Updated the story on Wednesday afternoon:

Yesterday in the comments section of my article about some possible late 90’s photos of Layne Staley surfacing, people were discussing another photo of Layne that surfaced about a year ago that also might be from the late 90’s/early 2000’s. I have now been able to confirm that this is the first ever photo of Layne to surface from his reclusive years (and at this point the final ever photo of Layne available to the public), and the earliest it could have been taken was September 1998.  The photos indicate that it was taken on a Halloween sometime between 1998 and 2001.

Here is the proof from Jrock73:

The guy with the red flannel is Jimmy Shoaf (drum tech for many Seattle bands in he early 90′s). I’m also inclined to think this is late 90′s because yes, of course Layne looks much more frail and pale. But also, Jimmy Shoaf looks older than he did in the early 90′s.

Here’s another clue: the shirt Layne is wearing is “Metal Gear Solid” (video game) although the shirt is printed upside down:

Many published stories talk about Layne’s love for video playing video games, especially during his reclusive years. I think this game was released with a special t shirt promo around Sept 1998. So this pic couldn’t be any earlier than 1998.

Not sure who the other guy (in Clockwork Orange costume) is..

Whatever the conclusion is in regards to the actual year/ date of this photo. One thing is certain, that is absolutely, positively Layne Staley.

  • overfloater

    I’m pretty sure it is him and pretty sure the guy on the right is Gary Lee Conner from the Screaming Trees.

  • Gsushc

    Isn’t the big guy on the right Shaun Smith from Brad and Satchel?

  • Gsushc

    Btw if it is Shaun Smith he was much slimmer than that although still heavy set in the earlier Brad days (check out the Brad 20th Century video on youtube) he put weight on towards the end of the 90’s and now has long hair and a beard.

  • gsush

    Sorry, its spelt SHAWN Smith

  • Kris

    Yep, I’ve seen this before and it would make sense that it was from the late 90’s because Layne (from many accounts) had long hair around that time and I think at the time of his death, his hair may have been reported as being long too.

    Note the gloves too …

    I remember in the “Grunge is Dead” book that someone mentioned seeing Layne and that he had long hair, was frail and just looked small – this picture would fit that.

  • Louderthanshit333

    I read that before Laynes death he had long grayish hair, don’t know the truth to that rumor but this photo looks more like Layne than the previous one. Layne is also wearing two shirts (one t-shirt over a long shirt) and gloves, so if this is Layne, it’s easily from the late 90s.

    Looks like a Halloween party by the way, wonder if there were any other stars there that night?

  • Jrock73

    The guy with the red flannel is Jimmy Shoaf (drum tech for many Seattle bands in he early 90’s). I’m also inclined to think this is late 90’s because yes, of course Layne looks much more frail and pale. But also, Jimmy Shoaf looks older than he did in the early 90’s.

    Here’s another clue: the shirt Layne is wearing is “Metal Gear Solid” (video game) although the shirt is printed upside down Link:

    Many published stories talk about Layne’s love for video playing video games, especially during his reclusive years. I think this game was released with a special t shirt promo around Sept 1998. So this pic couldn’t be any earlier than 1998.

    Not sure who the other guy (in Clockwork Orange costume) is..

    Whatever the conclusion is in regards to the actual year/ date of this photo. One thing is certain, that is absolutely, positively Layne Staley.

  • Robert

    This is for sure Layne. I believe that this is the only photo of him that surface during his reclusive years. No way this photo was taken around 1990 because look how thin and pale he is there and plus he didn’t wear eye glasses during the period of when he was active in public. I believe this photo is likely to be 1999 possibly 2000. With the double layers like he wore most 96 and the gloves look very alike from 1996-97. I remember reading on “Grunge is Dead” book that Susan Silver even said Layne looked different in 1998 than in 1996. His face is a similar feature from the Grammy’s in 97 to this. We will never know when this was taken but no way this is photo of him during the Facelift era.

  • John

    Agreed with Robert .

    Just look at his face , he looks reaaaally pale ( and thin ! ) compared to the two other men .

  • steve

    More convincing than the pictures yesterday, but theres a photo of him in that shitty rubio book of him looking fairy similar ( glasses and all) posing with his father. I believe its from 90-91. Im pretty sure (dont quote me on this lol) that the only picture of him after 97 is the one his mother took of him with his nephew in feb. 02. Would love to see if others exist though.

  • steve

    If you google image search “Layne and Phil Staley” its one of the first pics on there. Not sure though..His hairs a little longer here.

  • rodrigo

    i was looking to the photo and i thought “IS GEDDY LEE!!!!!!!!”

  • Ace

    If that isn’t Layne (which I think it is) then that is someone who looks incredibly and eerily similar to him. The pics from yesterday are a joke. No one in their right mind should think the top few are Layne.

  • abbazabba

    is the guy on the right wearing a strapless jock strap with a cup in it? and layne appears to be holding it?
    gotta be a costume party…. i hope lol

  • Is he one?

    It is him, clearly. When? No clue. But it’s him.

  • windowpane

    the gloves and pale skin make me think it really is from late 90’s.
    there is no doubt that the man is Layne Staley, unlike yesterday’s photos

  • steve

    LOL great job finding a picture on the internet!

  • Dreux

    Poor guy. Wasn’t looking too good, though maybe not as bad as I expected. Still, he’s so pale he looks green, and assuming this is around ’98 or ’99, I can only imagine how much worse he ended up becoming. Consider my morbid curiosity satisfied; this is all I need to see.

  • Jon

    Fascinating photo, thanks very much for posting it. Hopefully there’s more out there somewhere because his die-hard fans would love to see it. The situation is different now than when he passed away because all of the vultures are gone – he’s irrelevant as far as they’re concerned so there’s no chance of it being plastered all over TMZ of whatever.

  • franko

    This is ghoulish, man – stop it.

  • EMB

    Always makes me sad.

  • Tom

    In all honesty he doesn’t look that bad here. Sure pale and skinny, obv not healthy but not as bad as I would have imagined given what was said about him during the recording of Get Born Again. Honestly I ‘m little relieved. At least he is out with people at a party, not entirely isolated. Who knows, maybe there were a few good times for him between 1998-2001. There might be some sort of relief in knowing that.

  • steve

    The whole shirt thing is very interesting..Has got to be from 98-99.

  • dakotablue

    Not sure those are regular eyeglasses he’s wearing–I heard they were light-shielding or whatever they’re called (get darker in strong light). Layne had sensitive eyes, I think that’s why he wore sunglasses so much under stage lights (along with fashion), plus he was color-blind.
    So sad to me that Layne sacrificed his physical beauty to the drug along with everything else, although I’m sure he kept his fantastic voice to the end. RIP my beautiful and kind brother.


    Really Jon? You think that the “die-hard” fans want to see this? I’m a die-hard, and this is awful. This is NOT an image I want in my brain. The man hid from the public for the last years of his life for a reason. Apparently, this is it. He’s been gone just shy of 10 years. Let it alone. With all due respect to you Brett, digging up and posting these pictures on your site makes this site lack credibility. I see this as disrespectful to him. Period. I enjoy reading your articles and stories, but in my opinion, this is going too far. If I’m finding this disrespectful and offensive to his memory, I can only imagine how his family and those close to him will feel about this once they get wind of what’s going on here.

  • cosmicatomic

    I’d also rather not see it, but of course I’ll go look at it if it’s available somewhere.

    I’m gonna go home and watch ‘Would?’ video several times in a row to get this image out of my brain.

  • Brett

    OHREALLY, I in no way am trying to disrespect Layne. I’m a massive fan, but I don’t think this is going too far. Layne was out in public at a Halloween party and felt comfortable enough to have a photo of himself and his friends taken, I think it’s disrespectful of you to question Layne’s decision to be photographed. I’m a fan of Layne regardless of the way he looked, and am fascinated by the later years of his life because the man was still alive and I’m curious as to what kind of art this genius artist was creating.

    Going too far would be if somebody in like 2001 had ambushed Layne and taken pictures of him TMZ style, like what happened to JD Salinger in his reclusive years. Those I wouldn’t post.

  • cosmicatomic

    Say what you want about if it merits posting/publicizing, but it is certainly “typical media”.

    ‘Hey! I got something insidious and if I report it I’ll get web hits and traffic!’

    Honestly, I had a curiosity to see Reclusive Layne before today….but if there are worse pictures out there I hope they don’t get leaked. Keep in mind this photo is likely of him on a VERY GOOD day….good enough to attend a party.

  • Brett


    GrungeReport is a niche site I don’t make money off of, any small money made off of Google ads goes toward paying the expensive hosting bills. A story like this may bump traffic for a day but honestly I haven’t checked the traffic in about a month, I posted this because many Layne die hards (at least the ones on the boards I post on) have wanted to see what Layne looked like during these years, even though Layne doesn’t look his best it’s nice to see a picture of Layne we haven’t seen before of him, and we found out something new about him since he was wearing the ‘Metal Gear Solid’ shirt. It sheds new light on what a big gaming fan he was. It’s also nice to see Layne having a good time with friends during a period of his life where he may not have gotten to have too many times like this.

  • Brett

    Also cosmic, this photo has been on the internet for awhile. The thing is nobody knew for sure when it was from, I posted this to clarify that.

  • cosmicatomic

    Good to know, no worries, I was just giving you a hard time. :)


    Thanks for the reply Brett – I just want to clear the air about one thing. I’m not questioning his decision to be photographed. I was questioning your decision to publish his photograph taken at this time in his life when he avoided the public for the most part. It’s no secret, and you of all people – know how he distrusted and disliked journalists, reporters and the media in general. Honestly – Do you think he would approve of this article? I would have to think not. But hey – I’ll just agree to disagree. Again, thanks for the reply. Peace.

  • Brett

    OHREALLY, neither you or I know. Only Layne would, and he’s not with us any more. In my opinion though, I think he’d prefer an article like this that is simply a photo with him and friends, and discusses his love of video games, over an article the harps on him and his drug addiction.

  • kelley

    I think people need to chill out. Layne looked terrible for years so this is nothing shocking or really any different than other photos posted. If you want to keep your head buried in the ground and have this picture of Layne as he was in the facelift days..get over it. Layne was amazing..but Layne was also an junkie. I for one am glad that he looks happy in the late photo.

    Thanks for the photo.


    That I will agree with 100%. Good call, Brett.

  • Sickwit_it

    That just made Layne more cooler in my opinion. Him wearing a metal gear solid shirt :D thats fuking awesome :D

  • Robert

    I know this ain’t to disrespect Layne at all. I am big time Layne fan. He didn’t look quite as bad I thought he would look. I was able to tell this was a photo of him during the reclusive years. Probably 1999 because of the shoulder length hair. I would say 98 if his hair was shorter.

  • steph

    That picture has been circulating on the bet for a few years now. It isn’t new. The only question was what year it was taken. Brett, I appreciate the fact that you finally could get the time confirmed. I know a few people who are going to be very surprised by this!

  • steph


  • Kris

    Brett’s site rocks and it’s like the only cool site out there for us grunge fans. Bottom line … if you don’t want to see it, don’t look at the site. Bret is always respectful in posting stuff and like someone mentions above … it has been online for a while now. Someone else mentioned that if he didn’t want his picture taken, he wouldn’t have posed for it and finally Tom may have had the best point which is that there is some satisfaction in knowing that Layne did have some good times in his final years.

    We all love Layne and miss the hell out of him but chill people!

  • Leah

    Glad to see a year has been established. Good find with the t-shirt. A lot of people were arguing over the timeframe on one of his FB groups…at least now we know. One mystery solved.

  • nevernamed

    Well I find this interesting., I do believe this is him, and i believe the other pictures are Layne 100%. Brett, it may be slightly morbid, but I hope you find more. I am curious. We all are..

  • Louderthanshit333

    What I do find interesting is that Layne went back to the long brown hair he had back in the 80s, cool stuff.

  • yumm

    Also theres video of that picture of Alice in chains sitting in the grammys in 1997. Its very small but its probably the last live footage of him. Theyre just sitting down its only a 3 second shot. but still pretty cool. its at the 4:40 mark. Its smashing pumkins performing at the grammys.

  • Jimmy

    Oh that’s definitely Layne, so were the pictures yesterday. No question these are all real. This even fits the “Everybody Loves Our Town” description of him, with long hair (could be a wig, Nick Pollock mentioned seeing Layne around 2001 wearing weird mismatched clothes and wearing an obvious wig. There’s also been reports of him having long hair, wig or not, around his death). Looking at all the recent pictures, I’d date yesterday’s to 96-97 cos he wouldn’t have played live later than that and compared to this which could be late 98-00, as he rarely went out during 2001-2002, let alone he wouldn’t go to a party. This is definitely him looking very unhealthy sadly…skinny, pale, and weak.

  • The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm

    i saw this pic like a year ago in the old forums

  • Brett

    Another observation about the photo, Layne’s grabbing his buddy to the left’s fake dick thing he has on his pants. So Layne clearly knew his photo was being taken, and also still had his sense of humor.

  • L’Angel

    Which leads me to think that, if these were his “reclusive” years, I wonder how thrilled he would be that this picture is around on the internet…Just sayin’.

  • wasogrunge

    if this is really him, then he’s really fucked up, he looks like shit. I wonder why his family didn’t grab a stronger hold of him and force into rehab as many families do.

  • Jack

    That could be Tad…

  • no

    This photo makes me sad, because it reminds me of why Layne is gone, but I don’t have a problem with it being posted. Would also like to say that I love this site. Thank you for providing it Brett!!!

  • elle

    Yes, that’s definetly Gary Lee Conner, from the Trees with short hair he got it cut in the late 90’s maybe even 2000 and I believe that’s Layne next to him. :(

  • John

    It’s not Gary Lee Conner , it’s Jimmy Shoaf !

  • Electric Fun

    congratulations Brett this is quite an achievement

  • Nanette

    There were people around/with Layne during the reclusive years. They just are not talking. He could not have survived as long as he did without help.

  • Nanette

    I forgot to say thank you!

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  • Mark

    Good for you Brett, it’s not disrespectful or anything of the sort. There’s many people (myself included) who appreciate Layne for all that he gave us in his short time here amongst us. Of course there’s people who would like to see him in his “reclusive years”, but I don’t think for 1 minute that posting this picture is disrespectful at all. As you mentioned, he was photographed at a party, obviously among friends, and it’s great to see his sense of humor was still intact! His distrust for the media, journalists, etc. is well documented, and while I’m sure he felt that way due to the nature of those types of people, let’s not forget that this poor guy was heavily addicted to drugs, and his state of mind and body due to the excessive drug use were far from “People Friendly”…so let’s recognize the fact that at least he still got out and had some people that he did trust and want to be around, rather than dwell on the whole “He died alone, it was weeks before they found him, etc. bullshit…”

    Anyway, Thanks for giving all of us fans of the music represented here a website that’s actualy worth visiting.

  • Nate

    This image will keep me up tonight. I didn’t know he grew his hair back out. Looks like the two guys to his left and right are holding a dead body up. This must be late 98 or early 99.

  • dakotablue

    hey Nate, just shut the F up about a dead body, willya? It’s sad enough that we lost Layne–that the world lost this great singer and artist. As far as someone above guessing 1996-97, Layne’s hair was much shorter in ’96 for Unplugged, so doubt it’s that time frame. Although Layne was reportedly out and about early in his drug years–even using in public bathrooms supposedly, if you can believe internet posters who saw or helped him–I don’t think he wanted public recognition anymore. But I think he was a beautiful person with a beautiful soul, drugs or not.

  • GrungeAttack

    dakotablue, you scum piss sack you shut the fuck up or I will skull fuck you bitch. Don’t try and intimate another member of grungeturdreports.nuts Not funny here at this cesspool of misinformation.

    We all die and no man is special or better than anyone else and that includes musicians who are some of the worst scum to crawl the earth. You fools worship men and will find your self’s better off kneeling to a pile of hot sperm mixed with blood and cunt juice.

    Nobody knows shit about Layne so you fuck faces stop acting like you know how he was. All you know is his music you dumb fucking skunk cunts.
    I am giving too much credit to the dumbest forms of life ever to visit earth as you devils should rot in a jar of flies.

    I am channeling him as this is how he would talk to the stupid turds who float around here at this shit sack of a website.

  • J.

    Its cool to see any new pics of him.

    Wtf is with this guy? If you dont anything good to say besides a bunch of bs then leave,
    nobody wants to read your stupid shit.

  • Dreux


    u mad, bro?

  • GrungeAttack

    And before anyone asks yes I have a small penis SO THE FUCK WAHT!?!

  • Robert

    Grungeattack, I think that attack is unnecessary. Everybody has their own opinions. The attack was a disrespect on Layne’s legacy.

  • Nat

    The worst is his coloring compared to the other two guys. Holy crap.

  • Scott

    The photograph is including of Layne Staley. I was an acquaintance (who shall remain nameless at the moment) of the girl who took this photograph (described by Layne as someone he knew from “The Rainbow”) and I was present at the time it was taken in Seattle. It was, in fact, during the month of October, 2001. The photo was NOT taken at or near the place that he spoke of.

    Though I was only around Mr. Staley a few times during this particular week, I can confirm that he was wearing these glasses, as well as the same clothing (including grey cargo pants w/black boots) the entire time.
    He also did not speak much because he appeared to be missing all of his top front teeth and had few remaining at the bottom front of his jaw. He did not want to make a full smile but had nothing against the picture being taken.

    We are not sure how the pictures had ever been leaked – nor can we disclose how Mr. Staley was carrying out his life during this week, but it is important that fans not pay attention to the “works” of Adriana Rubio in particular. My brief time around Layne holds memories of a tired, yet warm and friendly man who was not as reclusive as people may think and seemed to enjoy the company that he was keeping that week.

    Please keep my email from being disclosed to anyone.

  • nanette


    I can only imagine how honored you must feel to have been able to spend time with Layne. Thank you for sharing.

  • Paul K

    Thanks for sharing the new information Scott.

  • cartoonsize

    The pic is Halloween 1998. I know it for sure.

  • dakotablue

    Brett, I respect your opinion to not post all sorts of drug-related stuff about Layne here. That said, though, drugs were obviously a huge part of his life (and death) and I’d rather have some honesty and truth than worry about offending his family (not saying I wanna see photos of decrepit Layne by any means, though).
    Oh, and GrungeAttack: piss off, wankah

  • GrungeAttack

    I was wrong to say what I did and apologize to all who were offended.
    My mind was not right but that is still no excuse to be an asshole.

    To dakotablue I am sorry for my deranged words and take back the mean disgusting things I said. If I have nothing good to say in the future I will keep it to my self.

    I am also ashamed to have done it on Laynes thread and want to say sorry to his family. He was one of the best singers and humans to ever make music, I am a big admirer of his brilliance as a song writer and his voice is unbelievable..RIP..


    This couldnt be in 1998 or 1999. If you look at him on Unplugged, which was 1996 his hair was short.Even the pics of him at Grammy’s and with Second Coming, which were even later. His hair could not have grown that much in a year or 2. So i’m betting 2001.His hair was pretty long here , so thats something to think about for all of you that are wondering about time frame . Just saying…..


    also when you use alot of drugs your hair will not grow at normal rate.. it will grow alot slower so keep that in mind as well.. thanks, just saying

  • mike

    I don’t think it’s wrong to post pictures like this at all. Not even later pictures than this. We’re here because we care about Layne. Just because he’s thinner and more frail later on in life is no reason to be ashamed of sharing pictures of him. The same thing happens to your grandparents (and will happen to you), nobody refuses the share experiences and pictures of their grandparents (or other friends) later on in life, do they? I don’t care if that analogy isn’t liked, the point is that we should share experiences that people were able to have with Layne. It was a part of his life, it doesn’t take away from what he accomplished. There’s no reason to leave this part of his life in the dark and pretend like nobody knows what happened. Sure, this was probably one of his better days, but it’s nice knowing that he still got out and had fun. Personally, I think he looks a lot better in this picture than what had been written about his appearance in this timeframe. I have respect for Layne whether he was 100 pounds or 400 pounds. He accomplished more in 34 years than any of us in 10 lifetimes.



  • mathew

    I still remember hearing about his death on the news. Like alot of people, I was not really surprised but it still made me feel sad. Thank you for posting this photo because it kind of dispells the reclusive miserable junkie picture that the media has painted over the last ten years. He looks happy and sociable. There’s no point arguing over details because ultimately there is only one truth. His family lost a son and brother, his friends lost a friend and the world lost one of the greatest rock singers of all time. On that I’m sure we can all agree. Thanks for letting me give my two cents!!!

  • Jesus Christ

    scott needs to show us some proof because i sure as hell dont believe it for one second. what do you have to hide? probably the fact that youre good at fabricating stories. youve probably even published a few childrens fairy tale books right? hit the nail on the head.

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  • Missing Layne

    I love Layne the person, not just the musician, even though I never met him. I used to be a drug addict too and thankfully came out alive. I used to be beautiful and drugs ravaged that beauty so I know what its like to hide away from people, not on a level that he had to, but I know what it feels like. It just makes me so sad to think that he was alone..maybe not that night, but on most nights..because I would have given anything to be there with him and keep him company and help however he would let me.The only thing that saved me from succumbing to drugs was true love..something I’m not sure he had outside of his family and losing his ex-fiance. I wish people would stop using the word “junkie” it is unnecessary..even though the drug takes over your still have a soul and he had many accomplishments to better describe him than “junkie” I love you Layne Staley and always will.

  • Sad

    I don’t know what has got into me today, but I have been looking Layne up and crying. It is just so sad that he was alone and couldn’t beat the drugs. I am an addict that is recovering so I can understand how he had access to drugs, and it made harder to quit I imagine. I wish he could have found himself a new girlfriend so he would have someone to love and he maybe could have beat this terrible addiction. The picture is so sad because he looks so sick (almost like a little man with cancer or something.) I wish someone could have helped him to beat this addiction, but too late. RIP Layne…

  • SuperSG

    hope u make it through man.

  • Joatille

    It does look like Layne, except the eyes look brown.

  • Dina

    Sometimes its better to remember people how they use to look and at their better days. Maybe it is a reality check but, I would rather remember Layne when he was happier and life was better to him. Layne legendary voice was such an amazing unique that changed the music scene, musicians are still wanting to sound like Layne. I don’t think he knew how much his music touch people all over the world young and old. I feel guilty for never seeing him in concert and not knowing about his death. Maybe that is why I have collected a lot of stuff from Layne and regret selling some stuff. The more I read about Layne I am so amazed how artistic he was and how his life has touched and even after so many years after his death his voice is still amazing people.
    The media acted like they were concern with his well being but, they didn’t care how their articles were affecting his life. I have come to understand that I don’t blame the media about his drug use but, I blame them for the not giving him a break. I give Layne a lot of credit he could have done a lot of damage but, with hold himself with a lot of dignity. I missed seeing Layne sing but, I have really found out how an amazing person he was and I hope his death has help people because his life has really touch more people than he probably even knew…RIP Layne

  • My Brutha

    I rocked Alice in Chains when I was in high school in the early nineties. Now that I am older, listening to all the stuff, I realize they are the best hard rock band I’ve ever heard. Their 1995/96 self titled album is so damn good (I was in college then and not paying attention to the music scene at that time, so I just recently checked it out). I am amazed by the whole Layne Staley death due to drugs, and by his lyrics. My brother died from alcohol and drug abuse in 2011. I draw a lot of comparisons to how my brother must have been feeling in his last days. My brother’s appearance dramatically changed over time too. I talked to my brother on April 27. He died on May 2.

  • Matt

    For those curious about his shirt in the pic: That specific shirt was only available in the Japanese release of Metal Gear Solid. You could only get it through the premium package. So you could assume he also had a Japanese game console, and maybe a significant interest in the brand or country as a whole.

  • EssentialOhsawa

    I thought Layne was 6’1″? Perhaps the other two are taller and or its merely the angle of the photo? However it does look like Layne.

  • adam k

    Damn. He really does look green compared to the other two guys.

  • adam k

    I’ve experienced pretty bad withdrawal from long term opiate pain meds but I can’t imagine the horror he must have been going through being that strung out on the shit and puking, throwing up all the time – shitting his pants like he said he was doing. It must have been LITERALLY a living hell that he couldn’t get out of. So sad

    • James Leadbeater

      the adriano rubio book is bullshit no one is ever gonna try to say he wasnt going through hell but that book has been largely dicsredited by everyone around layne the time family friends. The author spoke to his little sister to ask for the interview the sister passed it on and from memory he said something like no way i dont trust those lying pieces of shit (not perfect but to that effect) his sister then called rubio and told him what he said and she ended up using that quote in her book. Everyone who knew layne also confirmed his complete lack of trust in journalists and agree that this interview was bullshit on top of that she claims she spoke to him for 2 and a half hours but when asked to provide a manuscript of the interview (something all journalists are required to do) she provided a 6 age transcript (average length for a 2 30 interview is anywhere between 21 and 27 pages) its fiction

      ps. i know i gave you an essay but hes my favorite artist in my favorite band and it makes me furious that the author has managed to fool so many people into believing him to be this pathetic mess because that morbid shit sells books, he was suffering more than most people will ever understand no doubt but it wasnt like that and painting him like that is an insult to his music,memory,and legacy

      pps. gave you another essay