’re favorite band doesn’t play in their own country anymore.

  • Spoonman

    ^^^^^^exactly, im pissed. if they would realized a good album it would make up for it but backspacer…

  • unk

    Pearl Jam – Is a strong buy

    Soundgarden – Sell, sell, sell

  • nelieta

    Fantastic news! Will catch them in Buenos Aires!!!