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Former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher discussed why he doesn’t want to reunite Oasis and his issues with nostalgia in a new Yahoo interview.

“No. I’d do it if I needed the money. If I was broke, I would do it. And I’d be quite frank about that. But I’ve got no need to do it. I couldn’t think of a good enough reason. We could sit and debate and you could throw reasons at me, but musically, what would I want to do that for? I’m not really interested in what fans want. I’m not bothered about that. If you didn’t see us [before], then you didn’t see us. I’ve never seen Nirvana. So f—ing what? The world’s not gonna end. Lots of people never saw the Beatles or the Sex Pistols, and it didn’t make a f—ing bit of difference to music, do you know what I mean? I wouldn’t do it. I don’t need it for the glory; I get enough of that. I don’t need the money. I don’t need the f—ing hassle. I just don’t see a reason. The only reason I would ever do it is if I was broke, or maybe if Liam was broke… And I would f—ing stand in front a room of a thousand people of the press and I would say, ‘This isn’t for musical reasons. I’m broke, so I need to do it.’ And if Liam was broke and he was destitute, then I would f—ing help him out.”

He also said, “If we go back to ’94, when we broke, nobody mentioned anybody reuniting — because we were the big s—, and that was it. We didn’t need anybody else, didn’t need the Beatles anymore from the ’60s or the Pistols or any of that, you know? Our generation had its own thing. This generation doesn’t have it, so they harken back to the last one. It’s nice that they’re talking about my group, my songs, but…”

He added, “It’s all because of the Internet, because you can Google nostalgia quite easily… Enough generations grow up looking back, so nobody’s looking forward, you know? My fear would be, is it gonna take for all of us to die, for the next generation of youth to get something for themselves? Is it gonna take the fact that [the legends have] all gone, they’re all dead? But I believe someone must be around the corner, because there’s not a great band to come along for a long, long time now.”

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Dave Grohl invited a young kid to sing “Times Like These” with him onstage at a Foo Fighters show in England earlier this week. After first dedicating the song to the fan he spotted singing along on his mother’s shoulders in the crowd, he invited him on stage.

Grohl said, “You want him to come on stage? Come on motherfucker.” He requested, “You better bring your Dad with you. Oh yeah, bring your mama. I’m not taking care of you, that’s for goddamn sure.” He then encouraged the mother, “Come on mama!”

As the kid came on stage Grohl said, “Look, he’s taking my pick! I went to shake his hand, and he’s trying to steal my guitar pick! You must be from Manchester!”

The kid introduced himself as Frankie. Grohl then had the kid sing “Times Like These” with him.

Chester Bennington discussed taking over for Scott Weiland as Stone Temple Pilots’ lead singer in a new A-Sides interview.

“We did talk about maybe changing the name of the band, and just doing something new. Honestly, my thing was like, why give up what you guys have worked so hard on? This is your legacy, you don’t have to give it up just because one person didn’t do things the way that everybody wanted them to go, didn’t do things everybody planned. We should be able to move forward.”

He added, “I mean, where is the music coming from in the first place? There’s no question when you hear the new music that it’s Stone Temple Pilots. Why? Because it’s coming from the guys who write the music. It’s coming from the source. So, when the source is there, then it’s still pure. It can still go on in a way that, when people come to see us live, they know: ‘This is the band I wanted to come see.’ They can feel that we genuinely care about what we’re doing.”

Former Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns’ new album Talk is expected to top Australian charts at #1 according to industry insiders, Yahoo reports. Despite his projected #1 debut, Johns has been behind the Eurovision album, Hillsong United’s Empires, and the Pitch Perfect soundtrack on iTunes. All five Silverchair albums debuted at #1 in Australia from 1995 to 2007.

Faith No More’s Sol Invictus, the Bay Area band’s first new album in eighteen years, has landed atop international charts with the ten-track release at #2 in Australia, #4 in Germany, #6 in the UK and #6 in the United States (#14 on Billboard’s Top 200).

“What this tells me,” said Faith No More founder and bass player Bill Gould, “is that there is a need out there; people want to hear things that exist outside the mold. It makes me feel grateful and it gives me hope.”

“We are honored to be a part of the FNM team and very proud of the success of Sol Invictus,” added Greg Werckman, co-owner of Ipecac Recordings. “Of course, none of this would have happened without the band delivering such a fantastic record and them having faith in us to handle it properly.” The album was released as a joint partnership between the Faith No More’s own Reclamation Recordings and Ipecac.

In the United States the album also debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Hard Music and Independent Album charts as well as #2 on both the Rock and Alternative Album charts. It sold 31,000 copies in the U.S.

Former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland told Ferg The Reporter that he loved working on the debut album from his new supergroup with Guns N’ Roses guitarist Bumblefoot Art of Anarchy, “It was nice to work with those guys too. I didn’t know them really well, at all. But it was cool to work with them, definitely.” He added, “Yeah, I think it’s good.”

Weiland recently called Art of Anarchy a ‘scam’ that he got paid to do, and he has continually distanced himself from the project and claimed he is not in the band.

He also told Fitz Radio that he enjoys club shows. He added, “Arena shows are fun too. They obviously pay really well.”

Scott Weiland’s representatives recently passed out flyers after STP shows ripping the band and attempting to promote his new album. Weiland’s management is Lucas Keller/Milk & Honey and his PR is Liz Ottiniano of Diana Barton Media, while the album was released through his Softdrive Records label.


Last week, after Foo Fighters performed on David Letterman’s final show, the band attended a party in his honor that was attended by celebrities like Steve Martin, Chris Rock, Tina Fey, and Jerry Seinfeld, Letterman himself, and some drunk marines who just so happened to be invited to the party. Letterman wore a custom Foo Fighters shirt to the party, as you can see above. You can also watch videos below!

Sea-Tac Airport and EMP Museum Unveil Pearl Jam Concert Poster Art Exhibit as Part of Experience the City of Music Program   

The Port of Seattle, EMP Museum, Pearl Jam, and poster artists Ames Bros. today unveiled a new exhibit of screen prints commissioned over the years for the band’s promotional concert posters as part of the Experience the City of Music program at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.






Organized by EMP Museum, in collaboration with Pearl Jam, Ten Club and Ames Bros., PUSH ME, PULL ME: Pearl Jam and the Art of the Screen Printed Poster features 85 posters from more than 30 artists including the Ames Bros., Brad Klausen, Munk One, Ward Sutton, and others. These posters reflect the artists that created them, but they also become an extension of the band, referencing the musicians, the venues and cities in which they play, song lyrics, contemporary politics, a world of music, and a love of history and popular culture. But most of all, these myriad posters illustrate some of Pearl Jam’s core artistic values: the desire to foster a climate of creativity, to act as a patron for the other artists, and to provide comment and critique on society and humanity.

“The significance of the airport’s Experience the City of Music program cannot be understated,” said Mayor Ed Murray. “It shines the spotlight on Seattle’s rich musical history through carefully curated exhibits like the Pearl Jam Poster Exhibit, showcases the city’s rich musical diversity through a robust schedule of live musical performances, and gives visitors, both near and far, a taste of what we are fortunate to be able to experience daily – our dynamic and extremely talented local music industry.”

The new exhibit is located near gate A1 on the concourse along three walls of the walkway and can be accessed by any traveler post security.

Take a picture at the exhibit and use the hashtag #PearlJamAtSEA for your chance to win an exclusive signed poster.

Scott Weiland discussed Nirvana and Stone Temple Pilots in a new interview with PureGrainAudio.

“I have a lot of great memories because it was a hugely exciting time for music. It was the last real musical movement that mixed rock music with a pop culture with socio-political ideologies.”

He added, “We knew that we were part of something special because there was a buzz going around and you could feel the electricity. I look back and our first album came out in ’92 and Nirvana’s Nevermind came out in ’91 so it was a really exciting time for music similar to, you know, when punk rock exploded or the musical revolution of the ’60s. It wasn’t just a musical movement though, it was a whole youth revolution.”

Weiland also said that he regretted trying heroin, “It was not a good thing to be around or involved in.”

Stone Temple Pilots fired Scott Weiland in 2013, and they are currently working on their seventh studio album with Chester Bennington. The band are set to hit the road in the fall.

STP Fall 2015 Tour Dates:
Sep 15 House of Blues Cleveland, OH
Sep 16 The Fillmore Detroit, MI
Sep 19 Shindig Festival Baltimore, MD
Sep 22 Bogart’s Cincinnati, OH
Sep 23 Palace Theatre Louisville, KY
Sep 25 Myth Minneapolis, MN
Oct 25 Monster Energy Aftershock Festival Sacramento, CA

Scott Weiland’s representatives recently passed out flyers after STP shows ripping the band and attempting to promote his new album. Weiland’s management is Lucas Keller/Milk & Honey and his PR is Liz Ottiniano of Diana Barton Media, while the album was released through his Softdrive Records label.


Former Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns is currently out promoting his new pop leaning album Talk, and the prospects of reuniting with his former bandmates doesn’t appear to be on the cards.

‘It was starting to feel like work for me and I started to feel like ‘that’s that guy from Silverchair’,’ the singer revealed in an interview with Today’s Richard Wilkins on Tuesday.

‘I didn’t want to die wondering, or kind of looking back when I’m in my sixties, thinking, “Probably should have done that solo single,'” he says, adding that a future reunion with Silverchair is highly unlikely.

‘It’s just not something that excites me at the moment, but I’m actually really proud of what we did.’

Former Silverchair drummer Ben Gillies had an interesting response when Alternative Nation asked him about a possible reunion last week, “Ha! Maybe… if Dan decides to talk to his old mates again.” Silverchair went on ‘indefinite hiatus’ in 2011.

Alternative Nation also recently published a retrospective on Silverchair’s 20th anniversary titled ‘Reflections Of A Sound.’

Check out Daniel Johns’ new “Cool On Fire” video below.

Smashing Pumpkins frontman William Patrick Corgan/Billy Corgan complimented the drummers he’s played with over the years in a new tweet, including Soundgarden/Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron.

Matt Cameron recorded “For Martha” on The Smashing Pumpkins album Adore. Corgan discussed working with Cameron in a 2014 interview with Alternative Nation.

“Excellent drummer. We got along fine, beyond that I don’t know. He’s not an easy person to get to know, as a lot of people are, which is a quality that I’ve grown to appreciate in people as I’ve gotten older. At the time, I was probably a little bit more like an excited puppy, because I was a fan, and I was excited that he was playing on the record. I do remember particularly, we tracked ‘For Martha’ live, the whole band. James, D’arcy, and Matt were in the other room, and I was in a sort of isolated room playing the piano live. I do have very good memories of that, because it’s like a 7 minute song, a really difficult song to get the right emotion to, and it took a lot of focus on his part to get such a great take.”

Pearl Jam Radio aired a 15th anniversary Binaural retrospective over the weekend, featuring commentary from Mike McCready and Jeff Ament. See quotes below, transcribed by Alternative Nation.

Mike McCready said, “When I think about ‘Light Years,’ I feel like I think about [John] Baker [Saunders] from Mad Season. He comes up in my mind every time we play that song. Certainly, and I see people in the crowd crying, thinking about things, and I feel like it’s turned into a healing thing maybe, I hope. That’s all you can hope for.”

He also discussed “Nothing As It Seems.”

“It was my first kind of insight into Jeff Ament’s dark side of writing. I don’t ever kind of see him that way as a person, I mean I actually just saw him today, but he can go there when he wants to. He can really get in there lyrically about this couple I think screaming at each other, and just the darkness of that. He wrote the lyrics to that. ‘One way ticket tombstone’ was the original one, and then I think Ed put ‘one way ticket headstone,’ to change the one word.”

Jeff Ament discussed why “Nothing As It Seems” was chosen as Binaural’s lead single.

We were still in that mode of sort of trying to shock people with the first single, especially after the first record. I think we trying to show the diversity of the types of songs we were writing, and you know what’s weird, is I think ‘Nothing As It Seems,’ that song, and ‘Sleight of Hand,’ and a couple other ones, kind of represent the Binaural title, [another one is] ‘Thin Air,’ those songs sort of represent that title more than some of the other songs that were on the record that were probably more single type songs. I think that maybe had something to do with it, because I remember when we decided on that single, we were actually working on the art work. So we had these ginormous photos of black holes and stuff sitting around, and we were like: ‘What is going to be the single?’ Somebody said ‘Something As It Seems,’ and [I was like]: ‘Yeah, cool.’ Then two months later I’m going: ‘What the fuck were we thinking.'”

faith no more

Mike Patton discussed Faith No More’s future in a new Billboard interview.

“An old man only looks to the next day,” the 47-year-old Patton said. “We’re old men.

“So what you do is, you look to the next day or the next plan, and, honestly, we don’t have a plan after this tour or this record.”

He also discussed Sol Invictus.

“I didn’t bring any songs or ideas to the record on an elemental level because I didn’t know we were going to make a record. There was one night when (Gould) took me over to his house and goes, ‘Hey, check out this (expletive) I’m working on.’

But he didn’t say it was Faith No More, at least I don’t remember it that way. It wasn’t predetermined. It’s not like we all sat down and went, ‘Let’s make a new Faith No More record.’ When I heard it, I said, ‘You got a great new band. Who’s going to sing?’ He said, ‘No, I want you to sing.’ I’m like, ‘OK, who’s playing on it?’ It turns out it was a Faith No More record.”

Art of Anarchy/ex-Guns N’ Roses guitarist Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal discussed Scott Weiland’s status in Art of Anarchy in a new interview with Revolver Magazine.

“Wouldn’t call it a departure as of yet. Art of Anarchy hasn’t received any official written communication that Weiland is no longer the lead singer of Art of Anarchy. There are certain legal steps you’d need to take in order to officially leave a band. We’ve been offered great touring opportunities with Scott on board even before the record’s been released. Aside from Scott, all the band members are on board for getting on stage with this. As for with who? Stay tuned.”

He added, “He’s still technically in the band, and that all needs to be addressed. We’re keeping every option and door open.”

Weiland has adamantly claimed that he is not a member of the band and downplayed his involvement in the band.

Chester Bennington discussed taking over as lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots in a new Columbus Dispatch interview. Bennington question Scott Weiland’s commitment to the band during the reunion era.

“For me, it wasn’t inserting myself in someone’s shoes. I felt that position had been vacant for a long time. Even though Scott was there, honestly, I don’t think he had ‘been there.’

In the initial (Stone Temple Pilots) conversation we had, I said: ‘Why do you guys want to give up your legacy?’ It’s kind of a scary thing, … but the music is too deserving, too good, to not have a chance to continue.

People come to a lot of pre-judgments; a lot of them are going to be mad about it. But the idea of creating something new means you let the other thing go.”

Stone Temple Pilots fired Scott Weiland in February 2013, and Chester Bennington replaced him in May 2013.

Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready conducted interviews with Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant and St. Vincent at Sasquatch for Pearl Jam Radio. You can view photos from the interviews below.

McCready will also be featured on the High in the Clouds soundtrack with Lady Gaga and Paul McCartney, tentatively set for release in 2016. The film is about two competing ways of life, Animalia and Megatropolis. The children’s film will be directed by Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 director Cody Cameron.

Paul McCartney and Dave Grohl performed “I Saw Her Standing There” at McCartney’s concert at London’s O2 Arena on Saturday. Grohl and McCartney have plenty of history, with McCartney having fronted a Nirvana reunion in December 2012 at the 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy benefit concert in New York.

McCartney recorded the Grammy winning “Cut Me Some Slack” with Nirvana’s surviving members (Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic, and Pat Smear) for the Sound City soundtrack. The trio later joined McCartney again at Safeco Field in Seattle in July 2013, performing “Cut Me Some Slack” and Beatles classics.

Photo credit: WireImage

Foo Fighters performed at Radio 1’s Big Weekend at Earlham Park in Norwich over the weekend. Taylor Swift also performed at the festival.

Dave Grohl dedicated “Congregation” from their latest album to Taylor Swift, which they wrote in her hometown of Nashville.

He told the crowd: “I’m officially obsessed, she might want to get a restraining order.”

“To my opening band, Taylor Swift. Taylor and the Swifts.”

He also told fans that “my kids will kill me for saying this, but this one is dedicated to Taylor Swift” as he closed Big Weekend with Best of You.

The Los Angeles Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner have posted Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts guitarist Jeremy Brown’s cause of death, a fan on the forum reports. The report states that Brown’s death was accidental, with the cause of death being multiple drug intoxication. Coronary atherosclerosis and cardiomegaly are listed as other significant causes.

Brown tragically passed away on March 30, 2015 at the age of 34, the day before the release of Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts’ Blaster. Brown had worked with Weiland since 2008’s Happy in Galoshes, and had become the band’s lead guitarist after Doug Grean’s firing last year. Brown’s work was acclaimed on Blaster, with Alternative Nation’s February review of the album stating: “Weiland’s backing band, the Wildabouts, sound solid, especially guitarist Jeremy Brown, who shines with his solo on ‘Amethyst.'” Brown was also regarded as being very friendly to fans.

Brown’s family mentioned on the GoFundMe for his funeral that he supported the Venice Symphony Orchestra, which provides musical awareness and education to the local community as well as the global village that embodies the artistic spirit of Venice, CA. You can donate to the charity by clicking here.  Below you can view the full case description from The Los Angeles Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner, and our ‘Jeremy Brown’s 5 Best Moments on Blaster’ article written by Doug McCausland last month.

It’s tough to write an article about something like this that is so tragic and personal. I can’t even imagine what Jeremy’s family is going through right now, and send my best wishes to his family on behalf of

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 6.29.31 PM

This past week marked a bittersweet occasion for Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts, releasing their first album under the moniker, Blaster, and losing a brother, guitarist Jeremy Brown, who died young at the age of 34.

“It is a terrible loss that goes beyond words, said Weiland on his official Facebook of the Los Angeles-based guitarist. “He is one of my best friends, a truest friend and one of the most gifted guitar players that I’ve ever known.”

Jeremy was 12 to 13 years old at the height of Stone Temple Pilots’ fame in 1993 and 1994, and while not much is known about the quiet guitarist’s history to the masses, Brown probably never could have foreseen himself performing with the iconic STP frontman, 13 years his senior, who was dominating MTV and radio airwaves at the time.

Many fans noted how much the unknown guitarist improved The Wildabouts upon his move to the forefront of the band in 2014 upon the departure of Doug Grean, and despite many outlets crediting Brown as “Scott Weiland’s guitarist”, Jeremy was an integral component of The Wildabouts as a full fledged band unit. Weiland noted Brown would bring his own guitar riffs into the studio, around which Weiland would craft vocal melodies, leading to the final songs on the record. “The process was the same on most of the songs—Jeremy bringing in these great pieces and all of us really collaborating,” Scott told Entertainment Weekly.

Most were sadly introduced to Brown’s studio work posthumously with Blaster, released the day after his death.

Alternative Nation wishes Jeremy’s friends, family, and bandmates the best during this difficult time. To his family; keep in mind Blaster‘s been the soundtrack to my life for the past two months or so since receiving an advance review copy in January, helping keep me sane through the brutal Northeast winter and a day job washing trucks in between writing and radio gigs. As a listener, you can help them by giving Blaster a listen. Here are some of Jeremy’s best moments on the disc.


A quiet intro leads into soaring and hook laden verses and chorus that leads into a triumphant, airy Jeremy Brown guitar solo.

The Way She Moves

Jeremy Brown’s slinky glam rock guitar licks, culminating in a piercing solo bolstered by chanting from Weiland, elevate “The Way She Moves”, the second track and current radio single which is Weiland’s anthem to his wife, Jamie.


One of the most uplifting songs on Blaster, and possibly the most acclaimed in fan circles, the ethereal Parachute is a psychedelic blend of Bob Dylan lyricism and Nirvana-cum-Beatles instrumentation. Brown’s guitar work during the chorus and bridge, in conjunction with Weiland’s layered, heartfelt vocals, creates sort of a seafaring/sailor vibe that just strikes a certain chord. Above is the live version featuring Joey Castillo on drums, though the intricately crafted studio version is where Jeremy and Scott’s layered creativity really shines.

Songs with no YouTube presence at the moment:

Blue Eyes

Brown is reinforced by guest guitarist James Iha of The Smashing Pumpkins on the anthemic “Blue Eyes” (as indicated in the liner notes of the physical album).

Bleed Out

“Bleed Out” features an old fashioned grunge riff in the vein of Kurt Cobain from Jeremy.

Clip of Jeremy playing STP’s Unglued:

Jane’s Addiction frontman Perry Farrell discussed Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck in a new interview with Rolling Stone. “Look, they’re scraping together things,” he says. “He’s gone now, so you can’t very well ask him to do another take, can you? He’s very high. And if it was me, I would have said, ‘I need a change of clothing.’ But I thought he was a very gentle soul and who knows what would have become of him had he lived.”

Farell discussed meeting Cobain. “I met him briefly,” he says. “I must admit, I got high with him in the basement of the Palace when he came to Los Angeles, and I hung out with him at one of the MTV awards shows… We had a mutual respect.

“I think the cat had the right idea, he had the right attitude, ” Farrell continues. “Except only one thing: I love life. You have to kill me. I will never kill myself. That’s the only difference.”