Interview With The Dead Daisies

Alright, we’re here with Jon and David from The Dead Daisies. It’s the last day of the Rockstar UPROAR 2013 festival. How do you think everything went?

Jon: Bloody hot! It’s been great actually, it’s been a great tour for The Dead Daisies and we’ve had a lot of fun. We’ve met a lot of new people, but it’s been bloody hot!

David: I think it’s been great for us to be able to play our songs because we’re a relatively new band and play them to many, many people who enjoy them.

So, I know before the tour you were back in Australia and you had a crocodile incident?

Jon: Yeah, I was mudcrabbing at the time. I was on this fishing trip where we went diving on the barrier reef where we kill things and eat them. And I was mudcrabbing and a crocodile came up and gave me a fright and I fell down a hole basically and broke my leg and broke my thumb. Which is almost coming good.

Yeah, you’re almost healed up.

David: He’s a real hunter/gatherer.

Jon: It was meant to be a holiday.

So, your big hit right now is Lock N’ Load with Slash. Who’s idea was it to get him involved?

Jon: Slash and I wrote that song. We wrote a buncha songs together and that was one of them. When David and I finished the [Dead] Daisies album, I remembered that song. And I thought, “Oh God, that’d be perfect for this record.” And basically Slash isn’t gonna be involved in anything he doesn’t deem worthy. So, I sent him The Dead Daisies album and he loved it. So, he just wrote, “Yeah man put the song on. I love the band and I really wanna be a part of it.” It was awesome that he played guitar on it as well.

You’ve said your guys’ sound has a very 70’s reminiscent sound. Do you think the 70’s rock sound can make a comeback in today’s music?

David: Well, we sound how we sound. It’s the music we love. It’s the music we grew up with. It’s the music that influenced us. Whether it makes a comeback or not, we love it. And if people love it, they love it, and if they don’t, they don’t. You can’t help your influences. You can’t help the music you grew up with. It’s inside of us, it’s formed part of our DNA. And it’s the music we love and the music we make. And when we listen back to it afterwards, well yeah, it sounds like the 70’s. We were kids then, and that’s what we listened to. So, maybe that’s why it sounds like that.

Jon: And back in those days, bands were real bands. The technology wasn’t around back then. So you know, you had to play and you had to perform. And people wrote simpler songs. Songs that worked in a live format. And that’s kind of like The Dead Daisies. Everything to my ears and my experience, is better live.

David: We wrote the songs very quickly, we wrote them in 5 days and recorded them in 12. And that’s how it used to be done.

So, I know Alex Carapetis was originally the drummer for this tour until he was replaced by Brian Tichy.

Jon: He was actually replaced by Frank Ferrer. And Frank had to go to Germany to work with another artist that he was already committed to. So, Brian Tichy stepped in. So, we’ve had three drummers this trip. All amazing drummers too by the way.

And who’s idea was it to get them on board?

Jon: Pretty much with Frank it was Richard Fortus, because Frank plays in Guns N’ Roses. And at the time we were in a recording session in New York and Alex didn’t make it and then Frank stepped in and Alex stepped out. It’s all small musical circles, everyone knows each other.

It’s all connections.

David: Yeah, yeah, it’s all connections.

Jon: It’s like in the UK when we go tour there in November or December, Charley Drayton is coming back to play drums for us. He was on the first tour in Australia with us. And Marco Mendoza is playing with Black Star Riders, so we have Darryl Jones from the Rolling Stones playing with us in the UK. Again it’s the circle of friends. They all hear the music and go, “yeah, let’s all do that.”

So, you guys have been gaining a lot of attention while being on this tour, the single with Slash, and the track “Fly” being on the Planes trailer. What’s next for the band?

Jon: Well, we’re recording tomorrow. We did 4 songs in New York. We’re finishing them up before we go back to Australia. Then we’ll do a UK tour. David and I will keep writing and certainly next year we’ll make more music, but with the band, the lineup we’ll settle on. Or whoever’s available I suppose.

David: The core of the band is Jon and I, but we’ve formed a really good musical relationship and personal relationship with the other players. And we look forward to doing more things with them.

Alright, thank you very much. I’ll see you later today performing.

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