Alice in Chains have a presence on two newly released magazine covers. This first one is the band the cover of the latest issue of Electronic Musician.

Below you can see Sean Kinney on the May 2013 issue of Drum! magazine.

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  • rollingchains

    Jerry’s on Guitar Player.

  • Brian

    Obviously, the mag didn’t have a photo shoot with the band and just used an old stock photo.

  • EvenFlow

    Fat magic is a cock sucking slob

  • Christine

    Who care what/which photo(s) they use as long as what we like is featured on the front. \m/

  • Alice unchained

    Come on man you couldn’t do any better than this? Who cares about alice in chains being on the covers of magazine’s. I WANTED TO KNOW WHAT BILLY CORGAN ATE FOR LUNCH TODAY DAMNIT!!!!

  • EvenFlow

    I just took a wicked shit. Pure Magic, I think I’ll name my shit Mike


    to the lulled…

    you are so dumbed down now. pacified by electronics, tv, porn, msm.


    keep listening and ignore reality.

    all psychopaths at this point is it?

    how many of you will take a stand for what is right?

    even if if means your life?

    look in the mirror americans.

    you are now getting what you deserve for doing nothing.

    the bad guys have been planning when you were busy entertaining yourselves with what they gave you and you bought it! hahaha.

    too bad humans are fools eh?

    warned and yet cover and cower to the end.

    so sad for you.

    13. im sorry your friends betrayed you layne. it was profitable tho. let them rest in peace.

    hope is an option.

  • Thedarkness


    Well now I’ve got some A-dvice for you, little buddy. Before you point the finger You should know that I’m the man,

    And if I’m the man,

    Then you’re the man, and He’s the man as well so you can Point that fuckin’ finger up your ass.

    All you know about me is what I’ve sold you, Dumb fuck. I sold out long before you ever heard my name.

    I sold my soul to make a record, Dip shit, And you bought one.

  • I Have No Fucking Name

    What “ALICE” said was spot on.

    “Thedarkness”… wow, you can repeat Tool lyrics.
    Absolutely proves the point:
    You cannot think for yourself.

    You can only repeat what you’ve heard.
    You are the typical, modern day man, and with rocks rolling around in your head. Be proud of yourself.

  • I Have No Fucking Name

    Layne’s friends did betray him.
    They did him cold.
    Jerry said as much on “Bargain Basement Howard Hughes”.

    Also, in Jerry’s scathing piece, “Pig Charmer”, he gives us a sneak peak of Layne’s dire situation in his reclusive years. Jerry has gone on record to say that it’s not a song about Layne but about Jerry and how Jerry was living at the time. Well, that is bullshit. It is known that HAZMAT was called out to Layne’s condo when his body was found. There was blood all over the place: dirty razors, syringes, piss-filled bottles, etc etc

    He sings about Layne all over DEGRADATION TRIP. “Faded rock star/push your needle” etc C’mon, Jerry… you can’t fool the ones who read between the lines.

    Read Guitar World’s interview with Sean Kinney from ’99:

    Guys like me, from the late 90s, who watched closely for any new Layne news like, maybe he decided to get clean and start up AIC again or he’s decided to hang it up for good. The other 3 were always ready to go. It was always up to Layne to make it happen. Then came the “Get Born Again” and “Died” stuff. It got all AIC fans’ hopes up.. only to be crushed in 2002 when Layne finally died of his illness.

    Layne did nothing but leave a very loud silence in his final years.. a nothingness for us all to hear. Nothing but silence.

    In a lot of ways I don’t blame Jerry.
    But he needs to be honest.


    “we’ll know we have succeeded when everything the people know and think is a lie”


  • mikewails

    You mean Jerry was pissed that Layne destroyed what he loved? What an asshole!!!

  • Deviate

    The sad fact of the matter is that Layne fucked up. He made the choices that he made. And in that serious of an addiction is something only the user can resolve. There is no saving them. They have to save themselves. Period.


    @Deviate,could not agree more well said

  • I Have No Fucking Name

    “You mean Jerry was pissed that Layne destroyed what he loved? What an asshole!!!”

    I hear you, ok? That’s a fair point.
    AIC was a band that did lots and lots of drugs.
    All of them.
    Jerry and Sean were not innocent.
    They have not claimed to be.
    They have gone on record to say that they were messed up, too.
    All FOUR OF THEM destroyed Alice in Chains.
    You cannot place Layne Staley as the sole perpetrator.

    Jerry has said that Layne was the one in the band that had to die because of their lifestyle. Layne’s heroin addiction consumed him. He was a goner the first time he shot it up. Have you ever truly listened to the lyrics in “Shame In You”? That song is Layne’s song to the rest of the band. Listen to it.

    Drug addiction can kill anybody.

    I don’t hate Jerry for wanting to carry on with AIC and his life. Why the hell should we hold it against him for not wanting to fucking dwell in Layne’s blackness for the rest of his life? AIC was Jerry’s as much as it was Layne’s… but Layne chose the dope. That’s the bottom fucking line.



    what more do you need to know sheeple?

    shall we put it on the BIG SCREEN for ya?

    smoke some more pot and submit willingly.

    it’s already been shown that you will.

    test is a success…