Published On February 6, 2013 | By Mike Mazzarone | Featured

1. Monarchy of Roses
2. Dani California
3. Otherside
4. Can’t Stop
5. Scar Tissue
6. Universally Speaking
7. The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie
8. Under the Bridge
9. Californication
10. By the Way

11. Encore Jam
12. Around the World
13. I Could Have Lied
14. Give It Away

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  • Sschouw

    These guys were utterly amazing – they put their heart and soul into what they did and it definitely shows.

    The way they tear up those instruments is amazing, and then how super hot topless Anthony Kiedis singing and shaking those very lovely hips…

    very impressed! I was quite speechless last night.

    (Die Antwoord: bleh )

  • Nick

    Die Antwoord are amazing. I saw them live and they blew my mind. The RHCP are a joke…14 songs? That is flat out pathetic and Anthony Kiedis can’t sing worth a shit.

  • Daniel

    Nick, U a retard obviously you have no idea what talent is! Antwoord-Embarrasing. RHCP-Legendary!!

  • Badmotorfinger

    Same setlist every night. They have become the defiition of selling out. Instead of actually trying something new with their sound and pushing the envelope, they rather make 10,000 verisons of “Under the Bridge,” to appease to the Teenybopper crowd. I honestly don’t get why One Hot Minute gets a lot of hate, its much better than anything they did after that. These guys need to hang it up.

  • AbeFroman

    Badmotorfinger, you beat me to it. One Hot Minute is the last great album from the Chilis. Everything after is pretty much pop crap. No way I would pay money to see them play that set. It’s so heavy with their recent stuff, which in my opinion, is unlistenable.

    I don’t know how often they play Cape Town, or how much the tickets were, but I’m pretty sure 14 songs is a f’ing joke (I know not everyone can play Pearl Jam sets, but come on).

    Sschouw & Daniel, you can have your Chili Peppers, I’m set. They are talented musicians, but their songwriting has been in the toilet for 15+ years now.

  • three_days

    Guys, this isn’t the full setlist, as shown on ( and the stadium-arcadium forums. The real set was more in line with the normal lengths for this tour.

    Though I do agree that their shows should be much longer.