Published On November 14, 2012 | By Brett Buchanan | Featured, Grunge Report, Pearl Jam

On the new ‘Inside Soundgarden: King Animal’ radio special Matt Cameron revealed that Pearl Jam will likely head back into the studio in March to finish their new album. Soundgarden’s North American King Animal tour wraps up on February 17th in Los Angeles. Pearl Jam have already recorded several songs for the new album but the matter of finishing it has been up in the air for awhile.

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  • Russ

    So October next year we’ll get it?

  • Pete

    Between these two bands, it’s obvious that Matt Cameron is the true King Animal.

  • kez

    i dont have to much confidence in this upcoming album..but im loving king animal

  • lol


    PEARL JAM >>>>> all :)

  • Is he one?

    I’m both thrilled about the PJ album and sad that apparently Soundgarden will not play in Montréal as they will end their tour in February.

  • TC

    MC is such a good fit for SG but a horrible fit for PJ imo.

  • Arnaud

    @Is he one I would have loved to see SG play in Mtl too :(

  • louderthanshit333

    So, I guess the bitching was justified about the short tour for King Animal. This blows.

  • Creep

    I got tickets to the Feb 17th show :) so happy

  • BlownUpWorld

    Matt, SG is where the action is. Stick with it & make up for those lost years. I like Pearl Jam just fine, but seriously …

  • Jack Irons

    It’s nice to hear Matt back in a band with a decent lead singer…

  • NDB

    this band is short of dissolving altogether. money turned them into self-centered profit seeking crap asses and insincere “charity” work that only serves as a tax shelter. up your Vedder and fuck you!

  • Loder

    Unfortunately it seems that this band is not as prolific as they used to be. Probably had a vasectomy or something that needs to be reversed…

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