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Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil discussed Soundgarden’s upcoming plans during a recent interview with KiroRadio:

“I think [after the European tour] that will be it for awhile. I know that Matt’s going to be some touring with Pearl Jam and I think Chris is going to be working on a solo acoustic record and he might be playing some shows during that. And I will be working on compiling the Soundgarden B-sides box, which we have a lot of songs that were released on European and Australian releases, movie soundtracks, various things like that that have yet to be compiled and put into album form.”

Soundgarden have European tour dates planned for September that will wrap up the King Animal tour.

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  • Ben

    This year – Ben Solo album, Matt collaborative album

    Hopefully next year B-sides and Chris solo album! Wouldn’t be surprised if it wont be next year though.



  • Pennywise the Clown

    If you didn’t like King Animal, you likely aren’t familiar with Badmotorfinger. It’s like the evolved/mature perspective extension of older SG. Not every track is “hard” but the record shows more consistency overall. All the signature SG trademarks are there, such as the oddball time signatures and cool tunings.

    I am the eater of worlds

    • Is he one?

      I don’t agree, there is much less on “King Animal” to be compared with Badmotorfinger (Maybe “A thousand days before” is comparable) than there is to Audioslave or Chris solo. All in all a pretty disappointing record and by quite far the less good SG made. Looking forward to any future for the band though.

      • Pennywise the Clown

        I take it you’re not a musician. Audioslave was very linear and straightforward musically as far as song structures and stuff like that goes. KA is musically much different than that as it features time signatures, tunings, and styles unique to old school SG. The only real difference is that KA is lyrically written from an older perspective. I don’t mind that, considering I’m not the same as I was when I was 13.

  • ShaneC

    Wasn’t King Animal a B-sides album?

  • Big M

    Good one Shane. This B-sides album I’m excited for, hope they get it out fairly soon.

  • Warriorwoman25

    Love the constant activity by Soundgarden, be it re-releases, new albums, or the long awaited “B-sides”. This keeps them constantly in the public eye and drawing in new fans. This is what they originally wanted …. continuing the legacy known as Soundgarden! And life is good!!!

  • Pennywise the Clown


  • RHCP

    Some of the songs are king animal were old demos just reproduced and mixed. Matt added one song, Chris added what it sounds like a b-side from his last solo record (not screm), Ben wrote rowin, and I think they said 3 songs they wrote together in the studio when they reformed. They did it so fast though and thats why its an ok album, but not as good as it could of been. But I think the goal was to get the cd out fast so they could tour. I remember when Chris quit Soundgarden because he thought they were getting too big. He has tried to become bigger every since. Audioslave was good and he cut that off to so maybe he thinks he’s all the talent. And Scream, maybe mid-life crises?? WTF was he thinking???

  • BillyL

    RHCP, Did you just decide to make up a bunch of stuff today?

  • Raj

    I like the first two SG albums the best so many great songs: Power Trip, Hands All Over, I Awake, No Wrong No Right, Full on Kevin’s Mom, Big Dumb Sex, All Your Lies, He Didn’t, and Hunted Down from Screaming life. I hope some of the B-Sides are from 1987-1990 era, my guess is that it will be mostly be in the 90′s.

  • Deviate

    Ah, here’s hoping for a closer stop to me on the next US tour some day.

  • Erik

    I have a feeling that maybe, just maybe, the B-Side boxset will happen this time. Man I was reading a Kim Thayil interview from 1998 where was talking about putting it together! With the other members of Soundgarden doing their separate things this autumn, I think Kim’s going to really do it this time. Fingers crossed…

  • RHCP

    Nope. Saw the interview look it up. Now the Cornell solo b-side, thats not true just my opinion but you have to agree. That song sticks out like a sore thumb. (Halfway there)

    • Boom

      King animal is nowhere near a B sides record. Not sure what kind of crack you’re smoking.
      King Animal was new material

  • Stone temple Pirate

    But they didn’t even come to Florida…

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  • ufcc

    Taking wagers now on if the box set gets released by the time the next U.S. Presidential Election is decided in November 2016.