Published On April 12, 2013 | By Brett Buchanan | Featured, Grunge Report, Pearl Jam

According to TwinCities.com, Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder recently played with his friend, Minnesota Twins baseball player Jared Burton. Vedder had just attended an NCAA men’s basketball game with most of the Twins roster at the team hotel. Burton grabbed his guitar and Eddie was on vocals for “Better Man” and “Yellow Ledbetter.” Eddie then grabbed the guitar and took player requests, which led to him performing “Porch” and the Beatles’ “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away.”

Burton said, “That was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, to play with a guy that’s a no-doubt rock-and-roll hall of famer,” Burton said. “That’s pretty much the end of that guitar, and he was the last guy to play it.” He added, “I’ve always idolized (Vedder),” he said. “His voice, his lyrics, the passion he exudes when you see him perform — he’s just always been my favorite artist. When you meet him and talk to him and he looks at you, you can tell he’s got a lot of special things going through that head of his. He’s a poet, just an incredible human being.”

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  • juca

    very nice, Eddie is God ;)

  • Jack Irons

    “Vedder had just attended an NCAA men’s basketball game with most of the Twins roster at the team hotel.”

    The NCAA held the game at the team hotel? That’s odd??

    Wonder how much EV clipped them for the performance?

  • john

    I’m your a little late this need broke last August when the Twins were in Seattle. I would know I love pearl jam and the twins.

  • john

    I’m was supposed to be um

  • john

    And need is need, I hate spell check

  • Yaddah

    Enjoy a PJ game online :

    Scratch | Project | PJ Addict http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/catcolony/2848965