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@daniel_perdomo tweeted this on February 22nd:

@CometothePorch After the Brad show in Paris, I talked to @SGossard and he told me that the new PJ album would be released next year.

Mike McCready recently stated that Pearl Jam’s new album should be out later this year.

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  1. Ben says:

    I have a tendency to believe Stone more and I’m guessing it will be released early 2014. Mike said 6 months until an EP after Backspacer so hmmm. Happy to wait but do hope Mike is right and it is released as soon as possible!

  2. Undecided says:

    Courtney Love are you Mayan by any chance?
    I hope the new album will be fresh and out soon!
    I cant wait

  3. Undecided says:

    By the way Courtney Love what the fuck are you going on about?

  4. juca says:

    Stone says one thing, another says Mike. IS HARD! :(

    new album pearl jam, fail :(

  5. Kirill says:

    thats good, maybe the songs will have more structures and maybe just maybe they would find another drummer )

  6. Jack Irons says:

    No one in that band knows what the fuck is going on…
    No wonder the Ten Club is so fucked up!

  7. Calvin McLain says:

    For those who have not received this info on Jack Irons:

    Jack Irons was once a huge Eddie Vedder fan, some years back he was mocked at a EV solo concert and EV almost made him cry. With his gf attending the show also. I don’t yet know what he did, but I can only imagine for acting in the similar fashion to how you are on this site post this experience.

    But now you just want to talk shit about him to make your horrible experience seem less traumatic. Because if others think he’s not as great as you once thought he was, when he made you cry, then you don’t feel like such a momo.

  8. Mitch Michaelson says:

    Pretty clear that there doesn’t seem to be much in-person communication going on with the band (I know that most of them are doing their side projects/Soundgarden right now). Hope that Ed is in Seattle and not in Hawaii writing surfing songs for Laird Hamilton. I’d like to see some of the edge return – if only Mitt won, that would have gotten the spark back with these guys.

  9. RödeOrm says:

    Fuck. You.

  10. The grinch says:

    Boom holds all the answers, seek the truth in him

  11. NiceNcleaN says:

    When ever it will be, I expect the best in years as they are hungry for one big album to take over the world. They should tour with SG-AiC and do every state. Then the rest of the globe. Once is not going to kill them.

  12. kez says:

    ok it is hard not to throw the negatives at these guys..first of all its all kool to take breaks from your main project..its healthy to do so but most artists who are true to their roots and band usually put their music and family first so when they break they break not run off and do a whole heep of side projects using any decent ideas they have away from their main project ->pearl jam…which has made them who they are today..this has led me to this conclusion..instead of resting then coming into the studio and locking the doors to create a masterpiece which aint going to happen..they are lost with a lack of ideas as a band..bored and tired..and all trying to prove themselves away from pearl jam maybe they should go back to the earlier days where ed didnt run the show..example ed has wrote a whole heep of songs mike said for the new album well what about you mike?..what about stone jeff matt?..what are they writing?

  13. ed says:

    I’ve been on this ride for 20 years..still love the guys to death..but they are getting a little stale.

    Formula..2-3 slow ballads of questional merit(i.e. speed of sound)
    2-3 fast punk rockers (i.e. god’s dice, comatose, supersonic, gonna see my friend)
    2-3 old school pearl jam sounding songs(i.e. amongst the waves, force of nature)just to give you enough nostalgia to stick around..
    One experimental track(i.e. parachutes, i’m open, push me pull me)
    One slow ending acoustic track (i.e all or none, the end)
    One throw away experimental track(red dot.heyfoxymama, etc..)

    True fans know this is now the case..yet hope for a Ten or VS. collaborative effort..but that takes weeks usually jamming together..and actual effort..some weed, alcohol, shrooms, etc. for magic to happen..not gonna happen with 50 year old guys with kids..

    Get used to the formula from here on out…

  14. Old MR says:

    I was saying Boo urns

  15. DrFUCO says:

    Who cares? They have yet to make a good album since Yield & a great album since Vitology. Eddie is becoming a blowhard, hubristic gob shite & will soon morph into Bono, Sean Penn or worse Angelina Jolie. All PJ is good for is live shows. They missed a golden opportunity at PJ20 (where I was both nights, 4th row center stage) to do a Green River Reunion… Unforgivable. Green River is the real 1st grunge band.

  16. JG566 says:

    @ed I’m trying so hard to ignore ur post haha.

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