Aging Rockers Still Going Strong


Ozzy Osbourne may have finally hung up his mic, signalling the end of Black Sabbath – the UK band that pretty much invented heavy metal – but there are plenty of aging rockers still strutting their stuff.

The lead singer with Sabbath, who is otherwise known by the nicknames of the ‘Prince of Darkness’, ‘The Godfather of Metal’ or ‘Madman’, is now 68 and so it’s understandable that he’s decided to bring the headbanging to an end after five decades.

Perhaps part of the secret of his longevity has been that he’s done other things: he had a successful solo career and in the early 2000s became a reality TV star, appearing as himself in the MTV reality show The Osbournes, with wife Sharon and children Kelly and Jack.

Saul Hudson – better knowN to you and me as Slash, legendary lead guitarist with Guns N’ Roses – may not be quite as ancient as Ozzy but he’s no spring chicken any more at 51.

He too broke away from the band with which he shot to fame to do other things. before reuniting with them last year. He co-founded the supergroup Velvet Revolver and released three solo albums.

In his thirties, Slash was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a heart condition brought about by his many years of alcohol and drug abuse. Clean and sober since 2005, Slash has clearly mellowed with age as his support of various charity events.

A couple of years older is Scott Ian, rhythm guitarist and vocalist, and the only remaining original founding member of the thrash metal band Anthrax.

He plays with and founded band Stormtroopers of Death and is the rhythm guitarist for The Damned Things. Other bands he’s been associated with include Pearl and Motor Sister.

Scott has also branched out as he’s got older – as hosting 48 episodes of Rock Show and appearing on other VH1 shows. He also owns a bar called Dead Man’s Hand in Las Vegas.

Aerosmith’s ‘Demon of Screamin’ Steven Tyler is the same age as Osbourne but is still performing with the band he joined in 1970. They toured Latin America in the autumn of 2016 and are already talking about hitting the road again in 2017.

His CV includes being a judge on TV’s American Idol, releasing an autobiography and even a solo country music album. And continuing our theory that longevity may be about having other non-rock interests, Steven designs motorbikes for Dirico Motorcycles.

Just a year younger at 67, Bruce Springsteen shows no signs at all that he wants to give up the rocker lifestyle. ‘The Boss’ is one of the world’s best-selling artists of all time and has earned numerous awards for his work.

In November last year, he was presented with the Presidential Medal of Freedom award by Barack Obama – the highest honour for a US civilian. In the same year, The River Tour was the top grossing worldwide tour, pulling in $268.3 million globally. And guess what – he and the E Street Band have already hit the stage to continue touring in 2017!