Published On December 1, 2012 | By Brett Buchanan | Featured, Grunge Report, Soundgarden

According to Hits Daily Double, Soundgarden’s new album King Animal sold 21,215 copies in its second week in the United States, down 74%. There is a margin of error by a few thousand, but that number is pretty close to being accurate. Soundgarden’s King Animal debuted at #5 last week with 83,000 copies sold.

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  • Megamania

    Not a surprise. There’s no solid single that would attract new fans, and most of their fans snagged this the first week. That, and the obvious: most people don’t buy albums anymore.

  • Jimmy D

    100,000 after two weeks aint bad in this day and age of downloading etc. Solid album.. not their best but for a comeback record impressive.

  • pa

    @mega, yeah whatever man. I’m pretty sure when bones of birds is released as a single they’ll attract new fans or even rowing and a thousand days before. So I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • warriorwoman

    I thoroughly disagree with Megamania. There are many songs on this album that would attract new fans. I’ve played selections for several people for whom Soundgarden is a new entity. They thought the music pretty amazing. A few have gone out and purchased the album and said they couldn’t stop listening to it. King Animal is unique in its own right, yet still purely Soundgarden style!

  • kingchaz

    @Megamania, it didn’t quite live up to my expectations, but no solid singles? Surely one or two/ By Crooked Steps and Eyelid’s Mouth fit right in with Badmotorfinger…

    I’m psyched for Alice’s sophomore comeback effort. BGWTB was so good, but it took time to grow on me.

  • pa

    Judging by mega post on other sg subjects he’s a big billy corgan fan. So can u say troll!!

  • Andrei

    People like Pa should be publicly executed.

  • Jersey1221

    Goin gold in 2 weeks… Not bad at all. Remember when goin gold was a HUMONGOUS feat? It’s not the 90′s anymore for music or for music sales, so these numbers, for a band tfT hasn’t made an album in 16+ years-that’s damn near impossible. Congradulations fellas!

  • kingchaz

    I don’t anyone needs what Andrei recommended, but I do think public pies to the face would be great. How much fun would it be to see Chavez or Ahmadinejad just take a pie to the face? To Benny Hill music, nonetheless.

    “We believe the existence of the Zionist crusader state is- SPLAT!!!”

  • Britney Spears


  • pa

    @andrei, yeah everyone should be publicly executed for an opinion. Thumbs up for staying classy buddy..

  • warriorwoman

    I think King Animal will appeal more to the fans that liked the later music of Soundgarden. Myself, I wasn’t too keen on their music pre-Badmotorfinger. But I don’t call it crap. It was part of the adventure of finding themselves. I like the richer, more complex music of Superunknown, Down on the Upside and King Animal. But, I do understand, music is subjective. WE all like something different.

  • Megamania

    Soundgarden is one of my favorite bands ever. I didn’t mean any disrespect by my comment. I just don’t see any of the songs getting enough publicity/airplay to attract a new audience. My main point was that people don’t buy albums anymore, so you can’t expect huge numbers. Honestly, there’s no hate here. I’m not a huge fan of KA, but that takes nothing away from SG as a band.

  • Iso

    Britney Spears – are you MAYAN CALENDAR 2012? You’re leaving your trail of asshole crumbs that leads us all to believe it…

    Shut your fucking twat mouth. You’ve never had anything of relevance or importance to say. Stick to chuggin dick.

  • Britney Spears


  • Shaun

    Soundgarden are great and will always be great. They are a band that will always stand the test of time. My favorite track off of KA is Bones of Birds. I am also really looking forward to AIC’s new upcoming record!

  • Brett Buchanan

    I think Bones of Birds and A Thousand Days Before would do well as singles (I don’t think anything else on the album would) and could crack the top 10 on rock radio on all of the charts, but I don’t see them gaining tons of new fans from this album. They would need some massive hit songs to do that, the only band from the 90′s that has done this is Green Day with American Idiot. Any new fans Soundgarden gain from here on out will be from the old albums.

  • Dave

    KING ANIMAL is better than anything out there right now..
    The music has a raw, yet polished feel to the songs.

  • No Attention

    I’m %100 sure that “Taree”, “Black Saturday”, and “Rowing” would do great as singles. Hell, “By Crooked Steps” and “Eyelid’s Mouth” might do as well. Just as long as it’s not “Halfway There”
    That was, at least in my opinion, a misplaced solo Cornell song.

  • John

    too bad that the album has been so ” polished ” in studio ..

  • stedmand

    nobody mentioned black saturday. great song on the deluxe version oops oprah is calling gotta go….

  • pa

    I totally agree that taree, black Saturday or eyelids mouth would be successful singles as well. I mean do u guys hear the crap that’s on top of the rock charts right now

  • Spoonman

    bones of birds is great but i dont know what makes you guys think its radio friendly enough to be a single. sometimes the opinions on here make me wonder…

  • SuperSG

    I agree that it sounds overpolished…

  • Spoonman

    couldn’t disagree more. what are you guys trying to say by polished? you think its too compressed? well its not, it has pretty decent dynamics for sure. i mean fuck the whole record has plenty of dynamics, so polished means what? the mic signals are too clean? are you upset about the quality of recording or what? please clarify if you guys have any idea what you are talking about whatsoever

  • Pete

    Great album. The only thing that matters is that *I* get to listen to it, and Soundgarden are playing *MY CITY*.


  • Spoonman

    ^^^^well said my friend well said

  • Britney Spears


  • Britney Spears


  • Iso

    Sorry but “Britney Spears” you are indeed fucking MAYAN CALENDAR. Only YOU write in caps-lock for the duration of your asshole thread posts. Go fuck yourself.

  • Spoonman

    yeah shows how much spears knows about music production

  • Craigory52

    I see A Thousand Days Before, Bones of Birds, and Non State Actor as singles and possibly By Crooked Steps.

  • Hecubus

    correct me if im wrong, but gold I
    s 500,000 copies sold….not 100,000

  • Stone Temple Pirate

    Don’t forget It’s during the holidays. I’m sure Album sales should pick up either when they start to tour or when they Debut a new single.

  • 10

    Yes, GOLD is half a million copies sold in the US. The number may be only 100,000 in the UK. Unless you’re arena rock, it’s almost impossible to go gold or platinum anymore.

  • The Whiny Hipster

    I love how the same cry-babies that bitch about any article with Eddie Vedder’s name attached to it, get so childishly defensive if somebody should negatively attack their precious Soundgarden! You guys are hysterical.

  • versus

    I agree with the whiny hipster. If you love SG but comment that their new album isn’t your favorite or simply make a comment that people don’t buy albums anymore, you’re attacked, called a troll, etc… The unconditional love for SG is just like the people who must show love on EVERY Pearl Jam post or show their hate on every Billy post, usually without even reading the articles. I love a lot of bands covered on this site, but I don’t have to like everything a band does to be a fan. If someone is critical of a band once in a while, it doesn’t mean there’s hate there. I guess I’m foolish to wish at some point there could be a bit of intelligent conversation about music here.

  • Iso

    Fuck you Whiny Hipster. Incorrect.

  • Shayla

    Sorry, Iso, but whiny hipster’s right. I love SG, yet dozens of people explode here every time someone even suggests the band is less than perfect. It’s a joke. Really, it’s funny and it makes me laugh.

  • Alternadude

    Versus you are my favorite person commenting regularly on this site. :-D

  • BlownUpWorld

    Agree with Pete 10000%. Great album, gets better every listening. Also very VERY glad to hear new great some new tunes from my favorite band and that I get an opportunity to see them in smaller venues without leaving the country. THANKS Soundgarden!!! (please excuse the mayan-britney-spears-esque usage of the caps)

  • Chainsgarden

    Rowing sucks. The next single needs to be bones of birds and a thousand days before. Halfway there sounds like a b-side from Carry On and the rest of the songs are mediocre.

  • Iso

    No Shayla, you can work that runny slophole with your bullshit and your tongue & teeth. You too are wrong, and suck. You’re related to MAYAN CALENDAR. So shut the hole.

  • GwynnKatie

    Megamania said:

    …and the obvious: most people don’t buy albums anymore.

    Yep. Exactly. I remember waiting in the cold in a long line outside an individually-owned record store when LZ’s *Physical Graffiti* was released in 1975. I still religiously purchase CDs — but that’s because I don’t own an electronic music device.

    The music business is not what it was even 10 years ago. I feel sad for the bands who have to make their living in this era.
    It is so different now.

  • Scott McLean

    Everyone needs to make their own songs and then they will appreciate everyone else more and also not be too concerned about what is a radio single because lots of good songs aren’t on the radio.

  • Scott McLean

    FM (store) didn’t get KA yet and the guy working there said he knows someone who played bass for a major grunge band, and whatever…

  • Shayla

    @Scott I don’t think people are saying that Soundgarden needs hit singles; the comment that started the thread suggested only their existing fans will be buying King Animal because of a lack of a solid radio hit. I agree with this, but don’t think this is a problem for a band. They make their money from touring, and they’ve proven they can sell out the venues their management books.

  • Lee

    l don’t know about the USA or anywhere else in the world in relation to album sales. but here in Australia there has been a big revival in vinyl sales because sound matters! Independent retailers and not your big chain retailers are mainly. existing on vinyl sales which have. increased dramatically over the past few years. one independent retailer in Brissie recently quoted in an article that he sells in dollar value the same for both vinyl and CDs cause one vinyl sale is equivalent to approx 3 CDs and in today’s world of MP3s you are only hearing a fraction of the true sound, Goodluck to SG cause l will only buy vinyl and anyone whom is a real Fkn fan of any band should do the same!

  • kez

    its about exposure these days…most people dont know soundgarden let alone know chris sung for audioslave..this album could very well attract a larger listening but choice of single’s are important..i hate their first single its 1 of the only songs on the album i dont like but its radio friendly and is a good start..i dont know if they have released another single yet but they should really think about it before releasing..their are 4-5 songs that would fit radio..i dont really care how it sells in this world today i am just happy to have a solid album of good rock to listen to which i didnt get with backspacer from pj

  • Outshined

    You are all in denial. Soundgarden’s Superunknown is and probably always will be the band’s best album. It was the last real grunge album before the genre died out in the mid to late-1990′s, and shitty bands like Third Eye Blind and Matchbox 20 got popular. And King Animal certainly isn’t going to be next Nevermind and make music better.

  • SuperSG

    What wrong has Soundgarden done to be held as less than precious? All albums are great. The worst thing affiliated with Soundgarden is Chris Cornells Scream. They are godfathers of Grunge. They were around before everyother grunge save only the Melvins. They are better than the Melvins. I cant find any fault with Soundgarden honestly, but I do hate how everybody is hailing King Animal as the next Grunge revolution starting Album. Its not. Its great, but the songs lack emotion to me.

  • Andrei

    ^ This.

    I can’t connect with the songs. They’re just bland and boring.

    I don’t give a shit how over-produced they are. Fuck all that stuff. Just give me some good songs like you did in ’91, ’94 and ’96.

    And regarding the sales: Alice In Chains came back after 15 years WITHOUT their lead singer and sold 500K copies.

    Why? Because the album connected with the audience and it was powerful enough to attract new fans.

    KA lacks that. Tremendously.

    Someone else pointed out that in a few years people will see more clearly how over-rated it is.

  • Iso

    Fuck that. And all of you who shit upon. It’s a fantastic album. No doubt about it. None. I don’t give a fuck if in 10 years YOU don’t like it. The core and relevance of us genuine listeners do. Spread and spray your dick elsewhere. “King Animal” rules. That’s your fuckin problem if you can’t connect. Go hang out with MAYAN CALENDAR, he’ll welcome the lot of you.

  • yuup

    I think a lot of Soundgarden superfans out there (including myself) are finally coming to their senses: King Animal is good, but far from great. I applaud you for being honest. We want to defend our favorite bands no matter what, but we all know KA isn’t even close to their best work. As a huge fan, the album does give me great hope for the future.

  • Philip

    That’s not true yuup, not correct. Some of you so-called superfans are no different from the same self-proclaimed lot who said the same marginal shit about “Down On The Upside”. Which was wrong. That album was fantastic and I knew it then, knew it now, just as “King Animal” is too. Different animal, comparable excellence…

  • yuup

    @Philip I had this same conversation with SP fans when Zeitgeist was released. These fans who insisted it stood with the band’s other great albums are now admitting it’s an average album at best. I don’t think King Animal’s much different. It’s pretty good, but there’s no way to argue that it’s phenomenal.

  • jon

    i dont understand why “blood on the valley floor” is not mentioned by anyone? as a single, or just a bad ass song. am i the only one that likes it? I think its the best song on the album. just my opinion tho.

  • Kealan

    They don’t need to attract new fans. All the old ones still remember them fondly. As one of them, sure the new album doesn’t compare to SUPERUNKNOWN, but then neither did DOWN ON THE UPSIDE.

    Honestly, I was underwhelmed on first listen. Now I’m addicted. Delighted these guys have given us a new album, and as a fan, I’m very appreciative.

  • Kealan

    BLOOD ON THE VALLEY FLOOR kicks all manner of ass.

  • Dom

    What an album, what a return to form. Sure, Halfway there sounds like a Cornell solo song – what’s so bad about that? Immense album, amazing band. Chris has still got the voice and the energy to pull it off. So delighted that their back together, hopefully they keep it going for as long as possible! :)

  • Aurganic

    I’m an outsider to forums and blogs.

    I was curious how KA did sales-wise so I googled it and happened to read the whole thread.

    I just want to bring a new prospective on the subject. I’m a musician and I hear music slightly different from an average listener, more analytically, I guess.

    First of all, after listening to KA properly for a few times I grew to love it. IMHO it is not right to compare SG to the rest of the grunge bands. No other grunge band experiments so much with odd time signatures, syncopation and key changes. This album explores those three things a lot. Given this, the album cannot be as atteractive to masses, like say, the last AIC album (straight forward rocker). Superunknown and DOTU are also pretty experimental, but like somebody mentioned, there are radio friendly songs on those albums. I don’t think there are songs like this on this album. Bone of birds is 5/4 or 7/4 (don’t remember off the top of my head). And it is not necessarily a bad thing if you like Soundgarden for their fillers (like I do). I think that’s where the sophistication of this band lies. My favourite Soundgarden music is on DOTU starting after track #10. I doubt many people will identify with me. This is music that challenges minds. It’s like a puzzle that doesn’t make sense until you complete the pieces. You can’t see a big picture right away or be set on the first impression you got from Soundgarden albums. King Animal is a true Soundgarden album as it didn’t betray Soundgarden’s tendency to experiment. I don’t care if Cornell tried to sell out with Timbaland. He is a hard working accomplished musician that doesn’t owe anything to his fans and is free to explore any angle of music including straight forward commercial success. Musicians have a huge ego and dream about leaving a great legacy behind themsleves. Not every effort is successful. You can’t judge them for that. Bottom line is, KA is by no means a sellout album. It’s rich and complex with stronger and weaker compositions but it’s truly a Soundgarden album because hit(s) is not what makes the bands unique, it’s their overall sound.

  • Spoon

    @Aurganic-Great post! I also stumbled upon this and read the whole thing.

    I just picked this up today. I have some thoughts on it as well as some comments about posts above.
    A little about me so you can see where I’m coming from. I’m 30 now, and I’m not as wild as I used to be. I grew up listening to these great bands in the 90′s. I enjoy all kinds of music for what it is, but the early 90′s stuff is nostalgic for me. I enjoy full albums and arrangements to singles and throwaways. AIC are far and away my favorite. That being said, Badmotorfinger is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. You know, I don’t have to hit the next track button. I still listen to it weekly.

    I went all over the city looking for this album today. I’m not up with all the news and just recently found out this was released. After talking with the owner about SG for awhle, I popped this thing in on the way home.

    I was not instantly impressed. I enjoyed the new AIC much more quickly than this. After three or four spins, it clicked. I’m really enjoying this! It truly takes more than a few listens to appreciate it. I like the demo versions on the Deluxe Edition.

    My gripes: Seems super clean around the edges. I don’t produce music, but listen to a song on KA then a song from an older selection. Something about the sound is just different to me. Sounds like 11 being squeezed through 10. Maybe like the deep end is missing? Halfway There I skip. Sounds like a Audioslave B-side.

    I don’t know what other tracks could be used as singles. Rowing, Bones of Birds or Taree? I prefer the non radio SG stuff. The radio stuff tends to stick out as such. Same as Check My Brain from AIC.
    The song Attrition sounds like Mudhoney.

    All in all The album is different and great. It takes some time to grow and shows maturity within the group. I’m challenged by it when I listen to it and I like that. Well worth the 17 bucks and much different, and better by me, than most “popular” music.

  • ScarboroughMomma

    I just stumbled upon this whole thread and was taken aback by some of the postings on here. I consider myself to be a huge fan but also was disappointed by this album. I am realistic that every band that i love, has at least a few songs or possibly albums that I don’t especially love- that’s the thing about being an artist, or group of them. They change, and go in tangents, and try new styles and when they hit on something that resonates with me, personally, I love it. This is why we have groups of bands we love, and change the CD frequently to try to catch another song we love. My favourites of Soundgarden are always going to be the oldies, but I tried to follow Chris Cornell on his own, and bought KA (and lined up for tickets, and went to the shows in December)… I am 42, grew up rocking to Soundgarden in the 90′s of coarse so I wanted to recreate that feeling one gets when they are listening or experiencing music they just love. When I hear songs from the old days, Soundgarden in their hayday, I get this feeling, when it is something newer (not all the songs but there are honestly only a max of 2-3 songs off the album I would say I truly enjoyed all through) I am also taken aback by posters like this dick ISO- who the hell made you so nasty? what happened to you as a child to be so vulgar and aggressive with other opinions? I am sure you will say something about my orifices in reply but Soundgarden would not support you in your misguided efforts to present as a superfan! You are actually a huge dick- so in advance to your anticipated reply- FUCK YOU! (see? I can use cap locks too!) Versus and Andrei, rock on! Oh and by the way, ISO- do you really think this is the Brittney Spears you see on MTV? you big tool!