Published On February 12, 2013 | By Brett Buchanan | Featured, Grunge Report, Pearl Jam

February 8, 2013

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  • chris

    thought it was black at first haha

  • Rodrigo

    Desenfado means “ease” in spanish. You’re welcome

  • Big M

    You know with Ed on vox this could be a pretty decent tune. Not that Gossard’s voice sucks but I prefer him as a guitarist.

  • jucaa

    great perfomance, amazing :D

  • Deviate


  • Ben

    Stones follow up solo album is long over due. Once the PJ album is out he should release something.

    Definitely has elements of Black in it.

  • Pseudonym Withheld

    I enjoy Stone’s solo work a great deal. I really enjoyed Bayleaf ages ago when I bought it. What I appreciate about Stone a lot as a vocalist is he does not try to sing like Eddie Vedder. He sings using his own vocal styling.

  • Christine

    Nice! Thank you grungereport dot net for the video! I don’t know what I’d do without you!

  • Deviate

    Always liked Stone’s sound and style in everything he’s involved in. Just awesome rhythms, riffs, and melodies.

    However, I honestly haven’t given his solo stuff a solid listen. I know it’s not what most are used to hearing out of him but I need to give it a critical listen.

  • Ben

    @ Deviate

    Bayleaf is definitely worth a listen.

    Start here with Shame on You –
    It is an unreleased track from Bayleaf sessions.


  • Deviate

    Thx, Ben!

  • Deviate

    Well that song is love at first listen. I wish it was on the album. Damnit.

  • Silver

    I’m sure if pearl jam take this song and polish it and Eddie puts his voice this could be a very good song
    I’m thinking that the guys are using their good ideas for their side projects…. Unfortunately

  • Deviate

    Desenfado would work as a Brad track, but not PJ.

  • Ben

    @ Deviate

    I agree – the song would suite Brad more than PJ. Also I think it has to many similar elements to Black to be used as a Pj song – I would be happy to hear a studio recording of this though and released as a holiday single, solo album or Brad album.

  • Ben

    @ Deviate

    Also seeing as you like the Shame on You track… here is another take of the same song also featuring Mike Mccready and others for a compilation album. I actually prefer the original Stone Gossard solo outtake but you might want to check this version out too.

    I agree – wish the track was on the album and not an outtake! I wonder how many more unreleased songs or demos missed the album.


  • Ben

    Woops forgot to include the link above!!

    Shame on You (also featuring Mike McCready)

  • Deviate

    Will listen to that version as well when I get home. I saw that version w/ McCready existed, but had a tough time finding out anything about the comp album it was a released on, even on Amazon.

    I actually used a youtube downloader to snag that original version. It’s not amazing quality, but decent enough.

  • Ben

    Also have you heard Sunburn? Another Stone song which is actually a PJ outtake if I remember correctly.

    or you can download it as part of a compilation on
    Not sure what the quality is like though.

    And here is a couple of other Stone solo songs & a cover, which you may or may not have heard.