Published On November 13, 2012 | By Brett Buchanan | Featured, Grunge Report, Soundgarden

Soundgarden’s first album in 16 years King Animal is officially out in the United States today and is also out in many other countries. Here are the iTunes charts as of 2:46AM, I’ll edit this story later with updates.

#9 on iTunes in United States
#30 in United Kingdom
#26 in Australia
#6 on iTunes in Canada

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  • Dave

    I downloaded my copy right after the Letterman performance! What a night! What a day!

  • TC

    My least favorite song on the album, Halfway There, is actually a cool demo. They should have left it acoustic.

    Black Saturday demo is also very cool.

    Can’t wait to hear the other Best Buy demos – Thousand Days Before and Bones of Birds

  • Shayla

    If you’re looking to download the album, go to Amazon. It appears the band has pulled a Lady Gaga and are selling super cheap ($3.99) to increase first week album sales.

  • cosmicatomic

    The fact that it’s #9 makes me realize what a sad state the music industry is in.

  • With Negativity

    UPS hasn’t tracked my order from Best Buy since Friday. I’m hating this.

  • Shayla

    As I always say, you’re a fool if you think record sales has anything to do with the quality of music. Yeah, it’s sad it’s only #9 so far, but what’s the difference? Would it be a better album if it was in the top 3? Very few people even buy albums anymore, so I don’t blame them for selling it for under $4 to try to get more people to hear it.

  • fred

    Too bad its not a good record.

  • Sticky


    You are right, it’s not a good record … it’s great. I got two copies already.

  • Mia

    Amazon says I won’t get my cd until Monday :P

  • tino

    you dont know anything about music
    excellent album
    top 6 songs are among soundgardens best
    overall 8/10

  • Toby

    This is the catchiest Soundgarden album! I love it. In my opinion, their best album right behind Superunknown.
    Too bad for Soundgarden but King Animal would’ve sold millions in the 90′s.

  • bradley

    i’m afraid Fred is right. Alice in Chains return was better.

  • BlownUpWorld

    I intentionally avoided listening to the teasers (after the first one) so I could sit back & soak up the whole album on release day. Totally fucking impressed! It just keeps getting better with every listen, too.

  • Pete

    #7 right now, I’m in Canada.

  • Pete

    Top 10 by country:

    United States:
    #5 deluxe edition
    #10 normal edition

    #3 deluxe

    #5 deluxe

    #8 deluxe

    #5 normal

    #9 deluxe

    #7 deluxe

    #8 deluxe