Published On February 12, 2013 | By Mike Mazzarone | Featured, Smashing Pumpkins

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Bio: Mike Mazarone graduated from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in 2011 with a degree in communications, basically relegating him to better then you status (Except for boss Brett Buchanan). Before joining the AlternativeNation staff he was a contributor and producer to Brett Buchanan’s pro wrestling/MMA/comedy radio show – Barbaric Wrestling Radio, from 2006 to 2009. Mazzarone’s job there was to be a contributor and book interviews. After the show ended Buchanan hired Mazzarone right away to be AlternativeNation's head reporter. Contact: MJMazarrone (at) or; mike (at)
  • Is he one?

    Wow Appels and Oranjes, it had been so long since Billy played this live. Awesome!

    Pinwheels and My love is winter are classics already! :)

  • shoegazer

    I wish I was able to make it to this, but sometimes being an adult sucks. Thanks to YouTube, I can at least hear the songs, though it’s never even close to being there. I was surprised to hear them play Glissandra. It’s one of the weakest songs from Oceania, but sounds much better live & acoustic.

  • Is he one?

    I’m surprised someone with the name “Shoegazer” wouldn’t like the studio version of “glissandra” more.

  • shoegazer

    I don’t mind the song; I just think there are so many better songs on the album.

  • katkat

    This was such a fun evening. Billy was so cordial and entertaining. I loved the stories he told in between the rounds of Bingo and in between playing the songs. Appels and oranjes was so beautiful. I’ve always been a fan of Billy’s, but I have an even bigger appreciation now and I hope to get back to Madame Zuzu’s again soon! Thank you, all!

  • spiteface

    I love Pale Horse so much. The song talks to my currenlty very broke heart :(

  • katkat

    P.S. The guitar playing was FANTASTIC–put me in a trance–move to Chicago, Jeff Schroeder! :-)

  • Cobainsweater

    At least he had the good sense to play only the GOOD songs off Oceania.

    All three of them.

  • Deebirdz

    I agree with KatKat. Thank you Mr. Corgan for being such a gracious and pleasant host. Thanks again for your kindness and generosity. I am so grateful to you and Jeff Schroeder for sharing your time and musical talent that night as well. I have to add that bingo was fun!! It was almost better than puppies from heaven!! ;)
    Oh, let’s not forget that the tea is pretty awesome too. I love the selection and I had the lemon berry off of the new menu and I think that’s my new fave. I’m a coffe drinker but switching to tea every now and then is really nice too.

  • Deebirdz

    PS Nothing ever beats puppies from heaven ;)
    Rock on rockers!!