Published On January 24, 2013 | By Brett Buchanan | Featured, Grunge Report, Pearl Jam

@PJStatTracker tweeted this:

hearing rumors of possible 2nd shows at both #WrigleyField and London, ON. Wrigley 2nd would likely be the 18th. Just rumors, so #StayTuned!

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  • juca

    I do not understand the direction of the grunge website report, the news of pearl jam Disclose always the same photo. I suggest going on google images and search for more options, and new photos updated. a good tip, HUGS!

    love PJ ;)
    eddie is GOD

  • Jack Irons

    It’s just a rumor so far but it looks as if the tour will be called:
    “The 2013 Epitome Of Hypocrisy North American tour”

    Marlboro & Gatorade are the two corporations with the highest bid to sponsor the tour as of now.

  • Iowa Mike

    Just please don’t count 2 shows in Chicago as “we played the Midwest”, now let’s run up and down the East Coast like we always do. Please hit Kansas City or Minneapolis…or…ORRRR…your first show in Iowa (Council Bluffs in ’03 does not count, that’s Omaha) since 1991.

  • Big M

    Agreed. That sucks Mike. PJ only hits up Buffalo NY and Cleveland every 5 or so years. I mean they aren’t the cities they once were but they still have a sizable population for Rust Belt cities. Its always NYC, Boston and Toronto,Philly and Chicago.

  • camward

    That’s because Toronto has insane fans who make live shows fun. Buffalo is pretty legit too.

  • Taper

    I’m just happy PEARL JAM is playing shows, no more Vedder solo crap… Now, how about a NEW ALBUM and some Red Rocks dates…