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In a new interview with Jay Mohr, Perry Farrell claimed that former Jane’s Addiction bassist Eric Avery blocked Jane’s Addiction from releasing the two songs they recorded with Trent Reznor producing in 2009: Embrace The Darkness and I’ll Protect You.

Farrell said, “There have been Jane’s Addiction songs that were really good that they didn’t want to do at all. I have two of them right now in the can.”

He described the conflict he had with Avery during the Reznor sessions, “It’s not even the lyrics, [Eric Avery and I] got into an argument about parts. A particular chord. As far as I’m concerned, the way it goes with music today, how easy it is to record music, try it. Don’t sit there like [in a baby voice] “Oh I don’t know I don’t want to because that’s not what I, I wouldn’t.” Look man why don’t we do this? Give me 5 minutes, have a little confidence. If we don’t like it [fine], but give me a chance here let me try it.”

Farrell added, “At the end [Eric Avery] didn’t enjoy that I would say, “Hey can we try this chord? I hear this one chord.” He would get all huffy, like he didn’t want to try it. The song got recorded anyways, Trent Reznor recorded them actually, so it would have been fuckin awesome. But he vetoed it and wouldn’t let the songs out.”

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  1. Toni says:

    Eric Avery sounds like a complete douche. From what Perry is saying, and from what Navarro and also what Reznor said after Avery quit NIN, he is obviously high maintenance and both bands are better off without him. Millions of people would kill to be in a position Avery was in, he’s had a pretty good run of not having to do a lot through-out his career and he’s acting like a complete stuck up idiot.

  2. hazmat says:

    i love jane’s! i can’t/won’t choose sides cause i don’t know perry nor eric, but this badmouthing is getting old. perry and eric obviously don’t gel but that is old as heck news. move on with it and come back with some killer music!

  3. Christine says:

    If Dave Navarro calls someone ‘high maintenance’, odds are it’s accurate (sadly).

    Sort of synonymous with the idea
    (of Amanda Bynes or Lindsay Lohan)
    “If C.Love tells you to chill, you’ve got a serious (drug) problem”.

    !!!! I love my bands !!!!

  4. Joe says:

    Perry Farrell isn’t exactly known for his integrity or ability to tell the truth.

    Maybe Eric blocked them because the lyrics sucked and were sung by a hoarse guy who hasn’t been able to sing for 15 years.

  5. paulonious says:

    how does one band member block a release?

  6. paulonious says:

    and Farrell is starting to sound like Dave Mustaine. Shut the fuck up about a former member and move on. He has.

  7. sonic_junkie says:

    I think Perry is the douche. Avery said the songs suck and that Perry doesn’t have it anymore. I am inclined to believe him since Jane’s haven’t released anything good since 1990.

  8. al says:

    Watch the hour long youtube interview Eric did with the xiola fan site, then watch any Perry interview in the last 5 years. Who seems more down to earth and reasonable?

  9. sonic_junkie says:

    @ al:

    well said!

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