Published On February 5, 2013 | By Brett Buchanan | Alice In Chains, Featured, Grunge Report

Here are more photos of Alice In Chains singer/guitarist Jerry Cantrell’s new haircut from NAMM 2013 in Anaheim, California.

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  1. GenXLady says:

    What I like best about this photo is that it looks like a young fan getting his arm signed. That is cool to see.

    Oh, and yah…those are nice different shots of Jerry’s hair. It looks real healthy.

  2. satan says:

    what a lesbo

  3. Scott McLean says:

    Jerry’s hair makes him look like someone i know. ok interesting.

  4. Martin says:

    He looks like James Woods

  5. david says:


  6. Cobainsweater says:

    New album is still going to rock like a mofo.

  7. satan says:

    since the last one sucked … I hope you are right

  8. kingchaz says:

    ^what are you smoking man? Time for a new dealer.

  9. kingchaz says:

    As long as Zakk Wylde doesn’t cut his hair. If he does, he and Sting will look like brothers (if Sting still has his beard…)

  10. GwynnKatie says:

    He’s a really talented, generous & handsome guy regardless of the length of his hair.
    I actually believe he looks younger with his hair all cut off.
    86 comments on the first posting of this news here made me giggle a bit – *people* – it’s just a haircut…
    I feel most sad for Jerry attempting to train his hair to that side-part after nearly 30+ years of wearing his hair parted in the middle.
    Oh well, nothing 6-8 weeks and many cans of Aqua-Net won’t cure.
    Hey Guys – Album News! :D
    AIC Forever

  11. Fabio Galdo says:

    ellen degeneres.

  12. steph says:

    His talent comes from his head not his hair. Don’t anybody cut his head off and it’s all good. I love the guy, always have, always will.

  13. Pancakeback says:

    That guy getting his arm signed gets all the guys he meets to do that.
    I heard jim carrey signed his ass!

  14. Tony13 says:

    That guy getting his arm signed is me!!!!!! no way!!!!!!! thanks grungereport!!!!! thats Metal!!!

  15. mark says:

    its a fucking HAIRCUT!! who gives a shit??? is the publisher of this site 12 years fucking old?? GROW UP and report real news otherwise ill find a proper site

  16. DaniCALIFORNIA says:

    Grunge Report Is Now A Paul Mitchell Coiffeur People

  17. DaniCALIFORNIA says:

    Grunge Report Is Now A Paul Mitchell Coiffeur People ? !!!!!!! I made my nails & hair today too listening Jerry’s solo stuff :) THE PIG CHARMER !!!!! Wow how lovely

  18. aaron says:

    Thanks for this breaking news, DoucheReport.

  19. Raj says:

    GwynnKatie thanks for all the kind words, and who cares its just a haircut. Jerry is out signing autographs, this site is turning out like Blabbermouth or even worse TMZ.

  20. Jeff says:

    Hideous haircut. Layne did it better.

  21. thefreewheelinMarkArm says:

    Damn, wish he would come to a music store here on the East Coast.

    Looks way better than when Metallica did it.. speaking of which… what ever happened to, “Friend don’t let friends get haircuts?”

  22. puzzz says:

    this is the most tragic thing to ever happen to alice in chains

  23. Curmudgeon says:

    Shit everyone in PJ cut their hair even Eddie at one point. He also dyed it blonde a while back. Cornell cut his hair during superunknown. Who cares

  24. Christopher R says:

    I think I met the kid that he’s signing at the Heart Walk of fame ceremony.

  25. Jeff says:

    that’s true, everyone did cut their hair and change it a lot back then. Jerry’s 20 years late and the haircut does him zero favors. And he looks bloated. I guess Inez is gonna be 103 years old still with his hair the same.

  26. ALICE says:

    tick tock we watch the clock…

    13 and 22

    oh my what shall we do?

    you were told brother…

  27. 90's Child says:

    I was liking the chin length cut he had gotten. Oh well it’s just hair.

  28. satan says:


  29. GwynnKatie says:

    Guess Inez is gonna be 103 years old still with his hair the same.
    Jeff – YES! Same Length! Pure Silver White!
    Goin’ all Arlo Guthrie on us…

  30. Joppe says:

    Finally! Just 18 years overdued! Jerry’s hair was extremelly dry before. Jerry is not famous for being a fashionist unlike Weiland for exemple. Jerry might be the best guitarist around but Will never have Laynes touch for haircuts. Layne get that you don t need to look like shit to be a bad ass grungy!!

  31. GwynnKatie says:

    Raj, you’re welcome dear – anytime.
    Tony13 – you’re so lucky! Jer autographed pizza crusts and pizza boxes in 2007 (Unplugged show – Asheville) and sent them out to the crowd behind the tour bus. My son (age 19) proceeded to pick up a slice, bite into it, then swinging it over his head shouted at the black-glass tour-bus window:
    “Hey man, it even TASTES like 1992!!!”

  32. kingchaz says:

    When the hell is the new album dropping already? And can we get a name? My bets are on 6.4.13. Anyone want to guess at the name?

  33. CrazyAICBeyotch says:

    Doing FIVE effin shows this tour! Who cares…hair is hair kiddos…..BTW, U WANNA SEE AN AIC TAT? I’LL SHOW YOU ONE!!!! ;)

  34. ANTHONY KIEDIS says:


  35. ANTHONY KIEDIS says:

    Oh, you’re sleeping with my ex? I’m glad my friendship means so, so much to you.

  36. ANTHONY KIEDIS says:


  37. ANTHONY KIEDIS says:

    Public Enemy No. 1 #jerrycantrell —

  38. ANTHONY KIEDIS says:

    Oh, you’re sleeping with my ex? I’m glad my friendship means so, so much to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRUST NO BITCHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  39. ANTHONY KIEDIS says:

    Should I Trust In A Band With A Woman Name? HA ALICE I AM NOT THAT STUPID !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Allura Music says:

    Gwynn Katie, I must say I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts……Just sayin’ :-)

  41. Allura Music says:

    And Jerry looks very handsome with his new haircut.
    Not as tired and worn out as he had been looking in previous months.

    I see vibrance and him looking like a big weight has been lifted off of his shoulder.

    Nice job JC.

  42. GwynnKatie says:

    Awww, thanks Allura, really — thanks.
    I live a really solitary life – just work and taking care of my own.
    I rarely go anywhere — but when I do and have a positive memory I like to share it — especially if it is funny to me. That is a true story about Jerry’s pizza crusts with the Sharpie marker and my son. I also love to see folks here use their collective sense(s) of humor. Humor and levity make the world a brighter place. I agree w/you about Jer.
    Maybe there is a big change coming very soon.

    Poor Baldy — he can’t call Jer *Blondezilla* anymore… :(

  43. Alison says:

    I don’t mind it shorter but the part and actual style is a little weird.From a performance aspect we’ll see.

  44. Zakk says:

    Hey, I can’t see too good, is that Ed Norton over there?

  45. Scandinavianwoman says:

    I have also seen a picture of Jerry Cantrell with this cathastrophic haircut in a GOLF BUGGY.
    This is the end.

  46. Lee says:

    He really does look like James Woods!

  47. morningwould says:

    I’m as big a jerry fan as anyone; however, I thought Simon Lebon of duran duran when I saw the picture. I apologize for knowing what simon looks like but I did grow up in the eighties. If anyone else in the band gets a haircut, Metallica may have a little history lesson for them. Friends don’t let friends get friends haircuts, anyone?

  48. Batman says:

    Sr. Jerry is rockstar y puede hacer lo que quiera aic forever come to mexico porfavor!!!!

  49. 17 says:

    He just doesn’t look cute anymore, but I won’t cry about it.

  50. tumbleweed says:

    He may not of wanted to do it. But he has a receeding hairline. Thus the long starts to look empty in spots. I have had hair down to my waist for of my life. If my hairline did the same … regretfully I would do same.

  51. DFrisky1 says:

    I was very disappointed to see Jerry’s hair cut, but it’s still the same talented person. It’s us women who loved the long hair he had and threw around at concerts. I think it was so damaged from years of hair drying. Hopefully he reads comments like ours and will grow it back for their next tour! Love you Jerry, hair or no hair!

  52. jase says:

    wow… he looks like total shit now.



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