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From Adrian Belew’s blog:

today it is being announced at last. something I’ve been wanted to tell you for a month now: I’ve been asked to be the guitarist for nine inch nails! we are going on an extensive world tour, reaching places even I have never been!

I’ll be moving (temporarily) to LA in may for 3 months of rehearsals after which the tour begins. that’s about as much as I know for sure for now. daniel rowland will be assisting me on the tour which should allow us some time to continue our third year of making my new solo project.

  • Christine

    Surprisingly ‘the husband’ is psych’d by this news – maybe I can get is @ss to a second NIN show (in his life). I’ve lost count of my shows but getting him to anything is not an easy task. I hope this pushes him into attendance assuming our area gets on the list of shows.

    I still have an extra Mudhoney ticket for SF in anyone in my area want’s to go with…..

  • Brett Buchanan

    I saw NIN in 2009 with the original Jane’s Addiction, one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

  • Kirill

    I saw NIN with A Perfect Circle in Columbus OH and another time by themselves in Moscow, Russia. Both times they were starting afresh with just their new albums came out Frigile and Year Zero respectively.

  • satan

    king crimson? wow this guy is a legend

  • Scott McLean

    And I’ve been trying to figure out if Belew and Robert Fripp were going to put together another album at the level of Discipline or any of their ’80s output. However, from what I can tell, The ConstruKction of Light was wonderful too.

  • CourtneyLove’sPenis

    I’d love to hear new King Crimson album. Fuck NIN.

  • Deviate

    I’d like to see NIN live, but I don’t know if I could handle of all the emo goth kids that would infiltrate the venue.

  • Deviate

    CourtneyLovesPenis: umadbro?