Alice In Chains singer/guitarist Jerry Cantrell recently debuted his new haircut at NAMM in Anaheim, California.  Cantrell got a haircut last year as well but it wasn’t this short, and he grew it back out.

  • The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm


  • Brett Buchanan

    He needs a beard.

  • thefreewheelinMarkArm

    Oh man, he’s starting to look like my grandpop

  • Andrei

    Wow, that’s weird!

    But whatever makes him happy.

  • Jac

    RIP Jerry’s Hair.

  • Shaun Jam

    Man Jerry has grown old.

  • MMMM

    Grow out your beard Jerry!

  • Kirill

    Friends dont let friends to get a haircut

  • satan

    he looks like a lesbian. what a sell out

  • Brainofe

    How the F is this news?

  • Alex

    He’d be a “sell out” if he kept his long hair because he was afraid of people calling him a “sell out” for cutting it. As far as I’m concerned, this won’t be affecting his guitar playing… so whatever

  • My_question

    getting old.
    getting bald.
    getting boring.
    long live LAYNE.

  • kerrie

    I lived it long it made you look so much younger with it long. Grow it bavk out please

  • Jared

    He’s officially old.

  • kim

    Come on, it’s only hair. You’ll get used to. Anyway, doesn’t look that bad, although I agree, it’d be better with beard.

  • Nick

    He looks like the Governor on Walking Dead

  • nataliebmarquez

    this bums me out

  • maerten

    What makes you happy , makes me Happy *? ?*

  • Jeanne

    EWWWW noooo!!! Jerry always looked way better with LONG hair, not to mention long hair made him look younger. He is looking old and looks like a dyke.

    RIP LAYNE at least Layne looked good with long and short hair!

  • Alex

    What is wrong with you people?

  • satan

    he looks like like Ellen

  • puzzz

    fuckin weak

  • BillyL

    Are you fucking kidding me? We’re rock fans, since when do we give a shit about an artist’s haircut? A sad, sad day…the rock community is passing the torch to a generation of brats who worry about haircuts.

  • Frank Zappa

    Uh uh. If I see them this year, I’ll be too distracted the whole concert now!

  • imzetkaa

    billyl you nailed it.

    and btw i remember people bitchin about layne’s pink hair and calling it ‘gay’ just because they had prejudice or what

  • adrien

    no way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mikewails

    He now plays guitar for Coldplay. Just kidding, who gives a shit. Shave it Jerry!

  • Kristin

    … guess none of you have a tumblr, I’ve been seeing pictures of this haircut for a week

  • kingchaz

    Oh man. He looks like Eric Warheim from Adult Swim.

  • Pingfah


    Yeah, he really does!

  • maurisujo

    nooooooooooooooooooo, his hair was great

  • MJ

    I was wondering if he was ever gonna cut his hair. Long hair on old men is creepy.

  • MJ

    Uh, why is Layne even being mentioned in this post? What does he have to do with anything? Idiots.

  • kingchaz

    MJ, what are you talking about? He’d look like Johnny Winter!

  • kingchaz

    Or an older Michael Amott…

  • Me

    Jerry can cut his hair however he wants. It was looking in desparate need of cutting anyway. Would like it a little longer, but I’m not going to call him old like some of these other posters. Why shouldn’t he be allowed to age? The other alternative is death.

  • satan

    I would like to put his hairdresser in chains

  • moltas granola

    how jerry looks, what hair cut or anything exterior is of none importance to me. it all comes down to the music… and that he’s happy and healthy.

  • GenXLady

    This is definitely a different look than the long hair that we are used to, but who cares? It is only hair! And it’s his hair.

  • Search and Destroy

    He should grow a molester ‘stache.. Looking forward to the new album.

  • Curmudgeon

    I think that guy did my taxes

  • Magic Mike Mazzarone

    How this has 40 comments boggles me.

  • Kyle

    Where the fuck was Mike Inez when this happened?!?!?

    This was your one job!

    *Gob voice* COME ON!


    You dumb fucks are just as superficial and fraudulent as everybody else. How dare Jerry Cantrell grow old???? The guy’s well into middle age. He’s balding and his hair is thinning while his paunch is growing – just like every other guy his age (except Cornell, apparently). I cut my long hair off at 22. This guy’s what? Late 40s? And all the “Long Live Staley” comments are about as dumb as the “Eddie Vedder is god” comments. Staley was a dumb ass brat / junkie who threw his life away. I dug his tunes, but I definitely don’t admire the guy. My two cents.

  • Michelle

    long hair, short hair, no hair, chubby belly I just want him ON ME! his music makes him so so so hot to me. I love him forever. and if he changes, I love him anyway!!!! and as someone posted earlier, dont we all just want more music and to see him healthy and happy? Thats all I want! More music, more touring, happy and healthy…and ON ME! Jerry— call me!

  • missinglayne

    hey suicyco,

    sure he threw his life away at a young age when he dabbled in drugs. but that’s a choice that almost any youth will make. the addiction was something he couldn’t fight, because of his personal demons, or whatever. after that initial point, its fair to say he was ‘sick’. and we on the outside could watch him deteriorate like a hopeless cancer patient. but he didn’t throw his life away over and over again. he did it once and in doing so, with a choice he made while healthy and young, took on something he couldn’t bear.

    call him weak, call him pathetic, or anything else the strong throw towards the weak, sure.

    yeah, he’s not a role model. and his life was a tragedy of sorts.

    but there is something very beautiful and pure in the music he was able to leave us all. in a way it seems almost something that only a tortured soul could clarify that way.

    and so, despite the fact that he ‘threw his life away’, or ‘he’s not a role model’, or ‘he was dumb’, despite all that, he was also very beautiful, and left something that really touches people in a personal way.

    it’s very shakespearean

  • missinglayne

    oh, and: “friends don’t let friends get friend’s hair cut” – mike inez’s bass from unplugged.

  • parme

    Taking a page out of the 97′ Chris DeGarmo book I see. or is it Load Metallica era. I dunno. This is the new 50.

  • Michelle

    Missinglayne, I agree. The music to me is much like looking at a Van Gogh. So incredibly beautiful in its sadness. truly unbelievable and genius. Jerry is a living part of all that that continues thank God.

  • cosmicatomic

    I don’t care what his hair looks like but I will comment on the fact that he looks like a lesbian. Buzz it, Jerry!

  • meg

    i still don’t understand how it can be a headline. are we really that shallow?

  • Steve mac

    Okay. Now hows about some new album info??

  • Brett Buchanan

    I had the Tool thing as headline but this has significantly more comments.

  • Crazies

    actually t’s not hat bad… some ppl just overeactin… new photo btw

  • Southern Discomfort

    All the layne comments !!! You fucks all drank the kool aid.

  • Sade

    agree, people are being overdramatic. there are better pictures of his new haircut and it doesn’t look that bad, you’ll get used to!

  • Ace

    I never thought I’d see this day



  • Kirill

    @Missinglayne yes, this was the quote ))) for some reason I forgot how it went, oh well…
    Also, not only Layne who was doing dope back in 90s but it was the whole band!! I’m not sure about Sean, but Jerry and Mike Starr were at it too. I think this was the initial reason why Mike Starr was replaces with Inez

  • NiceNcleaN

    I bet if we saw what the people looked like who say these things about how he looks. They wouldn’t say shit. Looks fine to me. Looks how you want the music is what it’s about. AiC are still making music be glad.

  • Philip

    Christ people it’s not the fuckin end of the world. Also dumber than shit to even mention Layne Staley in this thread- which Jerry’s hair has nothing to do with… god are some of you dumb. So what, he cut it short, fuck. It doesn’t affect his songwriting, playing or singing.

  • BillyL

    @ Magic Mike

    How this is considered news boggles me.

  • Badmotorfinger

    This fucking sucks. Jerry Cantrell was completly fine with long hair, why did he decide to cut it???



    I appreciate and respect your reply. It’s great that Layne Staley’s music has touched you so. I dug the guy’s music, and saw him with AIC back in 93. Great stuff.

    But there’s nothing “Shakespearian” about his life or death. It’s about as “Shakespearian” as the lives and deaths of: Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Elvis, etc.

    These people were musically talented – to different degrees – and they chose to indulge in drugs. They took their God given talents and disregarded them. Sure, it sounds real cool that Layne Staley died of a drug overdose. In the world of music, that basically means he’s become some sort of tragic, martyred soul. You’ll never see Layne Staley grow bald or chubby. You’ll never see him put out a bad record, like “Scream”, for example. You’ll never see him evolve, mature, or change his views. You’ll never see him grow old and vote Republican or criticize younger, hipper artists. Layne Staley becomes immortalized in pop culture as a “true” rock icon.

    Who does that benefit? A bunch of stupid fans who will wear his shirts and play “Dirt” over and over and maybe even try heroin so they can be like Layne. Meanwhile, Layne Staley, who was somebody’s son, dies at 33 (?), when he was just a kid (I’m 38). He’ll never have kids or get married or enjoy the fruits of his labor. Why? Because he enslaved himself to heroin and drugs.

    Most people that do that end up homeless pariahs who you stay away from. Because this guy was part of a cool band with a couple of cool records, you idolize the guy. If you’re in your teens and early twenties, I totally understand, but as you grow older and have kids and obtain PERSPECTIVE, you realize this guy was a dumb ass.

    I’m not trying to offend anyone, and I appreciate Layne’s talents and dug his music. But the whole “I’m a tortured rock star whose life is miserable because my dad didn’t hug me and I’m a junkie now” is the most played out cliche in music. Nothing Shakespearian about that. I’m sure his mom would agree with me.

    By the way, the subject came up because people were dissing Cantrell’s haircut (looks old) as if it were a crime to grow old, and they were praising Staley, seemingly for “staying young” forever.


  • Rodrigo

    WTF!!!!!!! HE LOOKS LIKE ELTON JOHN!!!!!!!!!

  • Monster Robert

    I can’t believe so many comments about Jerry’s haircut.

  • Ken

    He’s too old to have long hair. Cutting it is fine but that style plus the earings makes him look like a old lesbo.

  • Princess

    Hey look its Ellen and Elton’s son.

  • Alex

    Why is this country so damn Ageist?! Jerry is not old at all, he just older thats all. Personally I don’t view as middle age yet. Besides its his freakin hair he can do what he wants with it. I’m a huge AIC fan but I dont feel I own them. Leave them be god!!!

  • Blind Lemon

    Jarbear??? are u fucking serious…brett makes me hate this website!

  • Magic Mike Mazzarone


  • Brett Buchanan

    You not a fan of JerBear and BillCo?

  • WizeKraker

    AIC died with Layne.

  • Raj

    Wowsers, he looks like a different guy! I remember one day seeing Anthony Kiedis with his new haircut, that was really dramatic because he also dyed it bleach blond.

    If you own the Alice DVD, you can see managing that mane probably got tiresome. I had long hair and cut it because I was shedding everywhere.

    No biggie, Cobain,Stayley,Vedder,Cornell,Grohl,Langegan all chopped their locks once.

    Maybe Jerry’s gone all Hollywood on us now that he lives in California!

  • Philip

    No Brett, we’re not fans of ‘JerBear’. By the ‘BillCo’ logic you tout, it would be ‘JerCa’. Which is just as silly. IE, his name is not meant to be abbreviated like that…

  • Justin

    Long live Layne? Pfft he’s dead


    Jerbear is the gayest fucking name ever please stop with that shit. Seriously. Billco is fine but Jerbear WTF!!!?

  • Cobainsweater

    Jerry cutting his hair means AIC are through

  • Magic Mike Mazzarone

    Fuck off MMMMMM. I’m wanking myself to this haircut right now.

    And also to Taylor Momsen. What a goddess.

  • lilrockable

    Well…. He still is very handsome, but more in the sense of a “dad/father figure” type. As much as I loved Jerry’s badass mane people do grow old, it’s inevitable. At least he just cut it, and didn’t get an embarrassing hair transplant like Cornell

  • missinglayne


    umm, in your attempt to insult, argue, and condescend, you misunderstood what i was saying.

    i didn’t suggest layne was ‘cool’ because he was the prototypical ‘tortured soul’.
    i didn’t suggest he was an idol.
    i didn’t suggest tortured souls are ‘cool’ and that their mistakes are forgiven a priori.
    nor did i suggest that tortured souls are what makes shakespearian material.

    i did try to point out a sort of irony in how a sick person’s sickness can cull from them a kind of beauty not available from the average ‘artist’. it’s a kind of tragedy, in that the most beautiful things come out of the darkest experiences. it’s a familiar motif in the art world. and it’s not unique to layne or attributable at all to his ‘tortured soul’ persona, as portrayed in the pop culture media of the 90’s. how could beethoven hear such beautiful music in his head, if he wasn’t deaf, and instead had to be inundated by everyone’s everyday garbage? and yet he suffered his deafness and could never hear his music as it was performed. to claim that his deafness and his music were unrelated is silly. and that type of motif is actually broader in scope than shakespear, but it finds its place in his works for sure. and that’s what i was trying to communicate.

    but then you pulled the mother/child card, like i’m supposed to get all ‘hallmark teary’ and feel guilty for finding beauty where it exists, and attempting to understand it.

  • kingchaz

    Good God, this thing blew up more than Benghazi should have.

  • missinglayne


    have you heard ‘jar of flies’ and mad season’s ‘above’?

    layne was sober then and had a clear head. but because he was coming out of a junky haze, the clarity was much more intensely experienced, than the clarity a ‘clean’ person has. because they feel that clarity everyday, it’s not a new experience for them to explore, whereas with layne (and all other humans having an experience like his), it was something new and fresh.

    fortunately, someone put a mic in front of him and got it on tape before he fell back into his old trappings.

    it matter’s not that he succumbed in the end, or that he won’t get old, have kids, and cut his hair. the recordings are a permanent imprint of a human experience at a specific point. that human experience and those feelings are a valuable thing to share and those records are unapproachable by most musicians.

    maybe you don’t hear them that way, in which case, none of what i said will make sense at all and you can just forget it and go back to pumping KING ANIMAL.

  • missinglayne


    why not use the web this way? it’s all in good fun. communicate.

  • Brett Buchanan


    Layne was using during the recording of Mad Season. I’m not sure about Jar of Flies, I know he had a clean period in 1993 but he was using again by the end of the Dirt tour. Just look at the pictures of him at the Hollywood Palladium show in January 1994.


    It’s all good missinglayne. I enjoyed reading your comments. Jar of Flies is an excellent album, and Above is great as well. We’ll agree that Layne Staley had some great moments in his career. Best to you.

  • Roger

    I think some of you turds need to be on a Vidal Sasoon blog.

  • missinglayne


    the different sources out there vary, but layne was in rehab sometime around the time of jar of flies and above. the wikipedia page says mccready met saunders in rehab and then got together with martin and layne, hoping the clean environment would help layne.

    layne’s wikipedia page says layne went into rehab after jar of flies and then began work on above.

    i read things differently back in the day when people talked about his stuff. i remember an interview with jerry were he described how seeing layne perform in mad season made him realize how important it was for him to do that project, and i thought the article talked about how layne was clean then.

    so it depends on where you get your info. but layne was clean at some point around then.

    i go with what i hear in the music. ‘above’ is quite different from ‘dirt’ or ‘tripod’.

  • karenhubbard

    its not the hair that makes him awesome its him,look at all the shit remarks about his hair and getting old,he knew people would talk shit,to me thats another reason to love jerry,hes not worried about shit talkers,hes confident in himself,i dont care if he shaves his ass and walks backwards,hes still hot!


    believing just about anything concerning layne put out by almost ANY source is tragic.

    you see… most have an agenda of some sort.

    justify it by religion or money or so called friendship. even family. but they are liars.
    not protecting LAYNE, but THEMSELVES!

    the ones that know keep their mouths shut. mostly by threats and force.

    nothing to see here… move along…

    get used to it .


  • ben ooo

    who cares so long its not his arms

  • http://n/a Cat

    So yeah, Jerry Cantrell has aged.. that being said , so does everyone. But unlike everyone he can play some mad ass guitar! I would like to see half of you pansy-asses tell him this rude stuff to his face. Stop being a bunch of bitchy little hens. I would rather him cut his hair and happily accept his age than try to hold on to it like some idiot. Adapt with the times , it’s not like he is out there producing elevator music – cut him some slack and stop being so shallow.

  • Jacob

    Wow, it must feel a bit alien or maybe perhaps freeing after a lifetime of long hair. He’s a bad ass mother fcker. Always has been and always will be. Much respect.

  • ???? t???

    ???? ???

  • Rick

    Its only hair -This isn’t the 80’s.You don’t need long hair to rock!Bet he grows it back, I don’t think its out of his system yet!