Published On October 18, 2012 | By Brett Buchanan | Alice In Chains, Featured, Grunge Report

October 13, 2012 at Cabo Wabo. Matt Sorum from Velvet Revolver/Guns N’ Roses is on drums.

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  • Big Dumb Ex

    Less than beautiful sight here…

  • Superunknown

    Layne, why did you have to die? Such a beautiful man.

  • bv

    Sammy Hagar is just awful.

  • Sweater Yams

    But it’s worth watching for Jerry. Lawdy, I love that man!!

  • Jason

    Sammy Hagar is a joke!

  • Search and Destroy

    David lee Roth or Van Halen? “Van Halen” yeah he’s a cop.

  • Adriano

    It’s a NO!

  • giane barros de lima

    great permomance! ilove alice in chains !sammy in the vocal was really amazing !

  • Dennis

    Respect Sammy. This video is great.

  • ShaneC

    I like some old Sammy stuff. I’ve heard he’s a pretty cool dude to meet, too.

    Can’t wait for new AIC tunes. They’ll no doubt be better than anything from new Soundgarden so far.

  • Jason

    Just horrible…Hagar is brutal!

  • Johan

    I hope you´re wrong ShaneC, but somewhere inside I know you´re right.. anyway I think that the soundgarden´s new stuff is not bad at all, but “Live to Rise” is a really bad song..

  • Scott McLean

    I think it’s great but we have one problem as fans, and really it’s hard to find any singer who compares to Layne Staley, and we miss him a lot. But I think Sammy did a good job singing. Jerry’s guitar playing is great, as always!

  • GwynnKatie

  • ShaneC

    Johan, I agree LTR was pretty bad.

    I shouldn’t be so down on the new SG stuff. It’s not bad. I really, really want this new album to be epic, though.

  • Nanette

    I agree with Scott, no one can sing it like Layne. However this song is classic, its not going away, lots of people love it (the Layne version of course) I have slaughtered it at the karoke bar and so have millions of others. I am going to embrace the fact that Sammy has good taste in music. Im pretty sure that “Man in the box” will be sung and be sung horribly for many years to come.

    copied but never dulicated

  • Garden of Sound

    @ ShaneC

    I feel the same way, except I know its gonna be the stuff of legends. Bones of Birds is supposed to be a “add to greatest hits” song.

  • ShameInYou

    should have said alice in chains song…not a jerry cantrell song. Pretty sure Layne and Jerry co – wrote this song

  • GenXLady

    Well said, Nanette. I agree.

  • Blind Lemon


  • ChainsGarden

    When Linkin Park first came out, I really thought Chester would revolve into a type of Layne but was I ever wrong. Stained, Days of the new (Todd Whitner) and Godsmack were inspired from the chains and you can tell from some of their songs. Godsmack acostic cd is an example and Stained had a tribute song of shades of grey. I’m ready for the new cd to come out. I really wish days of the new would get back together as well.

  • pinkcherrywaves

    wow.. maybe if it was still the 80′s Hagar would have been able to sing it okay, but he really is just a joke now. I find this actually offensive to Layne, he’s not even singin the lines but rather just yelling into the mic. SO sad!
    Common Jerry, don’t make a mockery out of Layne’s amazing work just cause you wanna have a good time and play.

  • GwynnKatie

    I was so out of it sick on Thursday that I posted nothing.
    Oh well.

    This is a better version of the song without Layne.

    I also found this – which is awesome considering that Jerry missed the show at the Roseland in Portland OR on 10/23/02 – and has never played any of this music since — that I know of. Accolades to the person who made this video.

    And I mean that.

  • http://google george
  • allie

    Dante’s purgatorio. terrace 2. ENVY. cantos 13-14

    now you’ve sewn them shut!