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Paul McCartney discussed on whether or not we will see a band with the same impact as his iconic music group, The Beatles in a recent interview with Esquire:

‘We came at the right time. We wrote some pretty good stuff, our own material. We didn’t have writers. Could that happen again? I don’t know. I wish people well but I have a feeling it couldn’t.’

In other McCartney news, Sir Paul recently headlined a particularly marshy Friday of the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware, customarily putting on a show of lifetime for anyone present.

It was quite an emotional night, with Paul reminiscing on his friendships with George Harrison (dedicating a touching ukulele rendition of “Something” to his memory), honoring the victims of the Charleston tragedy, and calling a woman up to stage holding a sign indicating that it was her dream for Paul to sign a tattoo of his face located on her arm. After some fidgeting and determining the proper place to sign, Paul left an autograph on her arm and gave her an extended hug, after which he jokingly yelled at her to let him go. Below are some exclusive Alternative Nation photos of the event and aftermath.

paul mccartney
Photo by Mike Mazzarone

Across the United States Saturday, Americans are celebrating the 239th anniversary of their country’s independence from Britain. Likewise, many of the rock and roll community took to social media to acknowledge this monumental day:

More controversy has stemmed from Morrissey’s recent show at Madison Square Garden in New York, NY on Saturday (June 27). TrueToYou is reporting that despite the former Smiths frontman calling the show “fantastic”, as well as praising Blondie opening for him, the singer had a strong criticism of his MSG performance.

Morrissey acknowledged that there was “zero label interest”, suggesting that no record labels attended the gig. Moz also added that it was “a sad sign of the times”.Morrissey had a major falling-out with now former record label, Harvest, last year over his album release, World Peace Is None of Your Business. The former Smiths singer complained about a lack of promotion and walked away from Harvest soon after. The album has since been removed from various streaming services and digital retailers in the United States. Morrissey contributed this to “mutual mistrust” The singer reiterated that no record label was willing to re-issue the album, blaming “the curse of Harvest Records”.

Moz’s Madison Square Garden show also made the news when it was revealed that despite the singer’s personal request for the venue to go vegan-only during his performance, Madison Square Garden actually went ahead against Morrissey’s wishes and served meat in premium areas of the arena.

Music Icon Paul McCartney turned his nose at the idea of retirement in a recent interview with Esquire:

Two reasons (why I still play): I love it, and it’s my job. Three reasons: the audience. You sing something and you get this incredible warmth back, this adulation. And who doesn’t like that? It’s amazing. Plus, the band’s very good. And having said there were three answers there are now about seven. Another thing is I kind of get to review my songs, and they go back quite a way. So if I’m singing ‘Eleanor Rigby’, I’m me now reviewing the work of a twentysomething and I’m going, “Whoa, that’s good.” [sings] “Wearing the face that she keeps in the jar by the door”. Ooh! And you see it all again flashing by you… like drowning. In the nicest possible way.”

McCartney continued:

(What would I do?) Sit at home and watch telly? That’s what people do, man. Gardening, golf… no thanks. Occasionally, I do think, “You should have got fed up by now, you should be jaded.” My manager, who I don’t have any more, glad to say, suggested quite a long time ago that I retire at 50. He sort of said it’s not a good look. I went, “Oh, God, he could be right.” But then I still enjoy writing, I still enjoy singing. What am I gonna do? You see so many people who retire and then immediately expire.”

Sir Paul also addressed if he has anything else to prove in the music business:

Yeah, all the time. And it is a silly feeling. And I do actually sometimes talk to myself and say, “Wait a minute: look at this little mountain of achievements. There’s an awful lot of them. Isn’t that enough?” But maybe I could do it a bit better. Maybe I could write something that’s just more relevant or new. And that always drags you forward. I mean, I never really felt like, “Oh, I did good.” Nobody does. Even at the height of The Beatles. I prefer to think there’s something I’m not doing quite right, so I’m constantly working on it. I always was, we always were. I mean, look at John [Lennon], a mass of paranoia and worries about whether he’s doing it right. You only have to listen to his lyrics. I think that’s just artists in general.”

Glastonbury 2015 has come and gone, however with every great music festival there is much speculation on who will be headlining for next year. Gigwise is reporting that Foo Fighters along with Muse, Fleetwood Mac and Oasis are heavy favorites to headline the popular British music festival in 2016.

Foo Fighters were slated to perform at this year’s edition of Glastonbury but had to pull out because of Dave Grohl’s broken leg. The band was ultimately replaced by Florence + The Machine.

William Hill, one of the largest bookmakers in the United Kingdom currently has revealed their betting odds for next year’s headliners, with Foo Fighters, unsurprisingly, the 3/1 favorites for one of the three headline slots. Muse come in second place, at 10/1, while Fleetwood Mac and Oasis hold the joint third spot at 12/1.

You can view the full list of betting odds for Glastonbury’s 2016 headliners below.

3/1 Foo Fighters
10/1 Muse
12/1 Fleetwood Mac
12/1 Oasis
16/1 AC/DC
16/1 Bloc Party
16/1 Daft Punk
16/1 Radiohead
16/1 The Rolling Stones
16/1 The Stone Roses
20/1 Blur
20/1 Ed Sheeran
20/1 Green Day
20/1 Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
25/1 Coldplay
25/1 Eminem
25/1 Kasabian
25/1 Prince
25/1 The Prodigy
33/1 Alice Cooper
33/1 Arctic Monkeys
33/1 Iron Maiden
33/1 John Legend
33/1 Kate Bush
33/1 Kings of Leon
33/1 REM
33/1 Snoop Dogg
33/1 The Killers
33/1 The Vaccines
33/1 U2
40/1 Mumford and Sons
40/1 The Beach Boys
40/1 The Happy Mondays
50/1 Pink Floyd
50/1 Red Hot Chili Peppers
50/1 Taylor Swift
66/1 Adele
66/1 Beyonce
66/1 David Bowie
66/1 Depeche Mode
66/1 Florence + the Machine
66/1 Led Zeppelin
66/1 Madonna
66/1 Pet Shop Boys
100/1 One Direction
100/1 Def Leppard
100/1 Dr Dre
100/1 Elton John
100/1 Human League
100/1 Kylie
100/1 LMFAO
100/1 Madness
100/1 Mariah Carey
100/1 Meghan Trainor
100/1 Nicki Minaj
100/1 Paul Simon
100/1 Pharrell Williams
100/1 Sam Smith
100/1 Simply Red
100/1 Spandau Ballet
100/1 UB40

Morrissey is no stranger to controversial and political thought, the former frontman of The Smiths recently told Alternative Nation in a recent interview that president Obama seems “white inside” and doesn’t support African-Americans. Moz has also been well-documented in his criticism of the British royal family. However, with the U.S. elections coming ever so close, the million dollar question is has yet to be answered: “Who would Morrissey support in the 2016 United States presidential race?”

Lucky for us, we found out the answer to this pressing matter during his recent performance at Madison Square Garden in New York, NY on Saturday:

“The U.S. elections are all very well and amusing, of course, but there’s only two possible American presidents in my world: one is Jon Stewart and the other is Bill Maher. Otherwise, forget it.”

You can view fan-shot footage of Morrissey making this announcement below:

Smells like teen death. The Gallows is the latest film hoping to be the next summer blockbuster this season. The horror film, which is produced by Blumhouse productions (Paranormal Activity, Insidious, Sinister) is about a boy named Charlie who is killed in a horrific accident during The Gallows, a school play that takes place in the fictional Beatrice High School in 1993. Fast forward to 2013, students at the school attempt to resurrect the failed play in an attempt to honor the anniversary of the tragedy – and that’s where things start to go horribly wrong in this new found footage horror flick.

You can watch the trailer below, which features a cover (albeit a weird hipster one) of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Think Up Anger ft. Malia J below, along with the official video for that cover:

After declaring himself “the greatest living rockstar on the planet”, the ever-so controversial Kanye West decided to take a break from his own discography to perform (butcher) one of the greatest rock anthems of all time in “Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. The performance took place at the 2015 Glastonbury Music Festival. It appears that during the performance, West actually forgets the lyrics during his short rendition before crooning the crowd with lots of backing of the fans. You can view the performance below:

In other West rock and roll news, Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins discussed being neighbors with Kanye West in a recent interview with NME. Hawkins said he rides his bike daily near the “big gnarly mansion where Kanye and his chick live I guess.”

“He lives pretty close to me, strangely enough,” he said. “Before he bought a house [in the neighborhood] he was apparently looking at it and this estate agent told me that he was showing him the house and he looks round and says, ‘Is this place secure? Can anybody get in or out?’ And then right at that time I came flying down the hill [on my bike] into the neighborhood.”

Hawkins said that West complained at first but backtracked when he realized that he was the drummer from the Foo Fighters, so he wasn’t a danger to the security of the home.

Dave Grohl also said the recent petition against West performing at Glastonbury, which attracted over 133,000 votes, will only help West and could lead to the greatest concert of all time.

“I don’t know that much about Kanye’s music but right now Kanye vs Glastonbury is about as close to that old school [Public Enemy] vibe as you’re going to get,” he added.

“I don’t know who the dude is that started the petition but I think every one of those votes is only fuelling Kanye’s fucking fire and it could be the greatest show of all time.”

Queens of the Stone Age member and Eagles of Death Metal co-founder, Josh Homme, made a rare appearance with the group during their show in Paris. You can watch fan-shot footage of the band performing “I Want You So Hard” which features Homme on drums, below.

In other Homme news, the Queens of the Stone Age frontman talked One Direction in a new interview with MTV UK.

“I refuse to be a musical snob at this point with my kids, you know what I mean, if they wanna listen to One Direction, go for it man,” while the Queens of the Stone Age singer retorts: “Yeah I mean that’s not necessarily my direction. I try and shy it away to a different direction because I have to drive the car too! And like, do you want it to go over a cliff or do you want it to go to school?! You decide, you’re eight!

Speaking to NME, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has now officially confirmed that the Foos will be hitting the road again in a new season of the hit HBO miniseries Sonic Highways.

“There is gonna be another Sonic Highways season,” Grohl proclaimed. “It might or might not be international. It might someday be international. It might only be England, or England and other places. Or maybe it’s places in America, and people from other countries that are inspired by these places in America.”

Grohl went on to explain that the “great thing about the idea… is that it can be anywhere, because any city has some sort of musical history,” but tabbed the U.K. in particular as being “like shooting fish in a barrel, there’s just so f—king much here.

In a recent Q&A with Rolling Stone, Grohl ripped critics of the Foo Fighters latest studio album Sonic Highways:

Look, that was one of the first conversations that we had when we started this project. I would explain the idea and someone would say, “Oh, cool. So, are you going to play a blues song? Are you going to make a country song in Nashville? Are you going to do jazz in New Orleans?” And I thought, “Can you fucking imagine how much of a train wreck that would be?” I said, “You have to remember that not everybody has HBO and is going to see the series.”

So, first and foremost, we have to make a Foo Fighters record. That’s it. And I really fought to retain that. At one point in Nashville, I walked in the control room and everyone was wearing fucking cowboy hats. I was like, “Guys! Don’t! Stop! Wait! We are still the Foo Fighters. Don’t forget that.” I think maybe people misunderstood the concept and thought that we were going to incorporate all of the different flavors or genres from each city, and, to me, it didn’t make any sense because the last thing I want to do is chase something that’s not real.

Grohl also said:

“You’re like, Hey, I’ve done this thing! Fuck, I can’t wait for people to hear this! I’m so proud of it. It was such a blast to do.” You get excited and then you realize that people didn’t really understand it in the first place. So you’re like, “Aw, fuck it.” It’s one of those things that after 20 years, nothing is going to keep us from doing what we do. And there’s not much to discourage us from the path that we’ve been on for this long. Look, if some dude with a blog says the band blew it because we didn’t fucking put a lap steel [guitar] on our song in Nashville, then that same day you sell out Wembley Stadium in a day, it’s like, “OK, well, I guess we’re doing something right.”

Scott Stapp and his wife, Jaclyn, will be heading to couples therapy just months after the former Creed frontman was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. According to People, the Stapps are are one of five couples who have signed on to be apart of Dr. Jenn Mann’s VH1 reality show “Couples Therapy,” where the two will spend three weeks receiving treatment.

In other Scott Stapp news, the Creed frontman discussed his 2014 drug induced psychotic break in a new interview with ABC’s Nightline (via Yahoo). Stapp revealed he has bipolar disorder yesterday, and also told ABC that he believed that he was a CIA agent trained to kill President Obama, and that he even called The White House on multiple occasions telling them about his assignment.

“I was driving around with … a 12-gauge shotgun in my lap. And I thought that people were trying to kill me.”

“I would have like, maybe a 45-second interval of, ‘What’s going on,’ and then I’d be right back into the psychosis,” he added.

Stapp said his psychosis was so intense that he thought he had been programmed by the CIA — a real-life Jason Bourne — and he would prowl airports looking for suspicious cars.

During his mania, Stapp would stuff his wallet with cash and fill the flatbed of his truck with his gun collection and sports memorabilia, which he said he started giving away with reckless abandon. Stapp said he would pick a homeless person at random, “get him a hotel room, give him $20 and then take off.” He said he also gave away some of his prized possessions — three Salvador Dali sketches — to a Catholic church in Mississippi on a random manic drive through the South.


Festival d’été de Québec (The Quebec City Summer Festival) have revealed their complete lineup for their 2015 event. The Rolling Stones, along with Foo Fighters will be headlining this year’s edition of the festival. Controversial cock-rockers Nickelback are slated to perform. This should also mark the first time in music history that Nickelback and the Foo Fighters have performed together. The event runs 11 days between July 9th and 19th throughout venues in downtown Québec City.

Other notable acts include The Doobie Brothers, Deep Purple, Boston and Royal Blood. You can view the full lineup above.

In other Foo Fighters news, “There might be a season two [of Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways],” Dave Grohl said in a recent interview with Billboard. “There are a lot of studios.” What might be included in this next run? Grohl suggested drummer Taylor Hawkins is the person to answer that. “Taylor is one to ask about the U.K. studios, he’s been to them all, even if they’re kabob shops now. He’ll show up and be like, ‘You guys know that they fucking recorded Queen’s The Game in here, right?’”

“If we went to somewhere like Abbey Road it’d be fun to interview someone like Paul McCartney or George Martin, that’d be kind of cool,” Grohl said. “Or go to say, Berlin, and interview someone like David Bowie or Iggy [Pop].”

“Perhaps we could go to Melbourne wherever they made all those AC/DC records and interview George Young,” Shiflett suggested. “Or you could go to Manchester and interview the Happy Mondays, guys,” Grohl added.

Foo Fighters are set to release Songs From The Laundry Room on Record Store Day as a 10 inch vinyl. Side A will feature Dave Grohl’s early demos of “Alone + Easy Target” and “Big Me.” A cover of “Kids In America” and the previously unheard “Empty Handed” will appear on Side B.

Side A
01. “Alone + Easy Target” (demo version)
02. “Big Me” (demo version)

Side B
01. “Kids In America”
02. “Empty Handed”

See the cover (via FooFightersLive.com and FooArchive.com) below, along with with a clip of “Kids In America” from HBO’s Sonic Highways, and a clip of Dave’s early 90’s version of “Alone + Easy Target” (though the version on this EP may be different).

In the latest Teens React video, a popular web series put out by the REACT channel and a sub-channel from popular YouTubers TheFineBros, modern era teens were subjected to listen to various popular song that came out in the 1990s. The teens were also asked if they knew the songs and the artists. Watch below as these teens admit to not knowing popular 90s rockers such as Green Day and Tool as well as popular 90s pop acts. On a personal level, the fact that only 4 knew who Mariah Carey was is quite frankly embarrassing. You can watch the video below:

According to Truetoyou, one of the leading Morrissey fanzines, the former frontman of The Smiths has announced that he will partake in a 18 date United States tour in promotion for his tenth studio album, World Peace Is None Of Your Business. Blonde is slated to open during Morrissey’s stop in New York City. You can view a full list of tour dates below:

Tour dates:
June 11: Saenger Theater, New Orleans, LA
June 13: Atlanta Symphony Hall, Atlanta, GA
June 15: The Carolina Theatre, Durham, NC
June 18-21: Firefly Music Festival, Dover, DE
June 24: Hanover Theater, Worcester, MA
June 27: Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY (w/ Blondie)
June 29: Akron Civic Theater, Akron, OH
June 30: Aronoff Center for the Arts, Cincinnati, OH
July 2: Grand Ole Opry House, Nashville, TN
July 8: Masonic Temple, Detroit, MI
July 9: Civic Opera House, Chicago, IL
July 11: Bloomington Center for the Arts, Normal, IL
July 13: Fitzgerald Theater, St. Paul, MN
July 16: Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO
July 18: The Depot, Salt Lake City, UT
July 21: Benaroya Hall, Seattle, WA
July 23: Edgefield, Troutdale, OR
July 25: San Jose Event Center, San Jose, CA (w/ Amanda Palmer)


World Peace Is None Of Your Business hits shelves on July 15th.

A new snippet from the new and authorized Kurt Cobain documentary Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck has been released, via The Guardian. In it, pages from Cobain’s diaries are animated to show the various rejected band names Cobain came up with before finally choosing Nirvana.

HBO will airing Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck which will be produced by Cobain’s daughter Frances Bean, on May 4. It will also be hitting theaters around the world on April 10.

Dave Grohl discussed Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged rehearsals in a recent interview with American Way.

“Oh, yeah,” he starts, looking ­toward the ceiling, searching his head for details of a long-ago faded memory. Then he straightens up and nods. A smile purses his lips. “That show was supposed to be a disaster. We hadn’t rehearsed. We weren’t used to playing acoustic. We did a few rehearsals and they were terrible. Everyone thought it was horrible. Even the people from MTV thought it was horrible. Then we sat down and the cameras started rolling and something clicked. It became one of the band’s most memorable performances.”

The interviewer later mentioned that he had attended Nirvana’s Halloween 1993 show in Akron, Ohio.

“You were at that show? When Kurt was dressed as Barney the dinosaur and I was wrapped in gauze like a mummy? That gauze was so tight that the roadies had to try to cut it off me while I was still playing!”

When asked how he could remember a show from over 20 years ago, Grohl said he remembers all of his shows.

Days after the tragic death of Scott Weiland and the Wildabout’s guitarist Jeremy Brown, Weiland has dedicated the release of his new solo album “Blaster” to his late band member. The album has hit shelves as of 3/31.

In a statement Tuesday (March 31) Weiland said simply that, “I’d like to dedicate today’s release of our album, Blaster, to my friend and collaborator Jeremy Brown. It breaks my heart that you are not here to receive the recognition you so deserve and worked so hard for”.

The cause of Brown’s death has not yet been revealed.

Alternative Nation sends its best wishes to Jeremy Brown’s friends and family during this tough time. Reporter Doug McCausland said, “I met Jeremy briefly in Atlantic City last year after his tight performance, and he was very laid back and personable. His crunchy guitar riffs on Blaster really brought new life to The Wildabouts. I give nothing but my deepest condolences to Brown’s friends and family.”

RIP Jeremy Brown


In an unprecedented move, Tool have shared a leak of new material that the band has been working on. The leak is not without controversy however as the band had the following to say about it via Facebook:

“This music leak is unsettling on many levels. First off, it truly sucks to have your unfinished music available on the interweb without your consent. And second, to have it immediately picked up by someone and released as their own work is infuriating. We don’t encourage anyone to listen to this leaked clip because it’s far from finished and it will spoil what’s to come. But if you absolutely must, then listen to both clips. These are practically identical. It’s a clear cut case of copyright infringement and plagiarism.” ‪#‎sueeverybody‬ ‪#‎marchthirtysecond‬

You can listen to the leaked track, entitled “Spreading It Like Herpes”, along with the track from the artist that Tool is claiming plagiarized them below:

New Tool leak:

Alleged rip-off version:


YouTuber Joey Siler has put up a new feline parody of Alice In Chains’ classic “Man In The Box.” The parody is appropriately titled “Cat In The Box” by the even more appropriately titled “Kitties In Chains”. Check it out below:

This article is in loving memory of William Patrick Corgan’s cat Sammi who passed away last week.


RIP Sammi

In an Alternative Nation exclusive, we have gathered exclusive comments from guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Guns N’ Roses/Art of Anarchy) after his controversial (well, awkward) interview with Alternative Nation. Thal actually took to my Facebook page to lash out about what took place. You can view the responses below:

Bumblefoot: “Dude, it was just a miscommunication. It was awkward for both of us. I could say the same about you but am totally understanding that you didn’t get the info you needed (even though it was sent but you didn’t receive it for whatever reason.) I thought we were both making the best of it, and I tried to offer things to talk about. Sorry it didn’t work out. Ron”

Bumblefoot: “PS – I’ve done about 100 interviews for this new album, this is the only one that ended up like this. Would be happy to try again when we’re not caught off guard.”

It should be noted that Bumblefoot and myself originally spoke after the interview took place via e-mail and we both left that it was all due to a massive misunderstanding due to the part of Bumblefoot’s publicist. What Bumblefoot is responding to, is a “vent-like” message after the interview was conducted on my personal Facebook page.

Alternative Nation owner Brett Buchanan was quite pleased with the interview, calling it “the modern day equivalent of Frost/Nixon.”

Reporter Doug McCausland said he had actually uncovered video footage of the interview. “Here is actual footage of Mike Mazzarone vs Bumble.”

You can purchase Bumblefoot’s new solo album Little Brother Is Watching today, and read Alternative Nation’s interview with him by clicking here.

Today I had the chance to interview Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal. While Bumblefoot touched on many topics including his relationship with Joe Satriani, Art of Anarchy, a potential Little Brother Is Watching world tour and his favorite GNR material, Ron was very hesitant to answer anything related to Guns N’ Roses.  I was able to get him to discuss his favorite GNR tracks and recording the “Pink Panther Theme,” but otherwise he said that talking about GNR would give him a headache.

Bumblefoot also discussed recording the Art of Anarchy album, and how Scott Weiland worked with the band, praising his work, but being unsure of his commitment to the band.  Thank you to MSL and GNRTruth for providing many questions.

Are you planning a Little Brother is Watching World Tour?

It’s possible. I would love to, I definitely want to, I need to, I should. However, first I want to nurture the album a little bit more, I want to put out more videos, I want to do more things to let people know that it exists so people can check out the music and get to know it. After that though, I would like to hit the road, all over the place.

What accomplished songwriters that you’ve worked with have influenced your solo work most?

(Laughs) Ones that I have worked with that have influenced me the most? Let me think. Accomplished, that I’ve worked with? There are accomplished songwriters that I haven’t worked with, and songwriters that I have worked with that weren’t accomplished at all! I would say the one person that has it all is Tony Harnell (of TNT), he writes beautiful melodies and definitely makes me think a bit more when it comes to vocal melody.

Is there any material you initially wrote for GNR that ended up on your album?

Yes, I had two songs, “Argentina” and “Don’t Know Who To Preach To Anymore” that when I first wrote them I left them unfinished and I was thinking that I could bring them to the table with GNR but I felt ultimately that both songs were better fits on my solo album.

A three part question here: What is your favorite original GNR song, your favorite Chinese Democracy song, and your favorite unreleased GNR song?

Did you get the memo about no GNR questions or no?

No sir, I was never informed of that.

Oh, well, I’m sorry, I’m not supposed to talk about GNR. I will answer this question but from here-on we cannot discuss GNR. It actually would be fucking fantastic if you skipped every question you had about them from here-on. It would save a lot of headache. However, my favorite original GNR song is “Don’t Cry”. For personal reasons, of course it’s a beautiful song but that was also a time during shows where I would play the solo, the fans would sing along and it was my own personal chance to connect with the audience and that made that song extra special for me.

As far as stuff off of Chinese, I would say “Shackler’s Revenge” because of all the crazy setlist stuff, two handed stuff and doing that wild singing, it kept me busy and out of trouble.

How much time did Scott Weiland spend writing and recording with you guys in the studio, and did it come off to you like he was committed to the band, or just doing it for the check?

(Sigh) Well, he started off and wrote one song with us, he did everything in his own studio and had Doug Grean, his former right hand man doing everything with him at his place. Scott did one song called “Til The Dust Is Gone” and it came out beautifully. In fact, it’s probably going to be one of the singles. We shot a video for it and then he agreed to do the whole album so he pretty much banged out really quickly, in about a month. Scott would just write, write, write & hand things over. It was great.
As far as getting inside of his mind or spread any sort of negative dirt, that I cannot get into or even tell you. That is not stuff that I can answer.

Have you considered doing guitar and vocals for Art of Anarchy if there is a tour and more albums after the debut is released?

I don’t think so, no, because Art of Anarchy was created as a supergroup. Meaning, it would have a singer with one background, me in there with another background…etc. I think that’s what made it special and if I take over vocal duties I would compare that to teaching a three legged dog to run. I would love to if Scott was willing to see it through but if he didn’t then I would love to find someone that would be willing to see it through.

What is the current status of Blowout-NYC? Any plans for more shows?

There is no status, that’s not happening. Yeah, we did one show and everyone is too busy doing other things so that’s just not going to happen.

Can you tell me about the recording session for the track “Pink Panther Theme.” I understand most members of GNR contributed with the exception of Axl.

That one, we actually played live and then I put it in my solos at my place. We did it live in California and then we took it live before we hit the road and I wrote my solos on it, spending around three weeks trying to transcribe it.

What was it like meeting Joe Satriani and playing with him? Do you have a favorite song of Satriani’s you like to play?

Joe is just a sweetheart, just a wonderful guy. We stay in touch, we see each other, whenever Chickenfoot would come into town I try and get over there and say hello. One of my favorites is “Always With You”. That song has such a beautiful melody and could go on forever and never stop being beautiful.

Wonderful track. Beautiful song, I would like to thank you for taking par-

Hey listen, do you have some actual questions for me about my solo album, or no? Anything of interest that you want me to tell you about, anything? Anything that doesn’t have to do with GNR or Scott Weiland?
Here, I’ll tell you something cool about the new album, one thing that was cool about it was that I really enjoyed the process. I had 100 fans and friends and we all met at a venue in Brooklyn. So, like this listening party but the album wasn’t finished yet. We played each song in the state that they were in at the time, talked about each song with a little Q&A talking about what each song was about as well as different things. I then showed everybody different parts to sing and we sang them together so the album has group vocals of about 100 different people chanting stuff and singing different stuff. That is something that I really wanted to do.

For me, albums I like including people that are actually going to be listening to the stuff and make them part of the process. To me that’s most special because it’s for everybody, not just for me.