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Alice in Chains
2 hours ago
The official music video for “Hollow” premieres this Thursday, January 10 on

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  • Spoonman

    i thought this wasnt gonna be a single. interesting choice to do a video for it if thats the case

  • Brett Buchanan

    They did one for A Looking In View too. Both are kind of singles, but more like ‘preview’ singles than the big lead single (ala Check My Brain)

  • Edward R. Murrow

    This album is already miles better than King Animal and we’ve only heard one song.

  • Smokey-Hell Nelson

    When is Jerry going to shave that fucking moustache?

  • Jim2

    Better than King animal? Really? King animal was great. It had fresh ideas and wasn’t an exact copy of their past work. Now, we’ve only heard one song from this album, it’s pretty good, but it’s like it’s an outtake from Black gives way to blue. If the whole album is like that, prepare for Black gives way to blue vol.2.

  • Blake


  • kingchaz


  • Ben

    Whilst it does sound like it would fit easily on BGWTB, Nick Raskulinecz has done a much better mixing and mastering this song than anything he did on that album. The compression on BGWTB could make your ears bleed, but everything is sitting nicely with Hollow… specifically the guitars and drums aren’t as brickwalled.

    So even if the album does end up sounding like a Black Gives Way To Blue pt.2, for me if the mixing is like this, that’ll be good enough for me to like the new album more.

  • Iso

    Please, do not say stupid shit like that, at the same time having the gall to take your name after Edward R. Murrow. Pick something else wisenheimer. Or wise up.

  • GwynnKatie

    ^ You guys crack me up…! :D

    Ok and awesomeness about the video tomorrow!
    King Animal is a decent record people.

    AIC Forever

  • Samtam

    When is crooked steps video coming out. They said january. Any updates on exact date

  • Magic Mike Mazzarone

    I’m pretty sure Edward R. Murrow is the same person that posts as “Huh?” and “A Lone Voice of Reason”

  • CagedTiger

    So are we to expect an album release soon?? ‘A Looking in View’ was quickly followed by the album but I thought i’d read somewhere that this new AIC record wasn’t gonna come out until the summer?

  • Deviate

    I hope they drop it on us like a bomb and just come out and say “New AIC album out next week”. That would trigger an orgasm.

  • Josh


    April is what I’m hearing. If that is true then that’s alright with me. I expect an official lead single to come out before the album drops anyway. ALIV was like Hollow in the sense that it was used as a promotional single which was then followed by a lead single in Check My Brain. In short, expect to hear another song sometime in February or March.

  • kingchaz

    Website has said Spring 2013 since December.

  • Dolan

    I’ve lost all hype due to extremely terrbilbe mastering of this song. The record will probably be unlistenable just like the last one :(

  • Butthead

    My video rant on Elvis Presley, using Stephen Hawking voice:

    Elvis Presley. King of Rock N Roll. More like King of Boring Ass Music. No one really gives a rats ass about Elvis Presley except a bunch of 75 year old grandpas who grew up during this shitty ass time in music. All he did was write dumb boring 3 power chord songs about girls and shit. He was no more innovative than the Backstreet Boys. And the Backstreet Boys fucking suck too. And for some reason, he is considered to be the second greatest musician of all time, right behind the Beatles. BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! The Beatles were obvisously way better than gay ass Elvis Presley. And why do people keep saying he is alive??? For God’s sake!!! He is not alive. He died of a drug overdose because his music sucked so much dick.

  • Scott McLean

    They are great! I like Slunge, sort of a sludge-grunge, sort of like did you ever hear Crowbar song “Planets Collide” … it’s amazing and “Hollow” also is amazing though I hope they put some more guitar with it on the album track. I’m really looking forward to that album and doubt that it will be BGWTB2, my guess is it will have it’s own identity.

  • Scott McLean

    just responding to the comment above, well if Elvis is alive, he’s dead by now isn’t he, of natural causes that is.

  • Scott McLean

    one last comment here and that’s I hope Jerry makes this record RAW Grunge. Please

  • Raj

    It’ a pretty great song, this isn’t the first single. They did the same thing with A Looking in View. I do agree it does sound like something off of BGWTB, but I believe Jerry when he says it’s a unique album. I am anticipating the dual harmonization but also I think we will hear William’s vocals turned up.

    For those disappointed with the lyrics to Hollow and Check My Brain, I can understand. However, Jerry moved from Seattle to California before BGWTB. His new environment has affected his songwriting. A lot of those darker themes revolved around growing up in gloomy rainy Seattle. Plus Jerry is sober now too, that has a big impact to on what he writes.

  • Pseudonym Withheld

    I really like this song,lyrics and all. If “Hollow” is indicative of how the album is going to sound then I will very likely enjoy it. I enjoyed BGWTB, and “Hollow” does sound like it could have been on that album, but sometimes that just happens. Case in point I always felt that “Funeral Song” on Brad’s Interiors album sounded like a song that belonged on the prior Shame album because of its morose subject matter.

  • bradley

    Can’t wait for it. Already better than the dull shit Soundgarden did with King Animal. (Horrible title too).

  • GenXLady

    I noticed a high school aged kid wearing an AIC sweatshirt today with the sun insignia on it. I asked him if he was a fan, and if so, which albums he liked. He knew all of the older albums with Layne and BGWTB. The self titled album was his favorite. We had a good chat for a few minutes about AIC songs and the band’s history. I told him there is a new album coming out this spring, and he had not heard that yet. Very cool to have a conversation about AIC’s music with a young fan! The songs stand the test of time. Looking forward to the upcoming album too. :-)

  • GwynnKatie

    @ GenXLady – :D, I know… right? I raised both my kids on AIC, now my 23 month old little Aden recognizes *Man In The Box* — runs into the room every time he hears it… Third generation so to speak…

    I always see parents & their kids at the shows and lots of kids 13-17 also.

    Oh! For fans of *We Die Young* – the very early version — directed by The Art Institute of Seattle — is currently on video rotation on Fuse on Charter Cable. The quality of the sound is so raw – god I just love that video. If you get to see it and you wanted to – Enjoy!

    AIC Forever

  • chaz moonbeater

    jerry looks like a porn star with the stache. the dude from hung hikers mike “rip” james serious brostache as well. another favorite hung lumberjacks. i’m just sayin. oh yeah, aic is awesome

  • Grungecaster1

    Seattle grunge rock music is still alive in the year 2013 :) who would think so?? Its time for Pearl Jam as well as Alice Chains to come back, and can we hear some new Foo Fighters? Mudhoney? Mono Men? The Fastbacks? The Melvins? and Screaming Trees? Soundgarden brought back the rock , but it will have to take these bands to bring back the true hardcore grunge element of Seattles sound. If only Nirvana was still around

  • GenXLady

    @GwynnKatie, three generations of AIC fans…I love it! You have such an awesome, positive embrace of this band. As you always say: