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From‘s new interview with Barrett Martin:

“To honor our departed brothers, Mike and I oversaw a Mad Season box set, which comes out March 12th, 2013. It contains the re-mastered Above album, the Moore concert on DVD with surround sound, and a bunch of live recordings that we never released. The most exciting stuff: three songs that Mark Lanegan wrote lyrics and sang on, songs that we started to record for the second album but never finished because of Baker’s and Layne’s deaths. One of the songs Peter Buck wrote with us, and the other two are from me and Mike. They are three of the heaviest and most beautiful songs Mad Season did, and I know Layne and Baker will love them.”

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  1. Pablo Caiado says:

    Great stuff! Looking foward to get it!

  2. Jeanne says:

    Live @ the Moore DVD…hope there is more to that than what is on YouTube. Can’t wait to hear the new songs, and see the unreleased live recordings.


  3. Sanya says:

    There’s something awkward abut this photo…:/

  4. Sanya says:

    *about (not a Canadian)

  5. Shadow on the Sun says:

    holy shit! this is sweet! the vhs copy of moore show i have is amazing,can’t wait to hear the dvd quality!!!

  6. BlownUpWorld says:

    Very exciting!!! Can’t wait for this one.

  7. oscar says:

    i rather have the Moore concert on DVD with surround sound then the remastered above album and probably the second album

  8. Garden of Sound says:


  9. Ben says:

    Awesome news! I knew this wouldn’t be ready before next year but I can live with that.

    I’m assuming that means we are only getting 3 of the unreleased tracks???

    If so it is a shame we won’t get to hear all the other instrumental tracks they already recorded – I really hope they release them even if they are just as instrumental demos.

    Looking forward to this!

  10. Scott McLean says:

    Wow! That’s cool. I miss those guys so I’m happy they will honor them.

  11. Iso says:

    Yeah who did the super-imposing of Lanegan in that shot Brett? That does look awkward as hell, like Lananugs has tiny arms or hunchback neck. To say nothing of the big dent in his cheek. Funny more than anything, but I get the point.

  12. jjc19461 says:

    GREAT NEWS! Layne and another very underrated, great musician John Baker Saunders will be proud.

  13. Nick says:

    I wonder if the “bunch of live songs that were never released” will be any rare songs they played live that didn’t make the album.

  14. cosmicatomic says:

    So only 3 new songs altogether?

    Not that I’m disappointed, but the rumor was an entire new album that they’d written and recorded the music for.

    I’ll be buying it regardless.

  15. MindRiot132 says:

    Best fucking news of the month baby

  16. Staley_Forever says:


  17. Ben says:

    @ cosmicatomic

    I agree. I’m really looking forward to this and will buy it… however I really do hope that they release all the pre-recorded songs even if they are just as instrumental demos.

  18. Garden of Sound says:

    Previews would be a nice anticipation builder. GIVE ME SAMPLES!!!

  19. whisky says:

    The only bad thing about this news is that we’re only getting three songs with Lanegan. Mark Lanegan rules all!!! No disrespect to Layne, of course. Layne was amazing. But Mark Lanegan rules all!!! Except young Robert Plant. But apart from that Mark Lanegan rules all!!! Lanegan…

  20. GenXLady says:

    Looking forward to this!

  21. Garden of Sound says:

    @ Whisky

    Listen to “Beyond the Wheel Live (Unbelievable Performance)” and you will realize why young CC is just head and shoulders above everyone. Plant…Im sorry… and thank you Robert Plant, your singing style introduced me to Cornell, which led to me finding Soundgarden! Thanks…but Cornell was more talented in technical skill than you even in your prime…MY OPINION!!! PLEASE DONT HATE ME ZED HEADS!!! PLANTS ONE OF THE TOP 5 SINGERS EVER! (1mercury 2 Cornell 3 Plant 4 Staley 5 maybe Dio…)

  22. Garden of Sound says:

    let the debates begin!

  23. whisky says:

    Garden of Sound, I won’t hate on you. Even if I don’t agree with your placement, at least you recognize Plant’s brilliance, which is enough for me to respect you! I also think that Cornell is amazing, and he’s probably in my top 5 too. We can all get along! I’d say 1) Plant 2) Lanegan 3/4)Cornell/Staley-tie 5)… Not sure? Maybe Buckley, maybe that dude from Shine Down (not a fan of their music, but he does have an amazing voice), maybe Mercury (nice to see the nod to Freddie). This needs further thought…

  24. Maverick785 says:


  25. jarofchains says:

    Are they still doing the second album? Im happy to hear some new Mad Season stuff but I hope they use the rest of the material intended for the second album.

  26. 50 says:

    Hope the DVD is the FULL concert and not just the edited VHS version. As for live stuff I hope they release all the gigs they did, after all they didnt do many:

    12Th October 1994, Crocodile Cafe – 5 Mad Season Songs & Jimi Hendrix Cover.

    6th November 1994 – Crocodile Cafe – 5 songs

    20th November 1994 – Crocodile Cafe – 8 Songs – 1 Unreleased jam

    31st December 1994 – RKCNDY – 8 Mad Season Songs & John Lennon Cover

    8th January – Self Pollution Radio – 2 Songs

    22nd April 1995 – Crocodile Cafe – 7 Songs (Also same day Moore Theatre Rehersal)

    29th April 1995 – Moore Theatre – 10 Mad Season Songs & John Lennon Cover

    With the unreleased tracks with Mark Lanegan – this would be a dream boxset. FINGERS CROSSED FOR MARCH 2013

  27. Garden of Sound says:

    @ Whiskey

  28. Dennis says:

    Never released live recordings. All you had to say.

  29. Kirill says:

    this is like timemachine back to 90s, really looking forward to hearing this

  30. Mia says:

    Awesome! I’m really looking forward to this. The three new tracks with Lanegan will be awesome and I’ll be looking forward to a DVD of Live at the Moore. I hope they do release all the songs and not just the one that were on the VHS. I seem to remember some weird video effects on the VHS too, maybe they could leave those out.

  31. Jeanne says:

    Hey I just thought, maybe we will get to see the Mad Season from New Year’s finally, the small 35 second clip has been on YouTube forever, but no real videos.Think Johnny Bacolas has the rights, so maybe he was waiting for something like this to release it to the rest of Mad Season? Let’s hope!

  32. Deviate says:


  33. Spoonman says:

    3 songs? they said full album, god damn it. i mean im happy but they shouldnt have gotten my hopes that high. im happy to get anything but its their fault i expected more

  34. Brett Weir says:

    Wow, some people just won’t be happy until Layne & John come back from the dead to finish the album.

    The album is almost 20 years old, move the fuck on people.

    I can’t wait for this release, and anything else Lanegan has on the horizon.

  35. Brett Weir says:

    Above, that is.

  36. lilrockable says:

    wtf? Mike said it would be 12 songs that Lannegan would be singing on not three.

  37. John says:

    This will be my birthday gift!

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