Stream New Kings Of Leon Album ‘Mechanical Bull’

Published On September 17, 2013 | By Mike Mazzarone | Featured

The new Kings of Leon album Mechanical Bull, is streaming in its entirety on the iTunes Store ahead of its September 24th release.

Click here to stream Mechanical Bull

1. Supersoaker
2. Rock City
3. Don’t Matter
4. Beautiful War
5. Temple
6. Wait For Me
7. Family Tree
8. Comeback Story
9. Tonight
10. Coming Back Again
11. On the Chin


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  • Minty Fresh

    I cannot put into words just how much I hate this band!

  • Fred Bob

    They used to be good, and I had hopes that there would be tunes from the singles. But listened on itunes a few times and its very weak. They are competent musicians but they have gotten lazy. No tunes and lyrics are cringeworthy

  • Watching15WimminMasterBait

    don’t waste energy on hate … that band isn’t wasting energy on you

    • Dylan

      LMAO you must have quite the ‘mechanincal bull’ to service 15!!!

    • Dylan

      LMAO you must have quite the ‘mechanical bull’ for 15!!!

  • nevernamed

    pure garbage

    • Steve M.

      Deny your maker! Looks like someone is skeered 15 pizzed off chix might call the cops!

  • Dylan

    Yeah, no hate – besides, there is always hope: if this band doesn’t want you, some second rate band somewhere can provide consolation. Afterall, a band is a band is a band!!! :)

  • Dylan

    Almost forgot: be sure to wear condoms so you don’t get any diseases!!!

  • Relax

    Who are you ppl and what the Hell are you talking about?