Published On April 20, 2013 | By Mike Mazzarone | Alice In Chains, Featured, Grunge Report, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden

Video of Jerry Cantrell, Chris Cornell and Mike McCready performing “Barracuda” with Heart at the 28th annual Rock and Roll induction ceremony. From 4/18/2013.

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  • Ben

    Guitar Orgy

  • Dave

    Why is the quality so poor?

  • juca


  • Mark

    Guitarists dream team :)

  • Scott McLean

    My congratulations to Heart!

  • BillyL

    @ Dave

    Because it’s not of better quality, perhaps?

    Do you realize what a strange question that is? I mean, what are you looking for? Seriously, I’m not crapping on you, just wondering if you’re aware of what a weird question that is to ask…

  • Peace_Frog

    It’s not a “weird” question at all. The answer is becasue someone was taping this off their tv.

    I think the question really is “isn’t there higher quality video of this out there that you could have used? This might have been the best there was or is.

    Im not crapping on you Bill, but that reply was meaningless.

  • Cambion

    Am I the only one who remembers what happened on this very date? I’m not talking about weed either, I was expecting the guy to get some praise on the 5th of this month, that really didn’t happen it was pretty much Kurt cobain day even though they both died on the same day. I thought maybe he would get his remembering 11 years today since it was the day I heard arguably the worst news about someone who passed that hit me really hard, only family and close friends passing hit me harder, I can’t believe no one even thought to give him a simple shoutout today. If your reading this and have no idea who I’m speaking of, you are completely dense. R.I.P Layne Staley gone but never forgotten BY SOME. I made this rant because this article contains Laynes guitar players from both bands he was in.

  • GenXLady

    The First Ladies of Rock! A well deserved induction of Heart!

    And no offense Cambion, but this ceremony wasn’t really about honoring any of the guest guitarists up there, so it wasn’t really about Layne by extension of the fact that a few of them played in a band with him. It was about honoring Heart overall, so I don’t really see this as offensive towards Layne. Just my two cents. As always, RIP Layne.

  • JessieJane

    Rest in heavenly peace Layne Staley! We love you always and forever!

  • JessieJane

    Wow, Heart is still fantastic, the vocals are excellent! Well done!

  • Cambion

    I didn’t take it offensive either, I only commented on this article because it was the first to pop up on the website and because both guitar players have ties with Layne. I respect that they honored heart, but Layne didn’t get any on the 5th and yesterday, and that in itself is a shame.

  • Monster Robert

    Congratulation to Heart.

  • Abe Froman

    @ Cambion, I hear what you’re saying, but how do you know they didn’t say something elsewhere, or at another point?

    I don’t think they should take away from the Heart tribute to talk about Layne. If one of the members of Heart took the opportunity, that’s their moment, they can do what they want, but McCready, Cantrell & Cornell were there to talk about, & honor Heart.

    Just my opinion.

  • Ray

    Needs more guitar

  • workman

    “I respect that they honored heart, but Layne didn’t get any on the 5th and yesterday, and that in itself is a shame.”

    Wrong. You’re assuming an awful lot with a comment like that. You can bet your silly ass on April 5th that friends and family of Layne quietly honored their loved one in their own way, what was meaningful for them, needing not to make a public or televised spectacle of it. Everyone else is right- this event, for those guys, had only to do with Heart. There is no ‘shame’ here Cucumber.

  • Elle

    This is great, Congrads to HEART!! great band.

  • Cambion

    @workman and everyone else, you clearly misunderstood me, I only commented this article because it was the first one that popped up when I came onto this website yesterday, I wasn’t knocking heart, mike or Jerry, I just commented on how it was strange that I made a rant about layne and those 2 guys in the headline were in both of his bands (Jerry-AiC, Mike-Mad Season) so sorry that no one else got it. Congrats HEART you made it yay. But anywho I agree with Laynes family probably remembered him on the 5th, well duh, I’m assuming when I’m dead my family will remember me and friends but that’s it I’m not famous whereas layne was famous and had without a doubt the best voice out of that entire bunch that came out of the 90′s (yes, even more than Cornell) but yet he’s forgotten, my point is he’s a rock legend but radio stations, websites, and magazines alike can’t even honor him even on the day he passed, and guys like Kurt cobain get talked about on his birthday and on the day he died and that guy couldn’t sing to save his life (then again why would he?) sorry I offended anyone it just seems like everyone likes giving kudos to people who lacked talent, and were assholes like lil Wayne Rihanna etc… And people worship cobain like he was some type of god, when in reality the dude was average at best when it came to singing, his guitar skills were simple, I was able to play a lot of Nirvana songs in 5th grade, and people always mention his songwriting, but the truth is it’s way too cryptic and makes no sense. Example: “I always wanted a father, instead I got a dad”, WTF DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? Whatever I’m done with this I’m glad for heart my mom likes them so their ok in my book but let’s all make sure we don’t remember the best singer of the last 20 years because that would be illogical for the dimwitted society we live in today where someone like beiber, the kardashians and snooki are famous. Smh.

  • GwynnKatie

    My sincere congratulations to Heart. I remember well Valentines Day 1976 – my Senior year in HS when Dreamboat Annie was released.
    These women have the gift of soul, the genetic gift of musical talent, and were kissed by the Universal Higher Power with the gift of music.
    They were fantastic in 1976, and they are fantastic Now.
    Much like Layne Staley, no one sounds like Ann or Nancy Wilson – -
    and no one ever will. Many Happy Returns. You ladies earned it.

  • Deviate

    A few decades of Seattle on that stage.

  • Abe Froman

    @ Cambion,

    I feel like you are missing the counterpoints. No one said Layne doesn’t deserve a tribute, but most people seem to be in agreement that this was the wrong place to do it.

    Mike McCready & Barrett Martin just dedicated the Mad Season re-release to Layne & Baker. At the Alice show I went to a couple of years ago they dedicated a song to Layne, I’m under the impression they honor Layne at most if not all of those shows (correct me if I’m wrong). What else do you want? Those tributes aren’t enough for you?

    Clearly you have a thing about Layne being better than Kurt etc, that’s fine, that’s your deal, but Cantrell or McCready would have been selfish assholes if they started talking about Layne during the Heart tribute.

    Wrong place, wrong time.

  • GwynnKatie

    I’m under the impression they honor Layne at most if not all of those shows (correct me if I’m wrong). No Abe, you are correct. Every show I have seen since October 2006 (three total) – that is exactly what they have done.
    They always pause to honor Layne, and now I feel Mike Starr as well.
    AIC/LSMS Forever