Published On November 30, 2012 | By Brett Buchanan | Featured, Stone Temple Pilots

Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland is yet again using the press to try and coax Slash into doing a Velvet Revolver reunion. He has told that Velvet Revolver is “definitely” his priority over Stone Temple Pilots, even though Velvet Revolver isn’t currently together. Weiland added, “The rest comes when it comes. Promise.” He fished even more for some big money offers, “I’m definitely excited about the prospect of reforming VR in 2013. I’ve already spoken to some of the guys who are interested in it. I kind of feel like we’re all sort of itching to come back ever since we played that impromptu set back in January [in Hollywood, Calif.], and Duff and I have talked. I didn’t talk to Slash in the beginning because of the Christmas stuff I was doing, but he wants it. I finally figured out a way to tour and make money out of it.”

After Weiland lied in May stating that Velvet Revolver were back together writing and set to tour in late 2012, Slash responded by saying Weiland was “out of his mind” and that he did not want to play with him again, stating that he gets along better with Weiland when they don’t have the baggage of being in a band together. Slash is currently on tour with his solo act that features Myles Kennedy, and has European dates planned through all of February into early March. He will also be playing Ozzfest next May in Japan. Slash’s solo career has been very successful, with solid album sales and live attendance.

Weiland also discussed his current band Stone Temple Pilots, which yet again is in limbo. Weiland stated, “I think we need to take a break right now. We kind of got burned on each other because we played the same sets for too long. It became this thing about, ‘Let’s just make money.’” Weiland said in late 2011 that Stone Temple Pilots would likely have a new album out in 2012. It’s very disappointing that after all of these years STP still can’t figure out that they work best when they’re making music together.

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  1. Spoonman says:

    i love stp but we can only see it from a fans point of view. you dont what happens behind closed doors and you cant say whats best for them. i just want weiland putting out new music with VR or STP because he is so incredibly talented

  2. Brett Buchanan says:

    I’m a massive Weiland fan, but I just see no point in a Velvet Revolver reunion, thus my bias in the article. While I am biased towards STP, Weiland admitted in his book that Velvet Revolver was manufactured with financial motivations in mind. The article even references it (the interviewer did a good job).

  3. chris says:

    Hmmm….now that is certainly strange! Nobody ever accused Weiland of making the most “together” statements, but why would he be so convinced that the “manufactured” ad-hoc supergroup is destined to get back together? Hopefully he ain’t on the shit again, hopefully.

  4. Anth says:

    Honestly, neither band needs to continue. If STP could get their act together and actually become a creative entity once again, then I’d love for them to work their magic. But their hearts just aren’t in it anymore.

    As for VR…does anyone really care? Sure, when they were first announced, everyone was pumped because it was pretty epic on paper, and “Slither” was awesome, but honestly, 97% of its listeners just wanted STP and/or GNR to get back together. Nobody got Contraband or Libertad and was like, “Holy crap, these guys were meant to be together!”

    I want to see Scott do well, and even though his solo career isn’t going to make as much money as either of the bands, it’s definitely his most solid creative outlet at the moment.

  5. Brett Buchanan says:

    If you look back to early 2008, when Scott had quotes regarding an STP reunion people went nuts and it was huge news. Scott has been trying to hype up/get this Velvet Revolver reunion going all year and there has been NO BUZZ. It’s the same reason nobody’s clamoring for an Audioslave reunion. The big supergroup era is over.

  6. Philip Salveggi says:

    Why would anyone clamor for an Audioslave reunion when you have Soundgarden back?

  7. hey says:

    ” I finally figured out a way to tour and make money out of it.”
    - summary of Weiland’s career

  8. KIBELOCO says:




  9. KIBELOCO says:

    scott weiland – fuck you, piece of shit!!! :)

  10. Dennis says:

    Hey Duff/Slash! Be in a band with me!

    And ignore the fact I’m not getting along with my regular band…again.

  11. wasogrunge says:

    Again, Weiland should check what he has said before about a “STP reunion” after the many break ups, it is the same to me. He’s looking forward to continue playing some rock music, but the problem is he’s lost his talent long ago, so he has to desperately rely on someone else’s back.

    I say, no STP until they make some new music and no VR because they were just a boyband to me.

  12. Robert says:

    I am not rooting for Velvet Revolver reunion at all. I agree with Brett 100%.

  13. nevernamed says:

    VR sucks. why would ANYBODY want them back

  14. Patrick says:

    I liked VR a lot, but can’t see them getting back together.

    His solo stuff has always been on the weaker side, so maybe this is time for a Magnificent Bastards reunion?

  15. lilrockable says:

    If it means new original music from Weiland I can support it

  16. mandingo says:

    Sorry guys but i used to be a stp fan and the early days were great but scott is a fucking dick who cant make up his mind what he wants to do ! I shouldnt give shit since he has sucked balls for years now anyway ! wish he would just crawl under a rock and die !!

  17. SEATTLESOUND says:

    scott weiland,STP,VR are and always have been really boring, i dont understand how they became so well known

  18. Juancho says:

    Army of anyone , please!!! with one album better of stp entire catalogue.

  19. Is he one? says:

    Army of anyone is SO generic. Beginning of Richard Patrick’s downfall if you ask me.

    Also, pretty sad watching Weiland’s attitude of late.

  20. 10 says:

    It’s refreshing to hear an artist talking openly about opportunities to make money. So many artists are in denial over this. They’re charging their fans $85/ticket just because they enjoy playing together, right?

    I kind of forgot about Audioslave, which Cornell left over wanting a higher percentage of the till. Though I kind of despise RATM, I think Audioslave were decent for a “supergroup.” I feel that their releases were a lot more refreshing than King Animal, though I think SG will only get better.

  21. ejsme says:

    Why Scott? Velvet Revolver was a great live band but I never listen to the albums anymore. Seeing them live was cool because you see these larger than life rock stars and they performed well, but the artistry of STP was never there. If it’s truly the other guys in STP that are turning it into a cash machine and not interested in changing things up or recording new material, he should talk to them and spend his energy trying to get them excited, not trying to get VR back together. Especially the way he described VR in his book. And it’s hypocritical to say that STP doesn’t want to change setlists up and just want to make money. VR hardly ever changed their setlists either and toured too much as well. And he’s basically admitting that it’s a great financial opportunity more than anything.

  22. Iso says:

    Is He One?-
    Wrong. Army of Anyone was a damn good album, much better than Talk Show and comparable to Stone Temple Pilots better work. Patrick sounded great on the album, Ray Luzier is a sick drummer, and the DeLeo’s writing was top-notch. You’re fucking smoking crack if you think that was bad record- and you obviously don’t know a fucking thing you dick. Stop slinging shit like a slow child in the middle of the room… Pecker head.

  23. Grunge Addict says:

    As a massive STP fan im not sure what to make of this.. I happen to think STP are one of the most underrated bands around (especially in the UK where they arent as big as they are in the US) i love how they change form album to album and have a diff sound..BUT things seem really uncertain right now in the STP camp, my thoughts on VR were that the first album was a billiant rock record and i was really stoked for the 2nd but kinda dissapointed it didnt really have any depoth for me…still had some great songs though (gravedancer is a really great slow tune) …i wouldnt mind if ascott rejoined VR as i cant see why they cant do both to be honest, do like Matt cameron does for PJ/soundgarden , when scott is with VR gives the others a chance to pursue outside interests and then when scot goes back to STP slash can tour solo etc…hell myles kennedy has been able to switch between slash touring/recording duties and alter bridge…so it can work

  24. GwynnKatie says:

    @ chris

    I’m with you man. Either SW is talking smack again…
    or the smack is talking for him.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the subtlety of Scott’s voice.

    I am wondering how irritated Duff & Slash are at all of this-
    if they even pay attention to what he says in the media.

  25. ShaneC says:

    Maybe Scott should start a new band altogether, with a new name. Not just “Scott Weiland”.

  26. Andrei says:

    I’ll be honest with you.

    I love Libertad way better than STP’s self titled effort.

    I just wish he could find a way for both bands to exist.

  27. Raj says:

    I think Scott and his STP band mates could use a break from each other. It seems these days they can only tour for a certain amount of time or just be around each other.

  28. Glen says:

    Yeah I love Libertad and can’t really make it past track 5 of STP. Really, of course he’d rather play with Slash and Duff rather than the DeLeos. I mean the first run of the STP was shockingly great but they risk dragging their reputation through the mud like post Berry REM if they continue with material like their last album. Just cos something is commercial doesn’t mean its crap (and vice versa)

  29. gamermwm says:

    “I kind of forgot about Audioslave, which Cornell left over wanting a higher percentage of the till. Though I kind of despise RATM, I think Audioslave were decent for a “supergroup.” I feel that their releases were a lot more refreshing than King Animal, though I think SG will only get better.”

    Amen brother. I’m glad someone gets it. I wouldn’t mind an Audioslave reunion personally. Chris Cornell by himself can carry a band. So can Tom Morello. Put them together and you have space magic like their first album. They waned at the end and I think their breakup was due more to Chris working on his solo stuff and Tom working on his own stuff, besides not touring at all for the so-so Revalations album

    The first Audioslave album can stand up to any other album by any other band period. Their other 2 albums were good to decent, but that first one – Man. Soundgarden fans usually live in denial about this because they only wanted Soundgarden to get back together the whole time Audioslave existed

  30. RebelFighter101 says:

    The dude needs a income you guys, dont be so fucking harsh. your all just a bunch of losers behind your moms computer in the basement. Thats fucking sad man.

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