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Soundgarden 2013 North American Tour Dates:

01/18 – Washington, DC @ DAR Constitution Hall
01/19 – Upper Darby, PA @ Tower Theatre
01/20 – Boston, MA @ Orpheum Theatre
01/22 – New York, NY @ Hammerstein Ballroom
01/23 – New York, NY @ Hammerstein Ballroom
01/25 – Toronto, ON @ Sound Academy
01/26 – Toronto, ON @ Sound Academy
01/27 – Detroit, MI @ The Fillmore
01/29 – Chicago, IL @ Riviera Threatre
01/30 – Chicago, IL @ Rivera Theatre
02/01 – Milwaukee, WI @ Eagles Ballroom
02/02 – Minneapolis, MN @ Orpheum Theatre
02/06 – Portland, OR @ Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
02/07 – Seattle, WA @ Paramount Theatre
02/08 – Seattle, WA @ Paramount Theatre
02/10 – Vancouver, BC @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre
02/12 – Oakland, CA @ Fox Theater
02/13 – Oakland, CA @ Fox Theater
02/15 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Wiltern
02/16 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Wiltern

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  1. cosmicatomic says:

    Any idea on how to get in on the fan presale???

  2. jt says:

    I am hoping to get tickets to the 02/08 show in Seattle and the 02/16 show in LA. I might try to get one for the 2/15 also. Last year I saw them at The Forum then at The Joint in Vegas the next day, it was amazing to see them two days in a row.

  3. Brett Buchanan says:

    I hope for the fans sake there is a second leg where they play places they haven’t played since reuniting, like the south.

  4. Brett Buchanan says:

    I’ll be going to the Saturday LA show hopefully.

  5. Cody says:

    PORTLAND!!! YES!! FINALLY!!! FUCK!!!!!!! Still might even go to Seattle…lol

  6. jt says:

    @ Cody,

    I think it will be worth it. I am down in the LA area so I can see them when they come here, but I have always wanted to see them in Seattle to see what the vibe is like.

  7. Cody says:


    I saw them last year at the Gorge, not seattle but I still count it just because Pearl Jam and AIC have all played there, it’s not too long of a drive… lol

  8. SIN says:

    No Indianapolis :( I guess it isn’t a big surprise.

  9. Mia says:

    I was hoping they’d wait to do the tour until March or so when the weather was nicer for driving. Hope the winter isn’t too bad and I can make it to a show.

  10. Max says:

    Should be able to make Detroit. Probably


  11. Deviate says:

    Seriously, I hope there’s more than this. Somewhere remotely close to Florida.

  12. Deviate says:

    Instead of branching out to more locations, lets cram a bunch of back to back shows into a one month time span.

    WTF? Come one guys. I’ve been waiting to see you live since you split up.

  13. Zach says:

    Why are they playing at such small places? Not that it wouldn’t be nice to see them in an intimate theatre but I would think they would be playing in arenas. I seen them in 2011 at the Molsen ampitheatre, it holds like 20,000.

  14. Jack Irons says:

    They never played places bigger than 5000 before they broke up…
    It was only the reunion tour where they tried playing bigger places. They can’t sell them out. Of the 3 shows I saw in the northeast in 2011, They were all 1/3 empty.

  15. Jack Irons says:

    It’s gonna be nice to hear Matt play with a decent lead singer…

  16. Mike says:

    Wow…playing the small markets huh? Kansas City?….Omaha?….guess I’ll see ya never. Just get Matt back to PJ soon so they can get back to business.

  17. Jack Irons says:

    Who the hell wants to go to Omaha??

  18. GrungeHippie says:

    Well at least I can’t get fucked over by ticketmaster again..hopefully…god damn

  19. Calvin McLain says:

    When do these all go on sale? Wanna take a trip to Washington to check out that new recreational herb!

  20. Calvin McLain says:

    November 12 for Fan Club
    November 16 for General Public

  21. double dipping says:

    I’ll be double dipping the Oakland shows, thank you very much…

  22. kenmore says:

    would be asking too much for some deep cuts on this tour? We got some old classics on the last one but how about something like Holy Water or Uncovered? From Matt’s experience with Pearl Jam who love doing crazy setlists, I don’t see why this is such a problem

  23. SuperSG says:

    I wanna hear some live songs from the Bush Empire show yesterday.

  24. Goneunder says:

    I might go on a roadtrip to see the Vancouver show even though I live in WA State and weed is legal now. YE YAY! but i think ill stay cuz my friends suck and none of them like Soundgarden lol

  25. Jake Brown says:

    I will be going to both Oakland shows. Hell Yeah!

  26. SuperSG says:

    @ Goneunder

    Your friends really do suck if they dont like SG, lol

  27. WizeKraker says:

    02/10 – Vancouver, BC @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre

  28. BlownUpWorld says:

    Both Chicago and Milwaukee (I HOPE!!!)

  29. Calvin McLain says:

    I think it’s a great idea to play these smaller venues on this warm up tour of the new material. I saw Vedder at Fox last year and it’s a beautiful tiny little theater. Can’t wait to see a rock show in that little place, love those Budda’s on the side of the stage!

  30. SONICGARDEN says:


  31. Pete says:

    02/07 – Seattle, WA @ Paramount Theatre
    02/08 – Seattle, WA @ Paramount Theatre
    02/10 – Vancouver, BC @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre

    Those will be my dates

  32. Creep says:

    I’m either going to both LA shows or both Oakland shows
    Can’t wait to see soundgarden!!!! I think tickets go on sale on the 16th

  33. Greg says:

    DAMN they’re renovating the Forum right now.
    Was hoping it’d be done in time for another Soundgarden show.

    Seeing that legendary band at that legendary venue was something I’ll never forget.

    I guess the Wiltern is cool too, but damn. Arena shows take all.

  34. Scott McLean says:

    Yeah, like sometimes I’m going for the I think I’m gonna die soon of sadness but wish I could have died of sadness a few months ago. That’s one of my sounds, but certainly not the full extent of it.

  35. louderthanshit333 says:

    Are you kidding me? Soundgarden is just going to avoid pretty much all of Canada except for three shows, two of them being in the same venue?

    Fucking stupid.

  36. Brett Buchanan says:

    I’m really surprised they’re playing such small venues for some shows. The Wiltern holds 1,800 people, I’d expect a show at the Gibson Ampitheatre, maybe even two there. Like I said, I hope for the sake of fans in the south more shows are announced.

  37. chris says:

    @Calvin McLain

    eddie vedder didnt play at the fox last year. he played at the paramount, which is like 2 minutes away from the fox haha but yeah the fox is super nice! love that place and the warfield as well!

  38. Dreux says:

    New Orleans, please.
    They played Voodoo Fest in 2011 and were incredible.

  39. scott says:

    Pretty sure a band member had recently said they were planning a winter and late spring tour. So expect more dates around may.

  40. cosmicatomic says:

    It’s only 14 cities and probably one leg of a tour. lol at people getting all pissy.

  41. Allura Music says:

    SG Must come to Texas. We have been waiting here for them with baited breath, since, well, forever! :)

  42. Lennart says:

    I think the small venues are cool, that is THE Soundgarden experience i think.

  43. Scott McLean says:

    Even if I could afford to go, it’s a bad time of year for roads. I just like to buy a music cd and pretend i’m at the concert. maybe i will get to young woman from last night to join me? i meant alone together listening to their new cd since i already told her about it.

  44. Jack Irons says:

    Did anyone actually see Soundgarden live before they broke up in the 90′s??? They always played small venues… Unless it was a festival or something like that. They played Roseland in Manhattan last time through. The place holds 3,000 people!!
    It was only 2011 when they tried arenas, that they can’t fill.
    Why is everyone so surprised? Is everyone that young here? or just don’t remember?

  45. Spoonman says:

    i finally managed to get the whole album off itunes

  46. Calvin McLain says:

    @ Chris

    Your are correct sir, I got Neil Young acoustic show mixed up with EV’s. I remember walking by the Fox while pre-partying for EV’s show too. Both very memorable shows also, remember thinking how well Neil sang for his age and health, a true master of his craft. Had 2nd row for EV 2nd night @ Paramount. Kick ass poster from Paramount too!

  47. Greg says:

    “It was only 2011 when they tried arenas, that they can’t fill.”

    They packed the Forum in LA last year. If you’re wondering about the size of that venue it holds over 17,000. Hell the Lakers played there until 1999.

  48. Scott McLean says:

    I want the album as the CD so does it come out in stores next week?

  49. jt says:


    Actually, the area behind the stage was blocked off. But I think they said it was 1200 to 1300 people there.

  50. TheGrungeGirl says:

    I really would love to see Soundgarden one of my all time favorites!! SO I am basically begging, please come to the South!!! I really really hope there are more dates to be added to this tour. If not I am going to be totally broken hearted.

  51. SG FOR LIFE says:

    GOD DAMMIT!!!! YOU HAVE TO BE 18 TO GO TO THE RIVIERA SHOW! BULLSHIT! Can’t I go to a damn SG concert!? Assholes…

  52. Rose says:

    When can I buy tickets to the Seattle show feb eighth

  53. Dan says:

    Going to the Boston show, I can’t wait!

  54. I constantly spent my half an hour to read this web site’s content daily along with a mug of coffee.

  55. Cowboy says:

    Is this really the entire tour for 2013??

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