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Published On August 14, 2013 | By Brett Buchanan | Featured

Wolfmother are currently at the Village Recorder in Los Angeles recording songs for their third album with Ed Cherney, who has engineered and mixed for The Rolling Stones and Michael Jackson. The band haven’t officially confirmed if the songs are for an album or EP, but it is known that the band are working on multiple new songs.

Frontman Andrew Stockdale abandoned the Wolfmother name in spring 2013 and released his debut solo album Keep Moving, which was originally intended to be Wolfmother’s third album. Stockdale quickly switched back to Wolfmother in early July 2013, but Hamish Rosser quit the band and was replaced by McCall on drums. Elliott Hammond quit the band a few weeks ago, and McCall quit the band last week after only being in the band for under a month.

Below are photos of the band (Andrew Stockdale, Ian Peres, and Vin Steele) with Ed Cherney working on new material.


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  • paulonious

    this guy seems about as easy to work with as Axl Rose.

  • Farthead

    Nobody likes this shitty band. Stop covering them.

    Anyone ever see the video of Faith No More’s Mike Patton ripping into them while they shared a festival?

    Hey, cover FTM or Mike Patton projects instead.

    • BJ Red

      MP “are you hearing this s***, what year are we in?” still has me in tears.

      +1 for FNM coverage, Wolfmother are dead and buried, plus those members need a good wash and a haircut.

  • http://www.facebook.com/reinomusic Reino

    I’m interested, just dont read the article if you see his name/wolfmother

  • timber

    They’re cheap, watered-down, for-the-masses stoner rock. There are countless bands in the genre better than them, they just have major marketing behind them. You wish to cover Wolfmother that’s fine, but I’d suggest you cover some other stoner/ psych/ neo-classic rock bands as well.

  • Andy

    I don’t get it why people say ”don’t cover this band”. There are some (like me) who like their music and like to know what they’re up to. So a better option is that you don’t come to the article, but just Keep Moving.

  • Mawhonic


  • Spents

    Wolfmother’s first album was pure, classic rock-roots bliss. Andrew Stockdale could be the hardest person in the world to work with, but that doesn’t change the fact that their first album was amazing. Their second album was good and his solo album was decent but man, that first album.

    And there are plenty of bands covered here that I don’t care about…for those bands, I just don’t don’t click on the article and then post in the comments. The internet is easy like that once you get used to it…