Published On February 3, 2013 | By Mike Mazzarone | Featured, Grunge Report, Soundgarden

1. Incessant Mace
2. Hunted Down
3. Flower
4. Outshined
5. Let Me Drown
6. Jesus Christ Pose
7. Gun
8. By Crooked Steps
9. Rhinosaur
10. Hands All Over
11. Been Away Too Long
12. MyWave
13. The Day I Tried to Live
14. Blood on the Valley Floor
15. Blow Up the Outside World
16. Fell on Black Days
17. Zero Chance
18. Non-State Actor
19. Eyelid’s Mouth
20. Drawing Flies
21. Ty Cobb
22. Fresh Tendrils
23. Superunknown

24. Superunknown
25. Rusty Cage
26. Slaves & Bulldozers

Note: Black Saturday was on the setlist but was cut for time.

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  • Khp

    Ty Cobb!!!!!!!!!

  • Pete

    Damn, only 5 King Animal songs?

    I hope they play more in Vancouver next week. I would be perfectly happy with 15 songs in the set being the entire KA album plus Black Rain and Live to Rise.

  • Yo

    Killer set

  • Adam

    It was a good show. The band was obviously tired though (three shows in four nights, I think). Ty Cobb was great and the band was in good spirits.

    Zero Chance was a disaster. Someone was out of tune and the whole performance was hesitant.

    Slaves and Bulldozers was fantastic.

    After the show people were complaining about no Black Hole Sun. There were some very casual fans in the audience, I think. Come back to Minneapolis/St. Paul soon (and bring PJ here too!).

  • Hailey


  • Lewis

    Superunknown twice in a row?

  • Dan

    Amazing Show! I can’t believe they played Ty Cobb. Pretty sure they played Spoonman in encore.

  • http://dlm_hhgttu Blownupworld

    Ty Cobb!

  • planet schmanett janet

    Best setlist for this tour. And they cut Taree/Tyree. Whats the deal with them giving the rest of the country good setlists but the east coast/South gets lazy stuff?

  • cosmicatomic

    Much less King Animal than I was expecting. That’s fine with me but I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to hear Rowing, really wanted to see how that came across live.

    Damn good show as usual for Soundgarden. Ty Cobb fucking rocked.

  • Naomi

    Damn I gotta see a video of Ty Cobb asap

  • Cobainsweater

    Wow, what an opening triptych. And appearances of Ty Cobb, Let Me Drown and Gun.

    Love love LOVE how they’re not playing the same sequential set every night.

  • Ted Griner

    Spoonman was the first encore.

  • Ted Griner

    Almost certain “Taree” was in the set list also.

  • Dan

    No Taree or Rowing or Black Hole Sun.

  • Adam

    The crowd was digging it. They went on at 8:25! There must have been some 70 year olds in the audience. :-P

    Ty Cobb was great. I think this is the first time it has been played this tour.

  • workman

    There were people complaining they didn’t play ‘Black Hole Sun’? Fuck that. I thought most of us would have been perfectly content with that. Keep the casual nancys out of there, give your ticket to a hardcore fan who wants the deep cuts.

  • Dan

    Well said workman, I couldn’t agree more!

  • rollingchains

    Has any one seen if they have played Pretty Noose on this tour?

  • Gyven2fly
  • drew


    what an opener!

    overall looks great! i’d trade gun for blind dogs, and add head down and new damage!

  • SuperSG

    They need to give Chris a rest! He can’t even do the “maaaAAAACE” part at the end of incessant mace! Give CC a break!

  • Pete

    “There were people complaining they didn’t play ‘Black Hole Sun’? Fuck that. I thought most of us would have been perfectly content with that. Keep the casual nancys out of there, give your ticket to a hardcore fan who wants the deep cuts.”

    Amen brother!!

  • Backdoorman

    21. Ty Cobb
    22. Fresh Tendrils
    23. Superunknown


  • Amber

    The set list was so amazing I didn’t even REALIZE they didn’t play Black Hole Sun until I read this. I was so elated with everything else they played it wasn’t missed by me. Awesome show, and I’m holding them to their promise that their next time back will be much sooner.

  • BA

    I thought Ty Cobb was my little secret. Glad others soaked it up. GREAT SHOW!

  • Garth

    We in Seattle want to know who is the opening act. Any answers out there?