Alice In Chains, Nirvana, And Stone Temple Pilots Fans Should Check Out DEAD WHITE DAY


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Dead White Day is a two piece band out of Los Angeles consisting of Animaan Pathak and Charles Horin. Having immersed themselves in the music of Generation X their whole lives, the band are hoping to make a dent in the music industry with their revivalist take on fuzzy, melodic guitar rock music. Check out the band’s latest single off of their Clones E.P., “Silhouettes”, below, and read on for the rundown on the two band straight from guitarist/vocalist Animaan Pathak himself. Clones will be also be available on Spotify and iTunes on Nov. 18.

Who are some of your musical influences?

Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins, Failure, Deftones, The Beatles, Nirvana. We have a pretty eclectic taste in music, but those are definitely some of our all-time favorites that have directly influenced our current sound.

Can you give us a little rundown of the band’s history?

We’re from Los Angeles. Both of the members are 20 years old – currently it’s just me (Animaan Pathak) and Charles Horin in the band.  I sing, play guitar, and play drums on our latest release. Charles plays bass and guitar on one song as well. We met each other when we were 14 years old and started playing together in a local band (me as a drummer and he as a bassist). Since then, we’ve played in a few different bands and jammed with many musicians, but never found anyone we truly clicked with in terms of what we wanted to achieve.

We both play guitar and ended up creatively collaborating together about 4 years ago. Overtime, we couldn’t find the right vocalist either, so I picked up singing in the last year. We’ve evolved from our more straight-ahead hard rock/metal roots (we recorded an instrumental EP in that style in 2014 – it is not longer online anymore) into something more rock-oriented with a touch of psychedelia. We recently recorded our first official EP for release titled “Clones”.

If anyone likes what they hear of Dead White Day, what can they look forward to in the future? 

Although this particular project hasn’t played live yet (we have immediate plans to), we’ve played gigs growing up around the clubs in LA, so we have some gigging experience. But fans can expect a dynamic, but high-energy rock show – the kind of show a lot of newer bands don’t put on anymore. We were raised on the greats and feel there is no reason to put on anything less than a brilliant live performance.

Fans of our stuff can also expect more  music within the next year. We take pride in having extremely high standards for what we want to put out; in our opinion, there’s far too much garbage in the mainstream music world right now. While most of our influences are primarily artists from the 60s through the 90s (with a few exceptions), we want to channel those influences into something new and fresh. We don’t believe in repeating what’s been done before and it’s just not in our blood to be a one trick pony in terms of our sound. We have a lot of music to offer and we strive to constantly evolve and make an impact, while giving fans of rock music what we feel has been lacking in the modern rock scene.

Any other unsigned bands that you’ve crossed paths with that you think our readers should check out? 

We’d like to give a shoutout to Bassett, a great duo with a singer who’s voice is similar to Chris Cornell or Robert Plant, but totally original all the same. Super dynamic songs, and really consistent live shows.

Also (though we haven’t played with them, we think they’re fucking great) a shoutout to Tigercub from England. A really great new band with kind of a heavier Queens of the Stone Age-vibe. Very good songwriting, too.