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Bio: Mike Mazarone graduated from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in 2011 with a degree in communications, basically relegating him to better then you status (Except for boss Brett Buchanan). Before joining the AlternativeNation staff he was a contributor and producer to Brett Buchanan’s pro wrestling/MMA/comedy radio show – Barbaric Wrestling Radio, from 2006 to 2009. Mazzarone’s job there was to be a contributor and book interviews. After the show ended Buchanan hired Mazzarone right away to be AlternativeNation's head reporter. Contact: MJMazarrone (at) yahoo.com or; mike (at) alternativenation.net

YouTuber Joey Siler has put up a new feline parody of Alice In Chains’ classic “Man In The Box.” The parody is appropriately titled “Cat In The Box” by the even more appropriately titled “Kitties In Chains”. Check it out below:

This article is in loving memory of William Patrick Corgan’s cat Sammi who passed away last week.


RIP Sammi

In an Alternative Nation exclusive, we have gathered exclusive comments from guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Guns N’ Roses/Art of Anarchy) after his controversial (well, awkward) interview with Alternative Nation. Thal actually took to my Facebook page to lash out about what took place. You can view the responses below:

Bumblefoot: “Dude, it was just a miscommunication. It was awkward for both of us. I could say the same about you but am totally understanding that you didn’t get the info you needed (even though it was sent but you didn’t receive it for whatever reason.) I thought we were both making the best of it, and I tried to offer things to talk about. Sorry it didn’t work out. Ron”

Bumblefoot: “PS – I’ve done about 100 interviews for this new album, this is the only one that ended up like this. Would be happy to try again when we’re not caught off guard.”

It should be noted that Bumblefoot and myself originally spoke after the interview took place via e-mail and we both left that it was all due to a massive misunderstanding due to the part of Bumblefoot’s publicist. What Bumblefoot is responding to, is a “vent-like” message after the interview was conducted on my personal Facebook page.

Alternative Nation owner Brett Buchanan was quite pleased with the interview, calling it “the modern day equivalent of Frost/Nixon.”

Reporter Doug McCausland said he had actually uncovered video footage of the interview. “Here is actual footage of Mike Mazzarone vs Bumble.”

You can purchase Bumblefoot’s new solo album Little Brother Is Watching today, and read Alternative Nation’s interview with him by clicking here.

Today I had the chance to interview Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal. While Bumblefoot touched on many topics including his relationship with Joe Satriani, Art of Anarchy, a potential Little Brother Is Watching world tour and his favorite GNR material, Ron was very hesitant to answer anything related to Guns N’ Roses.  I was able to get him to discuss his favorite GNR tracks and recording the “Pink Panther Theme,” but otherwise he said that talking about GNR would give him a headache.

Bumblefoot also discussed recording the Art of Anarchy album, and how Scott Weiland worked with the band, praising his work, but being unsure of his commitment to the band.  Thank you to MSL and GNRTruth for providing many questions.

Are you planning a Little Brother is Watching World Tour?

It’s possible. I would love to, I definitely want to, I need to, I should. However, first I want to nurture the album a little bit more, I want to put out more videos, I want to do more things to let people know that it exists so people can check out the music and get to know it. After that though, I would like to hit the road, all over the place.

What accomplished songwriters that you’ve worked with have influenced your solo work most?

(Laughs) Ones that I have worked with that have influenced me the most? Let me think. Accomplished, that I’ve worked with? There are accomplished songwriters that I haven’t worked with, and songwriters that I have worked with that weren’t accomplished at all! I would say the one person that has it all is Tony Harnell (of TNT), he writes beautiful melodies and definitely makes me think a bit more when it comes to vocal melody.

Is there any material you initially wrote for GNR that ended up on your album?

Yes, I had two songs, “Argentina” and “Don’t Know Who To Preach To Anymore” that when I first wrote them I left them unfinished and I was thinking that I could bring them to the table with GNR but I felt ultimately that both songs were better fits on my solo album.

A three part question here: What is your favorite original GNR song, your favorite Chinese Democracy song, and your favorite unreleased GNR song?

Did you get the memo about no GNR questions or no?

No sir, I was never informed of that.

Oh, well, I’m sorry, I’m not supposed to talk about GNR. I will answer this question but from here-on we cannot discuss GNR. It actually would be fucking fantastic if you skipped every question you had about them from here-on. It would save a lot of headache. However, my favorite original GNR song is “Don’t Cry”. For personal reasons, of course it’s a beautiful song but that was also a time during shows where I would play the solo, the fans would sing along and it was my own personal chance to connect with the audience and that made that song extra special for me.

As far as stuff off of Chinese, I would say “Shackler’s Revenge” because of all the crazy setlist stuff, two handed stuff and doing that wild singing, it kept me busy and out of trouble.

How much time did Scott Weiland spend writing and recording with you guys in the studio, and did it come off to you like he was committed to the band, or just doing it for the check?

(Sigh) Well, he started off and wrote one song with us, he did everything in his own studio and had Doug Grean, his former right hand man doing everything with him at his place. Scott did one song called “Til The Dust Is Gone” and it came out beautifully. In fact, it’s probably going to be one of the singles. We shot a video for it and then he agreed to do the whole album so he pretty much banged out really quickly, in about a month. Scott would just write, write, write & hand things over. It was great.
As far as getting inside of his mind or spread any sort of negative dirt, that I cannot get into or even tell you. That is not stuff that I can answer.

Have you considered doing guitar and vocals for Art of Anarchy if there is a tour and more albums after the debut is released?

I don’t think so, no, because Art of Anarchy was created as a supergroup. Meaning, it would have a singer with one background, me in there with another background…etc. I think that’s what made it special and if I take over vocal duties I would compare that to teaching a three legged dog to run. I would love to if Scott was willing to see it through but if he didn’t then I would love to find someone that would be willing to see it through.

What is the current status of Blowout-NYC? Any plans for more shows?

There is no status, that’s not happening. Yeah, we did one show and everyone is too busy doing other things so that’s just not going to happen.

Can you tell me about the recording session for the track “Pink Panther Theme.” I understand most members of GNR contributed with the exception of Axl.

That one, we actually played live and then I put it in my solos at my place. We did it live in California and then we took it live before we hit the road and I wrote my solos on it, spending around three weeks trying to transcribe it.

What was it like meeting Joe Satriani and playing with him? Do you have a favorite song of Satriani’s you like to play?

Joe is just a sweetheart, just a wonderful guy. We stay in touch, we see each other, whenever Chickenfoot would come into town I try and get over there and say hello. One of my favorites is “Always With You”. That song has such a beautiful melody and could go on forever and never stop being beautiful.

Wonderful track. Beautiful song, I would like to thank you for taking par-

Hey listen, do you have some actual questions for me about my solo album, or no? Anything of interest that you want me to tell you about, anything? Anything that doesn’t have to do with GNR or Scott Weiland?
Here, I’ll tell you something cool about the new album, one thing that was cool about it was that I really enjoyed the process. I had 100 fans and friends and we all met at a venue in Brooklyn. So, like this listening party but the album wasn’t finished yet. We played each song in the state that they were in at the time, talked about each song with a little Q&A talking about what each song was about as well as different things. I then showed everybody different parts to sing and we sang them together so the album has group vocals of about 100 different people chanting stuff and singing different stuff. That is something that I really wanted to do.

For me, albums I like including people that are actually going to be listening to the stuff and make them part of the process. To me that’s most special because it’s for everybody, not just for me.

During a recent show in Buenos Aries, Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan and touring member of the Smashing Pumpkins and member of the Killers, Mark Stoermer met Jack White for the first time. You can view the photograph of them together below:




In other recent BilLCo news, in a recent interview with Australia’s The Morning Show, the Smashing Pumpkins frontman shed some light on how he felt Kanye West handled his feelings during the Grammys, when he interrupted Beck’s Grammy receiving and acceptance.

When asked about how he felt about the incident between Beck and Kanye West, Corgan commented, “I think it’s inappropriate for any artist to take somebody else’s moment and make it their own or try to channel that energy in somebody’s moment… you’re basically saying that everything Beck has done to be in that position is negated because in your mind, it’s not relevant to your own thing…I don’t think that’s the moment to do it. Maybe afterwards you can say that, you can write your own blog, but to jump on stage and sort of steal that moment and re-appropriate in your own way is…inappropriate…I don’t know Kanye but I think he is speaking from his heart, I think he really believes what he’s saying… I just think that’s the inappropriate venue to do it.”

Corgan also expressed his disappointment with how social media rewards negative behavior, which he feels will ultimately reflect badly on the Grammys and on West himself.

Corgan also addressed how he would have handled any similar situation: “I’ve stood at that podium too and I’ll tell you what, if somebody got up on my stage, I would knock them out. I don’t care who it is, I would have knocked him out.” Tongue-in-cheek, he further remarked that it would have been a “stand off” between him and Kanye, but that Kim Kardashian would “probably take me down!”

The Smashing Pumpkins, with Mark Stoermer of the Killers on bass and Brad Wilk from Rage Against the Machine on drums, just wrapped up their Australian tourdates and will continue to tour in South America.



The Rolling Stones are expected to make a big announcement regarding their touring career on Tuesday, March 31st. This news comes from sources close to the legendary rock and roll group and the StarTribune. The expected announcement was slated to come out yesterday (3/19) but was suddenly pushed back. The alleged announcement is expected t be that the Stones will launching a North American Summer tour. Their first since 2012.

Scott Weiland held a paid VIP meet & greet session with fans at a recent show at the Brighton Music Hall in Boston, Massachusetts. The following is three different fan accounts from the event in Boston, including a fan claiming Weiland bizarrely said to him “Let’s suck a dick!” Each fan account comes from Stone Temple Pilots fan forum, BelowEmpty. You can read our review of Weiland’s recent show in Philadelphia by clicking here:

The VIP early entry allowed me to get into the venue and secure a nice spot right upfront and center. Stocklyn was very energetic and had some cool songs, I enjoyed them. Scott and the band were on time, and sounded kickass. I can’t get over how much Joey Castillo adds to their sound. He is a total monster. Scott danced around stage, joked, and actually seemed very happy during the set. Amethyst, Vasoline and The Jean Genie were major highlights for me, and all of the new songs went over very well. Scott’s voice wore down as the night went on but he was very strong on most of the tunes. The set was short and people were sticking around after Unglued expecting more, but the crowd was very satisfied and I heard people saying that this is the best they have seen Scott in years.

As for after the show, Tommy hung around out front and took pictures and chatted with many of the fans. I talked to him for a minute and he was very down to earth and humble. The VIP meet and greet was held in the back and like I expected you get about two seconds to shake everybodys hand, the manager gives you a pre signed poster and you get one picture with the band. I still wanted to meet my hero and it was an extra plus to meet Joey. I told Joey to stick with this band and it creates a monster rhythm section. Before I got up there to meet them, Scott was posing for pictures, smiling, putting people in headlocks, kissing them, the whole nine yards. When I get up there Scott didn’t even look at me when I was talking to him, he put his arm around me and literally said “lets get this shit done with”. As I fakely smiled for my photo, I couldn’t believe what just came out of my hero’s mouth. I felt so betrayed after spending so much money to support him over the years. Scott should not be saying that when people paid 150$ for a brief picture with him after the show. He obviously wants no part of the meet and greet and thats fine if he doesn’t market one. Always treat your fans with respect, I have always defended Scott and now it made me second guess myself. I actually thought of the DeLeo brothers and imagined how meeting them and Chester would not be a similar experience at all.

On a concluding note, I loved the show, his heart was into it and so was mine, and the crowds. One thing that should be mentioned is that Scott seemed like he was in slow motion, most likely drinking. I always thought it was his stage persona but after the show he talked slow, and his eyes seemed empty, even my girlfriend took notice to that. I will see Scott again, the meet and the greet is kind of out the picture now but I can’t wait for Blaster and for the next show!

I did the meet and greet as well and he said “let’s suck a dick!” to me and that was it. Over and done in 10 seconds. He was definitely drunk and ready to get outta there. I was about as drunk as he was so I didn’t really feel disappointed until looking back today. It’s funny, but also disappointing. Overall though I met some cool people and had a blast before and after the show. Thats what really counts.

Add me to the list of fans who Scott was not so nice too. The other members of the band all cool and with it…. scott seemed hammered.

As a long time fan (from the age of 10 years old) Scott and STP have been a HUGE part of my life. Collected everything I could STP as well saw them in concert every time I could. One of the things on my “Bucket List” was to meet Scott and get his autograph….. which I really wanted tattoo’d, to commemorate the day I met him.

When the Meet & Greet VIP passes came available I hesitated to spend the money but it’s a once in a life time thing. So I bought them! I had known Scott was hit or miss but I was really hoping for a good experience, but wasn’t getting my hopes up.

On the night of the concert after we were let in early for VIP I went over and nervously asked the gentleman in-charge of the VIP access about getting scotts signature for a tattoo. He was really nice about it but kindly let me know that Scott WILL NOT sign skin, and most definitely WILL NOT SIGN anything that he knows will be then turned into a tattoo. He also mentioned to not tell or show Scott my 2 other STP tattoos.
Sheesh Glad I asked!!!

Concert was great, besides some A-holes who can’t follow rules or have any respect…. but that’s at every concert. All 30 (?? not sure how many) of us VIP pass people line up out back and wait for the band. Scott is joking with people and making all sorts of wacko gestures for people pictures. Sweet this is going to be awesome I think!!! I can’t stop smiling at this point. It’s finally my turn….. I walk up and tell scott something along the lines of “I just wanted to tell you I have been a fan for 20 years” Scott then interrupts me and says something like OK hurry up I don’t want to hear it. I stand next to him and smile for my picture… mean while he was complaining the whole 5 seconds that it was taking too long.

I will NEVER pay to shake his hand again. I am glad I did it…. but when the day comes to put the Bucket List in order of awesomeness…. scott is going down to the bottom.

I can’t stress enough how cool Jeremy and Tommy are. I wish I could say the same for Scott.

It was maybe 30-45 mins of his time after the concert…. he could of at least been thankful that people still want to see him and pay $150 to shake his hand.

Music icon and legendary Led Zeppelin frontman, Robert Plant will be playing with the Pixies on select dates of his new North American tour, in support of his latest solo album, Lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar. The tour begins on May 24th at the Sasquatch! festival and is to conclude mid-June at Bonnaroo.

You can view both Plant’s tour dates and the Pixies’ upcoming tour dates below.

Robert Plant 2015 Tour Dates:
03/16 – Santiago, CL @ Caupolican
03/19 – Asuncion, PY @ Asuncionico
03/21 – Buenos Aires, AR @ Lollapalooza Argentina
03/24 – Rio de Janeiro, BR @ CitiBank Hall
03/26 – Belo Horizonte, BR @ Chevrolet Hall
03/28 – Sao Paulo, BR @ Lollapalooza Brazil
04/25 – Washington, DC @ Kennedy Center
05/24 – George, WA @ Sasquatch! Festival
05/25 – Bend, OR @ Les Schwab Amphitheater
05/27 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Depot #
05/28 – Las Vegas, NV @ Brooklyn Bowl #
05/30 – Napa, CA @ BottleRock Festival
05/31 – Santa Barbara, CA @ Santa Barbara Bowl #
06/02 – Los Angeles, CA @ Greek Theatre #
06/05 – Hunter, NY @ Mountain Jam Festival
06/07 – Toronto, ON @ Molson Amphitheatre %
06/09 – Rochester Hills, MI @ Meadowbrook Music Festival %
06/10 – Chicago, IL @ FirstMerit Bank Pavilion %
06/12 – Memphis, TN @ Mud Island Amphitheatre
06/12-14 – Manchester, TN @ Bonnaroo Festival
06/15 – Raleigh, NC @ Koka Booth Amphitheater %
06/17 – Philadelphia, PA @ Mann Center %
07/10-11 – Gloucester, UK @ Forest Live
07/14 – Stockholm, SE @ Grona Lund Tivoli
07/16 – Molde, NO @ Moldejazz Festival
07/18 – Pori, FI @ Pori Jazz Festival
07/19 – Salacgriva, LV @ Positivus Festival
07/21 – Charlotta Valley, PL @ Charlotta Valley Amphitheatre
07/23 – Brno, CZ @ @ Hala Rondo
07/28 – Frankfurt, DE @ Jahrhunderthalle
07/31 – Notodden, NO @ Notodden Blues Festival
08/08 – Landerneau, FR @ Fete du Bruit Festival
08/11 – Munich, DE @ Zenith
08/12 – Colmar, FR @ Foire Aux Vins d’Alsace Festival

# = w/ JD McPherson
% = w/ Pixies

Pixies 2015 Tour Dates:
05/01 – Memphis, TN @ Beale Street Music Festival
05/03 – West Palm Beach, FL @ Sunfest
05/05 – New Orleans, LA @ Civic Theatre
05/06 – Birmingham, AL @ Iron City
05/08 – Atlanta, GA @ Shaky Knees Festival
05/09 – Tampa, FL @ Big Guava
05/11 – North Charleston, SC @ PAC
05/12 – Charlotte, NC @ Ovens Auditorium
05/13 – Norfolk, VA @ The Norva
05/15 – Louisville, KY @ Louisville Palace
05/17 – Cleveland, OH @ Masonic Auditorium
05/19 – Niagara Falls, NY @ Rapids Theatre
05/21 – Burlington, VT @ Flynn P.A. Center
05/22 – Cooperstown, NY @ Brewery Ommegang
05/23 – Asbury Park, NJ @ The Stone Pony
05/24 – Boston, MA @ Boston Calling
05/27 – New York, NY @ Beacon Theatre
05/28 – Brooklyn, NY @ Kings Theatre
05/30-31 – Columbia, MD @ Sweetlife Festival
06/07 – Toronto, ON @ Molson Amphitheatre %
06/09 – Rochester Hills, MI @ Meadowbrook Music Festival %
06/10 – Chicago, IL @ FirstMerit Bank Pavilion %
06/15 – Raleigh, NC @ Koka Booth Amphitheater %
06/17 – Philadelphia, PA @ Mann Center %
06/18-21 – Montebello, QC @ Amnesia Festival

% = w/ Robert Plant

Pearl Jam have announced, that they will be kicking of a South American tour. The band’s tour begins in Santiago, Chile on November 4, and wraps in Mexico City, Mexico on November 28. In between, Pearl Jam will play five shows in Brazil. There’s still one date yet to be announced so we’ll soon find out just where Pearl Jam will play on November 7. Ticketing information will be announced on the group’s official website.

Pearl Jam 2015 Tour Dates:
11/4 – Santiago, Chile @ Estadio Nacional
11/11 – Porto Alegre, Brazil @ Arena do Gremio
11/14 – Sao Paulo, Brazil @ Estadio do Morumbi
11/17 – Brasilia, Brazil @ Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha
11/20 – Belo Horizonte, Brazil @ Estadio Mineirao
11/22 – Rio de Janerio, Brazil @ Estadio Maracana
11/28 – Mexico City, Mexico @ Foro Sol Stadium

In other PJ news, Keith Cameron has published a new interview with Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard (conducted last summer) where Gossard discusses the band’s creative dynamic, and differences they had in the past regarding songwriting, and why the band ultimately stuck together. Cameron mentioned to Gossard that any long-term relationship has its ups and downs, and Gossard agreed.

“Absolutely. And there might not even be anything going on at a certain period of a band’s existence, but somebody just wakes up and goes, ‘I’m gonna change…’ Glorious things can come out of somebody saying, ‘I’m not gonna put myself in this process any more, I’m gonna choose a different process.’ There’s nothing wrong with that. But our particular band has been stubbornly persistent at just saying: ‘Nope, we’re gonna keep doing it.’ And there’s been times when that has probably not benefited us. There’s been times when we’ve been stagnant and times where it would have been nice to have somebody come in and break the thing open and say, ‘No, try it this way’ – where we were incapable of doing that. But I think in the long run our persistence and stubbornness paid off in the sense that now I think we’re better at challenging ourselves internally. Going back in time and thinking about songs that I hated – ‘Oh, this song’s not a Pearl Jam song’ – and then just loving it 10 years later and going, ‘God, I was just in a shit mood, because I wasn’t in charge of some particular track or it wasn’t going the way I wanted it to’. I had a predisposed notion about how I felt about it.

Everybody in the band has gone through moments like that, where they’re like, ‘I’m not happy right now.’ But, you can’t be happy every day! And anyone that’s ever tried to put a new band together knows you’re going to run into a whole new set of personalities and whole new set of problems, and anyone that thinks they can just go out and do it by themselves and have that same momentum is… Y’know, Ed’s as good as anyone at generating that energy by himself, he’ll go out and do solo shows, but I think at some point during those tours he’s like, ‘Ahh, I’m excited to be getting back to my band,’ just because those faces and the support that he gets and the energy he gets from the history of it and the song catalogue and the crowd’s response to it, is all still evident.”

kaiser chiefs

Kaiser Chiefs have just released the music video for “Falling Awake.” The track is now released as a digital single, but will also be included on the indie rock group’s follow-up to 2014’s Education, Education, Education & War. Danny North filmed the video during Kaiser Chiefs recent South American tour in support of the Foo Fighters.

In April, the band will return to North America for a headline tour with openers Priory. The group will also be performing at the Shaky Knees Festival, which occurs on May 8th-10th in Atlanta, Georgia and includes acts such as The Strokes, The Avett Brothers, Wilco, Pixies, Social Distortion, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, Tame Impala, Mastodon, Brand New, Old Crow Medicine Show, Neutral Milk Hotel, Ride, Interpol, TV on the Radio, Manchester Orchestra, Flogging Molly, Death From Above 1979, Dr. Dog, Spiritualized, Clutch, The Black Lips, The Mountain Goats, Best Coast, Mac DeMarco, Minus the Bear, The Mowgli’s, Fidlar, Surfer Blood, and many more. You can view tour dates below the video player.

Kaiser Chiefs tour dates:
4/20 – Victoria, BC – Distrikt
4/21 – Vancouver, BC – Commodore Ballroom
4/22 – Seattle, WA – Showbox at the Market
4/24 – San Francisco, CA – The Regency Ballroom
4/25 – Los Angeles, CA – The Wiltern
4/26 – San Diego, CA – House of Blues: San Diego
4/28 – Tucson, AZ – Rialto Theatre
4/30 – Austin, TX – Stubb’s: Outdoors
5/1 – Dallas, TX – Trees
5/2 – Houston, TX – Warehouse Live Main Room
5/5 – Lawrence, KS – Liberty Hall
5/6 – St. Louis, MO – The Pageant
5/8 – Atlanta, GA – Shaky Knees Festival
5/9 – Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle
5/10 – Richmond, VA – The National
5/12 – Baltimore, MD – Rams Head Live
5/13 – New York, NY – Irving Plaza
5/15 – Boston, MA – House of Blues: Boston
5/16 – Montreal, QC – Corona Theatre
5/17 – Toronto, ON – Phoenix Concert Theatre

alice in chains

Alice in Chains has just announced a headlining US summer tour. The grunge group will embark on the road starting on July 17th at the Starlight Theatre in San Diego, CA and finish off at Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA. As of now, there has been no opener announced for the 20-date tour. Ticket pre-sales begin tomorrow (Tuesday, March 10th). Also, the band is donating two dollars for every pre-sold ticket to a memorial fundraiser. You can view the full list of tour dates in the image or text below:


Alice in Chains tour dates:
7/17 – Pala, CA – Starlight Theatre
7/18 – Las Vegas, NV – The Pearl
7/20 – Salt Lake City, UT – The Depot
7/21 – Boise, ID – Knitting Factory
7/22 – Spokane, WA – Knitting Factory
7/24 – Oakland, CA – Fox Theatre
7/25 – Lincoln, CA – Thunder Valley Casino
7/28 – Denver, CO – Ogden Theatre
7/31 – Tulsa, OK – Brady Theatre
8/1 – Thackerville, OK – Winstar Casino
8/3 – St. Louis, MO – Pageant
8/4 – Milwaukee, WI – Eagles Ballroom
8/6 – Cincinnati, OH – Horseshoe Casino
8/7 – Nashville, TV – Ryman Auditorium
8/8 – Nashville, TV – Ryman Auditorium
8/10 – Orlando, FL – Hard Rock Live
8/11 – Hollywood, FL – Seminole Hard Rock
8/14 – Mashantucket, CT – Foxwoods
8/15 – Atlantic City, NJ – Taj Mahal
8/16 – Bethlehem, PA – Musikfest

Kurt Cobain’s childhood home is back on the market. We originally reported the story back in September of 2013 when the asking price was half a million dollars for the four bedroom/one bathroom home. The asking price for the home has since changed to $400,000 – which is still well over the median price for homes in Aberdeen, Washington. ($100,000)

The listing description describes it as “a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a piece of rock history.” You can view photos below:

















Almost a month after Kayne West stormed the Grammy stage and blasted Beck, West took to Twitter to issue an apology:

West originally went on E! after Beck’s Grammy win to publicly blast the 2015 Album of the Year award winner

“The Grammys, if they want real artists to keep coming back, they need to stop playing with us. We ain’t gonna play with them no more. ‘Flawless,’ Beyoncé video. Beck needs to respect artistry and he should have given his award to Beyoncé, and at this point, we tired of it. Because what happens is, when you keep on diminishing art and not respecting the craft and smacking people in their face after they deliver monumental feats of music, you’re disrespectful to inspiration.”

West continued:

“We as musicians have to inspire people who go to work every day, and they listen to that Beyoncé album and they feel like it takes them to another place. Then they [the show’s producers] do this whole promotional event, they’ll run the music over somebody’s speech, the artist, because they want commercial advertising. Like, no, we not playing with them no more. By the way, I got my wife, my daughter and my clothing line, so I’m not going to do nothing to put my daughter at risk but I am here to fight for creativity. That’s the reason why I didn’t say anything tonight. But you all know what it meant when ‘Ye walks on the stage.”

In related Kayne/Beck drama news, In a recent interview with Australia’s The Morning Show, Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan shed some light on how he felt Kanye West handled his feelings during the Grammys, when he interrupted Beck’s Grammy receiving and acceptance.

When asked about how he felt about the incident between Beck and Kanye West, Corgan commented, “I think it’s inappropriate for any artist to take somebody else’s moment and make it their own or try to channel that energy in somebody’s moment… you’re basically saying that everything Beck has done to be in that position is negated because in your mind, it’s not relevant to your own thing…I don’t think that’s the moment to do it. Maybe afterwards you can say that, you can write your own blog, but to jump on stage and sort of steal that moment and re-appropriate in your own way is…inappropriate…I don’t know Kanye but I think he is speaking from his heart, I think he really believes what he’s saying… I just think that’s the inappropriate venue to do it.”

Corgan also expressed his disappointment with how social media rewards negative behavior, which he feels will ultimately reflect badly on the Grammys and on West himself.

Corgan also addressed how he would have handled any similar situation: “I’ve stood at that podium too and I’ll tell you what, if somebody got up on my stage, I would knock them out. I don’t care who it is, I would have knocked him out.” Tongue-in-cheek, he further remarked that it would have been a “stand off” between him and Kanye, but that Kim Kardashian would “probably take me down!”

The Smashing Pumpkins, with Mark Stoermer of the Killers on bass and Brad Wilk from Rage Against the Machine on drums, just wrapped up their Australian tourdates and will continue to tour in South America.

A lost interview from 1986 with Lou Reed was unearthed by PBS has animated as part of its Blank on Blank series. The interview has the late Velvet Underground frontman with choice words for fellow music icons such as The Doors and The Beatles:

“When [bands] did try to get, in quotes, ‘arty,’ it was worse than stupid rock & roll,” he said. “What I mean by ‘stupid,’ I mean, like, the Doors.” And what did he think of John Lennon and the Beatles? “I never liked the Beatles,” Reed said. “I thought they were garbage. If you say, ‘Who did you like?’ I liked nobody.”

Reed is set to join the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year. You can view the interview piece below:

Tori Amos has released a cover of the iconic Nirvana hit “Smells Like Teen Spirit” which will be featured on the bonus disc of the her forthcoming debut album Little Earthquakes re-release which you can listen to below:

The re-release of Little Earthquakes, along with the re-release of Amos’ follow up to that album Under The Pink, will be due out on April 14th.

In other Nirvana news, Dave Grohl discussed Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged rehearsals in a recent interview with American Way.

“Oh, yeah,” he starts, looking ­toward the ceiling, searching his head for details of a long-ago faded memory. Then he straightens up and nods. A smile purses his lips. “That show was supposed to be a disaster. We hadn’t rehearsed. We weren’t used to playing acoustic. We did a few rehearsals and they were terrible. Everyone thought it was horrible. Even the people from MTV thought it was horrible. Then we sat down and the cameras started rolling and something clicked. It became one of the band’s most memorable performances.”

The interviewer later mentioned that he had attended Nirvana’s Halloween 1993 show in Akron, Ohio.

“You were at that show? When Kurt was dressed as Barney the dinosaur and I was wrapped in gauze like a mummy? That gauze was so tight that the roadies had to try to cut it off me while I was still playing!”

When asked how he could remember a show from over 20 years ago, Grohl said he remembers all of his shows.

Our sources can confirm that former Smiths frontman, Morrissey will be one of the many acts to play at this year’s Firefly Music Festival this June at the Woodlands in Dover, DE. The official Firefly lineup is expected to be announced by Red Frog Entertainment at 3:00 PM EST/2:00 CST we can announce and confirm via a high ranking source that Morrissey will be one of the many acts to be performing at the festival.

The Firefly Music Festival lineup was reportedly leaked back in January from a Twitter account called @EDMSecrets, today it was also reported by Philadelphia rock station 104.5, that the official app for the festival leaked the lineup which mirrors the same one last month and also lists Morrissey as a performer.

As of 3:00, Firefly has revealed the official lineup. Along with Morrissey, This year’s Firefly boasts The Killers-Kings Of Leon, along with a mystery headliner. (Widely rumored and speculated to be Paul McCartney) You can view the official lineup poster for this year’s Firefly Music Festival below:




Not even the coldest recorded day in 20 years for New York City could keep one of the hottest rock groups right now, KONGOS, from blowing the roof off of the Irving Plaza. My colleague, Doug McCausland, and I got to the venue at around 7:00 PM, right when the doors where supposed to open. However, that was not the case. In fact, I would dare say that the line for the show grew longer and more anxious. A few moments later and the fans rushed the venue.

I truly wanted to get into the first act, Colony House. There were times when I felt some Killers-ish vibes from the lead singer, and upon listening to their in-studio work afterwards I can confirm those vibes. However, aside from tracks such as “2:20″ and “Silhouettes”, most songs from the band sounded nearly identical to one another. Colony House had an almost boring stage presence and while I understand some bands are just finding their way or are just better in studio then live, that’s something I would work on if I were them. I do feel fans of the modern scene would enjoy them, and I do recommend checking out “Silhouettes” which is a good track. However, the main problem with them is the un-inspired stage presence and the fact that nearly every song of theirs sounds similar. I’ve heard hundreds of bands like this one.

The next act, Sir Sly, I was truly excited for because I had missed one of my previous chances to see them during last year’s Firefly Music Festival. I heard their most known track “Gold” on alternative rock radio a couple years back and was hooked ever since. The group is the anti-Colony House in a sense. Their songs match their stage presence entirely and are a complete joy to watch. Extremely fun. Anyone that is a fan of Joywave would like this group. The high energy rock mix of electro-pop and alt rock was a welcoming change from the previous act and set the tone for KONGOS, who were headlining the night.

Within the last two years I would like to say that I’ve seen KONGOS either three or four times. Each time I see the band, Dylan and company mature as a group and Dylan seems to grow as a vocalist everytime I attend a show. One of the real highlights for me was actually towards the end of the show with one of the band’s current hit singles’ “I’m Only Joking.” Now, some people like to say that KONGOS sound exactly the same live as they do in-studio and I saw that during a few tracks. However, there is so much energy and raw emotion during “I’m Only Joking” that it’s the perfect way to lead into an encore because you are craving more after that performance.

Another highlight of the night was KONGOS’ cover of the classic Beatles’ track “Eleanor Rigby.” Now, even though it’s been covered quite a bit by bands, I think you need to have a lot of balls as an act to decide to cover the Beatles. As soon as I heard the first few bars I knew what song they were going with, and I actually rolled my eyes. I should of known better by doubting a band like KONGOS because while it wasn’t the most faithful of interpretations, they certainly did that track justice. I would dare say that I enjoyed that they put their own twist on a Beatles classic. It was a memorable part of the night. You can tell the band has “Beatles-ish” vibes as well. This is especially clear on tracks such as “I Want To Know.”

KONGOS also played some of their new songs as well, which are to be released on their upcoming third album. As a rock fan, I fully expect it to be the perfect follow-up to Lunatic. KONGOS are poising themselves up to be the next big rock band in the same way Cage The Elephant did. And hopefully they start getting the chance to play bigger venues soon. This is a group that you definitely need to see at least once.

In this exclusive interview with AlternativeNation.net’s Sports section, Devils play-by-play man, Steve Cangialosi discusses his background as a broadcaster, Doc Emrick, what the locker room has been like since Peter DeBoer’s departure, who we could see behind the Devils bench next year, the development of Adam Larsson and Eric Gelinas, what the Devils’ role  at the trade deadline will be, playoff hopes, Martin Brodeur’s stint with the St. Louis Blues and more.

Tell me the story behind you and hockey. Did you become a fan before getting into broadcasting or after?

Oh of course! Hockey had been my favorite sport, probably from the time I was eight years old. Since I’m fifty-one now, I will say that’s a pretty long time. *laughs* I grew up in Queens and the Islanders were my team. Strangely enough, Chico Resch had become my favorite player at a very early age, probably because I have a vivid memory of 1975 and him taking the Islanders to the Stanley Cup semi-finals.

How do you cope during the overlap of the NHL and MLS seasons? What preparations do you make to switch into soccer and hockey mode, from one night to the next?

Those are the two very tricky parts of the year, probably that segment of late September into October and come springtime you have late February into March where for me it’s double the homework and probably double everything on my plate. Once the Devils and the Stanley Cup playoffs are done it’s something where I completely immerse myself into MLS and vice versa, once the MLS season is done and I’ve called my last soccer game for a while then I’m in position to switch the work part of it off. I mean, I still watch all of the games, watch all that I possibly can but it’s a lot to balance and you are inevitable that you are going to miss things.

The first thing that you should know is that whenever there is a conflict, the Devils win out and that’s just the nature of the beast. I have promised to do every New Jersey Devils telecast. There are those times where both teams play on the same day and strangely enough I can do both if one is in the afternoon and one is in the evening but that doesn’t happen a heck of a lot! *laughs* I read a lot and I watch as much tape as I possibly can, my DVR is always at around 98% because I got games on the backlog, most of which I try to get to and some of which I just never get to. It’s a completely different craft I would say, the preparation is similar in that you are reading as much as you can, watching as much tape as you can talking to players and coaches as much as you can but the pacing and the job itself is very much different.

In my opinion, it seems like you are a student of the game and its rich history, much like how Doc Emrick was. Would you say you pattern your call style after Doc? Is there more to your love of hockey than it just being part of the job?

*Laughs* There is only one Doc and I can say that pretty confidently because I got to work with him for a good amount of time. I always tell people that the thing that I try to take from Doc is not only his commitment to the profession but his approach to people, because that was a big part of what came out on-air. Doc loves the people that he covers and I try to adopt that same mindset, he loves the players, loves everything around the game and I think none of that when we see him now or NBC is forced at all. To talk with him just about life and the game was just some of the most rewarding times to have.

I’ll tell you a story that I like to tell sometimes where everything I ever thought about Doc came out and was true. The very first time I joined the crew, which was around the fall of 2006, I remember that we had arrived in Carolina and it was my first game as the pre-game host. We arrived to that first production meeting in Carolina and I’ll never forget, Doc had already called more than 2,000 games in his career and obviously his reputation was one of, if not the most credible voice in the game. What struck me as interesting in the first production meeting back then was that he treated me as if my voice was equal, he wanted to know what I had to say about tomorrow night’s game and he wanted me to have an equal platform as him even though his credentials in the game far outweighed mine. Doc wanted that door open and I never forgot that. It’s an approach that one day that I want to pass on to somebody else in the game and that’s what I mean about his approach to people. It’s always genuine and I believe that love of the game always comes out.

As far as pattering my call style? Doc is very unique, very descriptive, so on the money with things and it all happens with a machine gun/rapid fire call. I think that there are very few people in the business that are equipped to do what he does. I do my best though! *Laughs*

Have you worked with Ken Danekyo, this season to help him learn the craft a bit? Is Dan-o receptive to constructive criticism? Also, how do you feel this first season without Chico Resch is going?

Oh absolutely he’s receptive to constructive criticism and it’s a totally different animal for Kenny than the role that he’s been in for the past ten years. I think that the place he comes from was, you watch a game, you’re emotional about it and that emotion would then cut out just in his between period segment, which is roughly four to five minutes and I did a lot of those with him when I was the pre and post game host. It’s a completely different animal now because you are tethering everything to a two and a half hour broadcast, there is a lot more pacing, a lot more deciphering of what’s important early, what can wait and what might not get into the broadcast at all. The preparation level is completely different, it’s much more intense and Kenny is figuring all of that out right now. It’s a very different job from the one he had over the last ten years. It’s a lot more analytical and this is a first foray for him, his first season and it’s a process, definitely a process.

However, Kenny comes at it from a totally different place then Chico and for me I guess that’s the biggest change. Chico, and I would always take this for granted, would see the game through the eyes of a goaltender, so that doesn’t just mean that he knows about the nuances of goaltenders throughout the league but he was also very good of picking up the nuances of the shooters. Now, Kenny comes at it from a completely different place, obviously from being a stay-at-home defenseman for the most part of his twenty year career. So, there is a different dynamic there, without a doubt and just like Chico had to find his way with things when he started back in the 1990s so is Kenny in the process of doing that now, I’m sure.


How do you feel the mood around the players and team has changed since Peter DeBoer’s departure?

Something needed to change. I don’t know if the mood has been altered that much and I think that there is this false perception out there that players wanted Pete DeBoer out and I never sensed that. As a matter of fact, I sensed that an overwhelming respect in the room, for Pete. So, this notion that when he was dismissed, the day after Christmas that “thank God, he’s out of the way”, I always thought that was tremendously off base. Now, have certain played benefited from Pete’s departure? Absolutely. Adam Larsson is playing 22 minutes a night now when there were times that was probably never possible, under Pete. However, that’s not to say that it wouldn’t have happened if the situation was given more time but it very well might have. Pete’s best team, and you can log his time in Florida and New Jersey to make that six and a half years as a NHL head coach, the best team he ever had and was assembled for him got to the Stanley Cup Final and I never forget that. I think a lot of people do. However to answer your question, I don’t think the mood in the room has really changed that much.

I want to put this to bed once and for all, was Adam Larsson held down by Pete DeBoer?

Adam Larsson’s playing time has increased now in the aftermath of it. Pete wants to win, did he hold him down? That’s a hard question. Pete put out the lineup every night that he thought was going to win a hockey game, so did that progress slow down? It probably did a little bit since his rookie season. Remember when Adam came up as an 18 year old kid, he was not only playing 65 regular season games that year but he was playing every situation. As a teenager, they trusted him with a lot and I think the Devils as time went on kind of admitted that they put too much on his plate early. Pete DeBoer wasn’t the only one to have said that, Lou Lamoriello had said that as well.

Again, given more time I don’t think Adam Larsson’s growth as a player will be any more exponential since Pete DeBoer is out of the way. I just don’t. I think Adam would have had a very good career regardless of who the coach was for the balance of this season and moving forward. If Adam was good and if Adam was going to play as consistently as he has in recent weeks that was going to come out, eventually that would of come out under Pete DeBoer too.

Who do you think the next coach for the team is going to be next season? Scott Stevens, Adam Oates or someone else?

My suspicion is that it will be one of the two as both have built up equity here with what they’ve done. It’s a short body of work since they’ve come aboard, we’re talking about since December 26th but everything from the Devils says that the two have been equal parts in this. I would say that Adam Oates has a touch more to do with the overall game-plan right now. The forwards are under his jurisdiction where as the defensemen are under Scott Stevens’ jurisdiction. The simple math is that there are more forwards on the team then defensemen and Adam, of course is in charge of the power play which is a very important thing, although I’m not demeaning what the penalty kill means.

Adam is a former head coach in the NHL, if I had to say one guy had an edge it would be Adam Oates but I’m going to temper that by saying by saying Scott Stevens has unwavering support from a lot of people. I always want to remember the importance of that; there are a lot of people who believe Scott Stevens’ mentality is that of a head coach. The thing that hasn’t happened yet is that Scott hasn’t come out and said that “I want to be a head coach someday.” I think that once we hear that then maybe the handicapping of all of this might be different.


After an impressive winning streak, the team seems to have cooled off a bit. Do you think the Devils have a realistic chance of making the playoffs? Did we see a bump in performance, which usually happens after any head coaching change or was it something else?

You know what; I think they’ve simplified the game. The winning that took place, up until the last two games was more than just adrenaline of a coaching change, that had to do with simplifying the game, which the Devils have done. Now, you’re asking me if they’re in the playoff race. They’re going to have to do something that no team in the past two decades has done and that is come back from a double digit deficit in the standings, in terms of points and do that with less than 30 games to go. That hasn’t happened in two decades. So, the math here is very obvious for everyone to digest, it’s a long shot at this point. I still think what they’re doing, is that they’re looking at a 6 game home stand and I think that they still have their sights set on that stretch of games that takes place starting next week when they play Buffalo, Vancouver, Carolina, Arizona, Calgary and Boston all at home. Now, if the success of that home stand is going to match what they did with the recent home stand then the conversation suddenly takes another turn. However, there is no doubt that the team has put themselves in a hole and it is a long shot at this point, without a doubt and history tells us that.

As the NHL trade deadline approaches. Do you think the Devils will be buyers or sellers?

I think they’ll see where they are on February 28th. You know, it’s a line that Lou recycles a lot and that is “when you have time on your side, why not use it?” I think that the Devils still do have some time on their side to sort some things out and I think that it’s somewhere in between, could the Devils move players that would be helpful to other teams? Absolutely. If you are waking up on the morning of March 1st and you are 15 points out then obviously you are considering some things, without a doubt.

Are they adding at this point? You know, I just don’t see the scenario where they do that, I think every deal is done with an eye on getting better in the future.

We have seen all of the hype regarding Connor McDavid, Jack Echiel and even other future draft picks, such as Mitch Marner and Dylan Strome. What type of player do you think the Devils should target in the upcoming 2015 NHL Entry Draft?

That’s truly a hard one. What I think any team needs, is that guy who is a bonafide top two line center because those kind of players just don’t grow on trees. Adam Henrique could potentially be that but we are still finding a lot out about his game. Travis Zajac is a guy that I want on my team but the template of his game has a lot more to do with the intangibles of the game than some lucrative point total. With that said, that creative playmaking center who is simply fun to watch. Those players just come around every day and I’m kind of tilted that way only because I’m looking at the defensive core, who the team has moving forward and I think they are very comfortable with that group moving into the next three to five year stretch. If you have (Adam) Larsson, (Damon) Severson, (Eric) Gelinas and (Jon) Merrill right now in the NHL level and you have Steve Santini who is projected to be a NHL player within the next two years then if you are just going by need, then that playmaking center who can make a difference is something that I think a lot of the fans would look forward to seeing.

You bring up Eric Gelinas, Lou Lamoriello recently said in a recent Q&A that he wants Eric Gelinas to be a “long range player”, however, do you think giving him such a lack of playing time is the way to unearth Gelinas’ potential?

I think that it has to be earned and it goes back to putting the six defensemen on the ice that will give you the chance to win that night. Give them that because they have not once maneuvered to the point where they throw in the towel on a season and they’ve never once sent that vibe to their fans. While I understand the logic that Eric Gelinas playing and being in the lineup is going to be something that serves Eric Gelinas, there is the matter of staying true to your beliefs and putting the team on the ice that you feel has the best chance to win every night. I understand Eric Gelinas’ gifts, he skates very well with the puck, he has a blistering shot that I think is going to be his biggest weapon moving forward but there is that matter of trust, in his own end that has to be earned. I still think that there is a lot of hockey in Eric Gelinas before this season comes to an end. I don’t think that we will see this pattern of him sitting continue for too much longer.

Yet, when you got that responsibility to get back in the race, you aren’t looking at “I need to play Eric Gelinas because he’s 23 years old” but rather “I need to play the six best guys that I have on the ice.” The team has never really wavered from that and has always been consistent when it comes to that kind of thing.


What were your thoughts on the way in which Marty Brodeur ended his career given the rare nature of seeing someone only play for one team their entire career, like Derek Jeter or Nicklas Lidstrom?

Strange. It was just strange seeing the announcement with the Blues logo behind him, it was strange seeing Bernie Federko and Al Macinnis sitting behind him when you always envisioned that day coming (Ken) Daneyko, (Scott) Stevens and (Lou) Lamoriello at the dance. I don’t ever try to tell people what’s right for them; I think we all go down a dangerous path when any of us do that. Marty Brodeur thought that this was right for him and he didn’t know that it was suddenly going to end on a Winter’s day in January. I’m sure he considered the possibility but he didn’t know. I’m sure that when he signed with the St. Louis Blues that there was a chance that he was going to be playing meaningful hockey games in the Spring and even in the Stanley Cup playoffs. I don’t think Marty suddenly envisioned that it would just come to an end and that would be that, so I get that.

I guess the answer to your question is that everybody has the right to go out on the terms that they want, but was it strange seeing him with the Blues logo, in that setting? Absolutely. Of course it was.

Since Marty was unable to reach 700 career wins with St. Louis, do you think Marty would have retired with the Devils?

To be perfectly honest with you, I don’t think that getting to 700 was the overwhelming factor. It would have been special but the guy just wanted to play. I just think that he felt he had more hockey in him, that’s all. Was getting to 700 career wins the one thing that was going to drive him? I don’t think so. Truthfully, I think once he got to 552, the rest was just adding to his legacy. To me, there was going to be no other milestone that was going to be the “end all, be all” for him. I think that it would have been nice for him and it would have been nice for the league to celebrate such a milestone as 700 career wins but at the end of the day I never really thought it was all that important.


In light of his injury history and declining stats, do you see Bryce Salvador coming back to the team next season?

The truth is that I haven’t spoken to Bryce Salvador in three months, so I got very little handle on it. I know that he has been at games and has watching from the suite from time to time but that is very hard to say and I have no firm grip on the injury that he suffered as well. I don’t believe that I can give you an educated stab at that question. I will say this though; Bryce is a good guy and has been an absolute pro in that locker room for the longest time. Fans give him a bad rep and I feel horrible for him because he is a good pro. People seem to forget how good he was in 2012 by the way. I’m not saying that we should continue to throw roses at players years later, I understand that’s the universe we live in but the Devils have had one magical run since 2003 and Bryce Salvador was a big, big part of that. People should not forget how good he was during a lot of those post season games.

Honestly, I don’t think it’s been any one player’s team since Scott Stevens last wore the captaincy and even then there was a measure of leadership coming through various pockets of that room. Bryce Salvador earned the “C”, he absolutely earned the right to wear that letter. However, leadership in that room has come from a lot of different places. There is a stretch of lockers, in the Devils room, where a bunch of veteran players all sit side by side and it began with Brodeur when he was still with the team but on one side of the locker room you had Brodeur, Patrik Elias, Danius Zubrus, Ilya Kovalchuk, back when he was still here, it’s always come from a bunch of different places and that’s more likely to happen when it’s a veteran laden team like this one is.

It was recently announced, that the IZOD Center, which was known for many years as the Brendan Byrne Arena/Continental Airlines Arena, and most importantly as the original home for the New Jersey Devils will be shutting down permanently. As my final question to you, out of all the important and significant memories there, what was your favorite Devils memory from the old arena?

*Laughs* I’m going to cheat because it’s one with me at the mic. I understand nothing beats game four of the 1995 Stanley Cup finals against Detroit but I’ll be selfish and speak as a broadcaster. I was part of the Devils broadcast team for only one season at the Meadowlands, that last year, 2006-2007. So, my favorite memory from that year was actually the second round of the playoffs and I got to call Jamie Langenbrunner’s double overtime goal against the Ottawa Senators, which turned out to be the only game the Devils would win in that series as they were eliminated in five and the Senators went on to the Stanley Cup final. For me though, that was my first year as a National Hockey League announcer and I got to call our team winning a double overtime winning game, which was the first really cool moment that I had in the booth and my favorite memory from the Meadowlands.

Announced today, the legendary Jeff Beck has signed an exclusive publishing deal with the London-based Genesis Publishing Group. Plans to release a high quality ‘signed, limited-edition’ book are in the works for release in the last quarter of 2015. In addition, Beck is hard at work on an officially sanctioned documentary and is currently penning his own autobiography.

Beck would like his fans to know, that while others may release un-authorized documentaries and biographies, these forthcoming works will be the only authorized versions by Beck himself.

Beck’s career took off in the mid-1960s, after replacing Eric Clapton as lead guitarist for The Yardbirds on the recommendation of his friend Jimmy Page. Over the years, Beck has collaborated with Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Mick Jagger, Tina Turner, Roger Waters, Les Paul, Jon Bon Jovi, Stanley Clarke, Herbie Hancock and Joss Stone among many others.

Beck has twice been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: once with The Yardbirds in 1992 and once as a solo artist in 2009. He has won numerous Grammy Awards, including two at the 2011 Grammy Award Celebration when he won Best Rock Instrumental Performance for “Hammerhead” and Best Pop Instrumental performance for “Nessun Dorma”, both from his last studio album, Emotion & Commotion.

Recently, in London, Beck participated in The Poppy Appeal song “No Man’s Land”, a tribute to the men and women that served in World War I, resulting in 4 performances, culminating in the NFL pre-game entertainment that was broadcast from Wembley Stadium. The song featured singer Joss Stone on vocals and a gospel choir with vocals arranged by Antonia Wilson. In the meantime, a DVD of Beck’s Tokyo concert from April 2014 was released last November and reached #1 on the Billboard DVD chart. For Beck, 2015 will include both solo tour dates as well as co-headlining dates with ZZ Top and will complete work on his new studio album, expected later this year.

Joining Beck on both the solo and double-bill tour are his band: Jimmy Hall on Vocals, Rhonda Smith on bass, Jonathan Joseph on drums and Nicolas Meier on guitar

Jeff Beck Solo Dates

April 13 The Capitol Theatre Port Chester, NY
April 15 The Paramount Huntington, NY
April 16 The Paramount Huntington, NY
April 17 The Paramount Huntington, NY
April 18 The Capitol Theatre Port Chester, NY
April 19 Orpheum Theatre Boston, MA
April 21 Ulster Performing Arts Center Kingston, NY
April 22 Bergen Performing Arts Center Englewood, NJ
April 24 Count Basie Theatre Red Bank, NJ
April 25 The Strand – Capital Performing Arts Center York, PA
April 26 The Palace Theatre Greensburg, PA

With ZZ Top

April 30 Cedar Park Center Cedar Park, TX
May 1 Winstar Casino Thackerville, OK
May 2 Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion The Woodlands, TX
May 3 Concrete Street Corpus Christi, TX
May 7 MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre Tampa, FL
May 8 Cruzan Amphitheater West Palm Beach, FL
May 9 St. Augustine Amphitheatre St. Augustine, FL
May 10 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre Alpharetta, GA