Axl Rose Joining AC/DC Is Reportedly ‘All But A Done Deal’



Atlanta Radio 100.5 DJ Jason Bailey reported yesterday on his show, as transcribed by Alternative Nation, that a ‘very very good source’ is telling him that Axl Rose will indeed be joining AC/DC to front the band for the remainder of their tour. Alternative Nation first reported rumors of Rose touring with AC/DC on Monday.

“This is what I’m being told, Axl was meeting with the AC/DC group, because it’s all but a done deal that Axl will front AC/DC for the 10 remaining shows. All 10, including Atlanta.”

“From what I was told, this was all kind of new inside information to me, Angus is a very black and white guy. He’s like, Brian, for health reasons, can’t continue fronting the band. He was supposed to retire after the last tour, so they wanted to continue going out on the road and continue making music, so if you can’t do it, we appreciate your services, but the show must go on. They’re in town, they were auditioning people for the job, and then they flew Axl in, again, this is from my source.”


Axl Rose was spotted in Atlanta over the weekend, and according to MSL from GNRTruth, he was there for rehearsals, but not for Guns N’ Roses. While MSL’s tease on GNRTruth doesn’t specify what exactly Rose is rehearsing for, it has led to rampant speculation that the legendary Guns N’ Roses frontman could be one of AC/DC’s guest singers for their upcoming concerts.

AC/DC released the following statement earlier this month: “AC/DC are postponing the remaining dates of their U.S. tour because of lead singer Brian Johnson’s possible hearing loss. The band says in a statement that doctors have advised the ‘Back in Black’ singer to stop touring immediately or risk total hearing loss. The group’s shows beginning Thursday in Atlanta through April 4 in New York are being rescheduled for later in the year — likely with a guest vocalist. The group’s lone stop in Florida would have been Friday at the BB&T Center in Fort Lauderdale. AC/DC opened the most recent U.S. leg of its ‘Rock or Bust’ tour Feb. 2 in Tacoma, Washington.”

  • Thaddeus lovelock

    Actually AC/DC and Guns n Roses are quite similar musically.

    • GiorgiKobalava

      No, they are n`t. AC//DC makes bland and generic pub rock, everything sounds exactly the same. Guns N`Roses is more diverse and versatile. Axl & Co make ten times better music than AC/DC ever did.

      • Paul Howard

        Axel Rose’s voice is diabolical……they all should call it a day! Fuck me how much cash do u need Angus??

        • venusinfarse

          AC/DC sold the most amount of tickets last out of any artist. They’ll probably continue to be in the top 10 in sales if Angus continues. I can’t think of a better save than bringing in Axl for people holding tickets unless Angus will sing.

        • This Chic Over Here

          They more than likely couldn’t cancel the 10 remaining shows due to contract obligations. I’m just glad I didn’t buy tickets…It wasnt going to be the same without Malcolm…and now…ugh, they’re done!

      • TNT TNT

        Can you prove it’s “better”? No of course you can’t, you just are the usual pathetic type of poster who tries to pass his personal tastes as “objective”.

        • GiorgiKobalava

          LOL, AC/DC fans crying out loud calm your tits ladies, AC/DC is a good band for tone deaf people I mean it does n`t take a big talent to regurgitate High Voltage for 40+ years. I don`t give a shit how many albums Angus & Co gave released, they can put out 20 more for all I care they all will suck. Guns` is a better band in every way possible and if Axl will amke them slightly more tolerable if he deem them worthy to step in ad save their asses. Now retreat back into yuor basement and rock out on “Dirty Deed Done Dirt Cheap ” you wanker.

          • TNT TNT

            Ok, you’re an idiot.

          • dipstick10

            Axl’s voice is toast, have you seen the guy choke trying to sing Welcome to the Jungle? And no one can deny that, only a tone deaf person would say different. Axl is fortunate Angus Young might allow him on his stage. At 68 years old, Brian Johnson is a better man with still a stronger voice, Axl is not capable of filling his shoes anyone who thinks otherwise has a delusional disorder

          • This Chic Over Here

            Boom! They more than likely couldn’t cancel the 10 remaining shows due to contract obligations. I’m just glad I didn’t buy tickets…It wasnt going to be the same without Malcolm…and now…ugh, they’re done!

          • dipstick10

            Most likely I can understand the need for a temporary singer to finish the tour and Axl Rose would be acceptable for that . I am afraid Angus Young is going to try continue AC/DC afterwards and Brian Johnson deserves a fair opportunity to return. Without Malcolm it seems like they were carrying on in his honor, but to continue into the near future without Brian Johnson, it’s going to look strange and a little sad

          • This Chic Over Here

            Strange and sad indeed!

          • This Chic Over Here

            Oh has Axl been doing cardio lately? LOL
            He’s going to make a bigger mockery of himself than he already is!!
            He doesn’t have the pipes for his own hits, let alone him trying to fill Brian’s shoes!

          • GiorgiKobalava

            Looks like ladies are still crying anyway, I`m done here, I don`t have a time to argue with AC/DC dorks this performance is better than Brian Johnson`s entire existence

          • dipstick10

            Sorry Axl’s voice irritates. Brian Johnson’s voice has more depth and character, when it come to that song. It’s silly to argue because music is a preference, but it’s 10 times as silly to disrespect a great rock band like Ac/dc and spew praise for Axl Rose, who might be one of the most undeserving jerks in music history, regardless of talent not even his own bandmates would stomach him until the big payday came along

          • This Chic Over Here

            Well, I never said they were my favorite band, as they are one of many. But I’d rather see them retire than have Axl at the mic.
            And judging by your comment that this video is “better than Brian Johnson`s entire existence” ,LOL I’ll assume you’ve never seen AC/DC live. Oh and no one was arguing with you …its all subjective opinions. Yours is no more or less accurate than mine or anyone else’s.

          • Jacob Fair

            lol axls a thug ass punk and hes playin with acdc lol shits funny

          • Randy Vinson

            hahaha gnr put out two proper lps and fizzled out ok yeah right ac’dc 1973 still going and still put out good LPs there will never be another rock band as good as ac/dc

        • Randy Vinson

          no doubt ac/dc and nazareth are the blueprints for gnr anyway

      • dipstick10

        AC/DC are possibly the most fun rock band ever & have recorded some of the best rock songs and have endured, even the actual song Rock or Bust has more energy & balls than anything GnR is responsible for in the last decade in half, nothing against GnR they were well-rounded musically but they crumbled nearly 20 years ago

        • TNT TNT

          And AC/DC live were a thousand times better than Guns N Roses ever were. Heck, watch “Let There Be Rock – Live in Paris” and tell me when Guns N Roses were ever even close to putting up a show with as much energy as that one.

      • cmlukey

        Actually, AC/DC’s catalogue with Bon was quite diverse and interesting. Compare/contrast “Rosie”, “Riff-raff”, “Let Their Be Rock”, “Long Way To The Top”, “Highway to Hell”, “Ride On”, ect. I will give you that since “Back In Black” most of their music has been pretty vanilla.

        • TNT TNT

          When AC/DC started they were much, much MORE unique than Guns N Roses when the latter group started. AC/DC might not have been highly innovative, but very few bands sounded, looked and had an ‘attitude’ similar to AC/DC’s when they started. Guns N Roses on the other hand while they started with a great album (whose quality was never duplicated by them) brought absolutely NOTHING new to the table.

      • Jacob Fair

        ok how many albums has gnr sold? axl sounds and looks like a herion addic…axl will destroy acdc. gnr has their own thing acdc has theres. acdc is a power/working class attitude and gnr you just wana tell him to shutthe fuck up fuck axl

      • Eddie Yarler

        Thank you for saying this. There is more diversity and ingenuity in the four Guns N’ Roses albums than all seventeen AC/DC albums. I’m glad people like them, its great. AC/DC is extremely important, and relevant for rock’s popularity. However, Guns N’ Roses is so much better in every way. AC/DC’s frontmen weren’t lunatics, so I guess they got that, and longevity going for them.

      • Thaddeus lovelock

        True, AC/DC are pretty formulaic, however there are some similarities between the two bands. I think AC/DC was an influence overall on the Guns n roses sound. Especially on the first album. Axl is a fan, and has covered their music.

  • Hutttrash

    Come on, come on listen to the money talk.

  • Jimmy Intense

    Funny how when Bon Scott died, the band were about to break up before speaking with his family and ultimately decided it would be more honourable to continue the band.

    Looks like anyone in the band is expendable if the $ is right, including family.

    • Tellit Likeitis

      now you’re getting it

    • This Chic Over Here

      I’m sure they have to honor their contracts to finish the tour. This is going to be a mess!

      • Maui_Mike

        You nailed it, that is the entire reason, if they don’t fulfill their contract it would be a huge financial loss, all the venues and supporting crews are already booked, they are stuck with this situation, it may be insured, but it would still cost the band and promoters money I bet……they should find a Bonn Scott type singer somewhere in the world… how Judas Priest and Journey did, the latter sounds like Steve Perry totally…..and Tim Ripper Owens did a reasonable job for JP, I wish they would find a Scott copy….one has to exist.

    • Spencer Cunningham


  • Michael Griffey II

    They should just hire me. I even have the cool hat like Brian Johnson.

  • Raj

    I’m intrigued to see if Axl can pull off AC/DC songs, either he will totally botch them or do them justice. It’s not easy to sing like Bon Scott or Brian Johnson. According to setlistfm, GNR has covered Whole Lotta Rosie 117 times and Riff Raff 54 times on tour.

    • This Chic Over Here

      He’s going to make these shows a parody. He cant pull this off in my opinion!

    • Matthew Nicholas Higson
      • reality

        Horrible. A song without any range, and he still struggles. And that band…jesus, could they lack any more emotion/groove/soul? No mistakes, but completely lifeless. Love all the people sitting in their seats…guess they were bored too.

        • Matthew Nicholas Higson

          I actually prefer this band than the original for live performances, Axl does struggle these days. But I really like this version. Even so if this is true it’s only for 10 shows and he might be back on form with the Reunion coming up i expect he’s rehearsing a lot more and he’s had a 2 year break from touring. We’ll just wait and see!

      • Que
        • Mike

          This….this is horrible! Just awful!

      • Ronnie Yocum

        yeah….that SUX!!!!

  • Mario Grisanti

    What is the Krokus guy up to nowadays? His schedule can’t be that busy.

    • Tellit Likeitis

      Marc Storace from Krokus is currently touring. He has a very busy schedule actually.

      • Gary Keifer

        OK, how about the Rhino Bucket guy?

        • Randy Vinson

          he would be perfect dude

        • Ha, that was my exact thought when reading the article

    • @tbturdsday

      NAZARETH dude. If still alive

      • Paul M.

        He’s in very ill health too, they had to replace him as well in Nazareth!

  • P.K. White

    This is ridiculous. The Young Family Juggernaut would never put up with Axl. Not gonna happen.

    • Randy Vinson


    • Spencer Cunningham

      100% Lies n Bullshit story. Axls Bullshit & horrible voice is NOT going to be dealt with by the quiet but LEAD Attraction on the AC DC Stage .. PA Leeeezzzzz!!!

    • This Chic Over Here

      Ross Young, the son of co-founding AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young, has confirmed that recent stories of Guns N’ Roses vocalist Axl will join AC/DC for the remaining 10 US tour dates.

  • Steven Ray White

    WOW! This should be really interesting… SMH

  • Steven Ray White

    Why don’t they just recruit the Krokus singer, he’d be perfect. “Tonight Long Stick goes Boom” & “American Woman” would fit right perfect in the AC/DC set.

  • Scott Cranidge


  • It seems like an odd mix and I really don’t like the idea of Axl singing for AC/DC but there is a part of me that thinks this will be kind of cool. I still think that going on without Brian is disrespectful to him after he’s been the guy for 36 years. Its not like when Bon died after he was in the band for 6 years. I think they should just cancel the shows and retire. There is no need for the band to tarnish their reputation this late in their career. They have given their fans exactly what they have want for 40 years. Why change now?

    • This Chic Over Here

      They may not be able to cancel due to contract obligations. But I’m thinking its over once they do these 10 shows.

    • Jim Birnie

      I think the same, but part of me also thinks they should hire a bunch of singers for the remaining 10 shows then call it a career. Maybe one day Brian will come back to do a final send off show or 2 and allow this legendary band the closure it deserves.

  • burn out

    Complete crap.

  • Greg Van Gordon

    Mark Tornillo from accept would be a good fit.

  • Jacob Fair

    i just cant picture it axl a angry thug looking dumass playing with one of the best rock and roll bands thats still playing for over 35 years just is not right. i love acdc life long fan but gota call it quits sometime whynot now before axl makes it even worse.

    • This Chic Over Here

      Contract obligations! There couldn’t be any other reason to bring hasbeen Axl to the stage!

      • Jacob Fair

        i agree on the contract obligation but they can easily say were done before they go with axl i mean comeon…if anyone i would say dave evans bon scotts back up from the70s

  • I.R.S.

    This is as likely as Obama standing up to ISIS. Total bull[$]h1t!

    • Cranky Crab

      Give it a rest, Warehouse Worker

  • tuck358

    How about Brian Johnson making the decision himself on whether or not he wants to finish the tour? All we’ve heard is what the doctor recommended. I haven’t read anything saying Brian was stopping. Let Brian decide. If he wants to quit that’ll leave just one of the original and one of the beast original. That’s no longer AC/DC.

    I spent a lot of money to get a prime seat. I don’t want that loser Axl Rose to front the group. If you’re going to be crazy to hire him then I would suggest they get that 35 year old lady from Spain. She sounds more like the AC/DC sound.

    • Anonymous501

      Yah.. I like GNR, and I’ll probably go if the renunion tour comes this way, but if I bought an AC/DC and they replace the singer (after already replacing the dummer and bassist), I’d want the option to get a refund. Personally I’d be intrigued as to what an AXL front AC/Dc would like like… I’d probably go like a moth flies to flame, but I’d understand people feeling ripped off.

      It was only 10 days. Why not cancel or postpone. See if Brian can get better. If he can’t then maybe call it a day. If Angus is the only guy left, it’s time to hang them up. Is he broke?

      • Jeff Delk

        They didn’t replace the bassist. They replaced Malcolm. He was the rhythm guitarist.

        • Patt Facteau

          Cliff Williams is not the original bassist, I think the original was mark evens, but not positive

    • Paul M.

      If it’s a medical thing Brian needs to take the advice. As far as singers goes there are a number of guys that could do a lot better than Axl, He sucks as well as his group! Like comparing a great hard rock Band compared to a shitty 80’s hair band. ACDC did a great job getting their second lead singer, they should do the same this time because there are guys out there with a husky voice that could pull it off and many others who should never attempt it!

  • Jim Birnie

    Interesting…hopefully Axl is on good shape including his voice to sing period. If so, he could pull it off for sure.

  • chris

    God I hope not, Axl will walk off during the middle of the show

  • Randy Vinson

    the lead singer of rhino bucket should be considered he sounds quite like bon scott

  • Jeff Allen Jones

    I Call Bullshit On This!

    • Spencer Cunningham

      100% right !!!

  • Matt

    one of my favorite bands with my all time most hated ‘singer’. *vomit*

  • downloadaddict

    I’d ask for my money back if I paid to see AC/DC and ended up having to listen to Axl destroy their music. 0_O

  • Welder Ray

    Cinderella’s front man, Tom Keifer, is 100 times better vocal match to Brian than Axl could ever hope to be. Just my opinion after following AC/DC for the past 35 years.

    • Spencer Cunningham

      Great insight !!!

    • Kenny Hensley

      He sounds like Gonzo.

      • Welder Ray

        If you’ve ever heard Cinderella live you’d agree Tom Keifer is the best established front man to fill in for Brian Johnson. Axl Rose’s voice is to lady like for the job.

        • Kenny Hensley

          Sorry…I have heard Cinderella live, and I respectfully disagree.

  • Spencer Cunningham

    FIRST of all Anyone with 1/2 a brain should know that this is ALL a Lie … from the VERY Beginning with the “hearing loss” Bullshit!! .. Thats NOT the reason Brian is OUT! … The “Young’s” like the Van Halen’s are Shewed business men.. Its their way or the Highway “to Hell.” & Brian fucked up & Thats it .. Just like drummer Phil Rudd. Ive seen AC/DC 30 times & Would NOT go to their Coachella “show or their recent Tour .. Cuz Just like the upcoming G n’R Tour that is NOT Guns & Roses .. Its going to be the “Heres a couple of Fucks from the old band” Show… with some cling ons thrown in. & You will be ABLE to FEEL the HATRED on stage & lack of chemestry between Axl & slash & The entire “band” .. No Adler & No Izyy .. Fuck, That in No way will achieve music.. no way .. & AC / DC on stage WITHOUT Malcom Young, Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd … Pleassse!!! Horror show … I LOVED My 30 shows but like i said , I had NO Interest in burning my eyes with the torture of my hero Gasping for air as a 60 year old man …& If you talk shit at ALL about how ” Wonderful” or Amazing he was on THIS tour. I will immediately upload a video of WTF AC DC WAS & you will shut it. RIP AC/DC & G n’R

    • Welder Ray

      Excellent point, Bon Scott was the birth of AC/DC , Brian Johnson is the teen, young adult, and now the retirement home era begins with (ugh) Axl Rose.

    • This Chic Over Here

      I’m with ya! I’ve seen them 20 times over the years, But I didn’t buy tickets for this tour because I didnt want to see them without Mal….and now this?? Oh jezuz. Can you say “Parody”.
      I saw Skynard last summer, well , let me rephrase that, I saw “what was left of” Skynard last summer….The show was good, but it wasnt the same as the shows of the old days…I guess us old rockers better get used to seeing our favorite bands entering the geriatric phase….Im covering my eyes!

      • Spencer Cunningham

        Yes I too after Decades of saying I absolutely would never.. Decided to see Lynyrd Skynyrd last year’s or the year before when they toured and came to the Orange County fairgrounds.. I already know that brother man is not even close as far as I’m concerned too being able to fill the shoes of a legend when singing but.. I have to tell you I enjoyed every second of the show. It was professional the guitarists were awesome and although you can tell the original member sorry I forgot his name with the long gray hair and the guitar was the only original member, the show rocked and I had a good time.. I can even tell you as well that a long time reluctant and well just fucking reluctant.. To ever endorse or go see tribute bands person that I have been… Well I have been going.. And I can recommend a few if you ever get to that point one is Led Zep again. Fucking amazing fucking amazing. And they imported their guitarist from Japan Jimmy yep.. Jimmy LOL. Also bonfire. Their singer is not only dead on as far as singing and mannerisms.. He looks exactly like him.. It’s terrifying he should be doing the duties now and taking over for AC/DC. I personally know Malcolm Young’s son.. I just saw something below that said he said Axl Rose is going to sing to them. I also I also know that he has a condition where he is a little slow. I don’t know if any of this is true I tried to contact him but. It doesn’t really matter to me it would just be double the reasons not to fucking see AC/DC.. LOL unless it was close by I had a limo they’re filled with booze and women and fun and well this show would just be in the background I suppose.

  • Billy Bushey

    What about Ripper Owens? Did JP justice when Halford split. Has the range and the stage presence.

    • Sam

      My first idea as well. Axl can’t do this 2 hours, let alone 10 times in a row.

  • burn out

    Zero chance of this happening.

  • Lionel Albert

    Good god let this be the last tour….Axel Rose? May as well destroy AC DC’s reputation as well…

  • chrizmyller

    How about Udo Dirksneider?

  • Felonious Punk

    Fat Axl says:

  • Rick Nielson

    Meatloaf was unavailable?

    • This Chic Over Here

      Yes, he’s currently touring 🙂

  • Georg Dolivo (Rhino Bucket), Joel O’Keeffe (Airbourne) or Tom Keifer (Cinderella) would all be better choices over Axl. I do find it hard to believe they would choose Axl.

  • Stephen Blevins

    They should get the guy from Krokus

  • Dave Ostrowski Gallant
  • @tbturdsday

  • Billy Littlehill

    I didn’t even know the Chipmonks gave him the boot

  • Billy Littlehill

    Did the Chipmonks give him the boot too?

  • ctrippp

    How much you wanna bet he’s gonna try and slide sweet child o mine into the encore…… 🙁

  • Thaddeus lovelock

    I actually think Axl, (if he is in form) will do the songs justice. He was brought up on Ac/DC and he is a hard Rock singer. Guns n Roses are quite similar to AC/DC, after all. But I don’t see this as long term thing. Just a temporary fill in. IT seems like Ac/dc are at the end of the road. A band can’t permanently replace a singer at this point in their career, easily.


    Let’s just hope he shows up!!

  • Ricky Rose

    I’m not sure why they haven’t tapped Jesse James Dupree from Jackyl or whoever he’s playing with now. Dudes a ringer.

  • Del Brewer

    They need to get the comedian, Jim Breuer. He sounds just like Brian Johnson.

  • Javier Gutierrez

    Everybody, AC/DC Fans please take a moment of your time listening and put all your attention on this video. Please focus and listen to the whole song and watch the actual video please.

    This is not a cover band or tribute band. This is a performance of “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” by real good musicians, they are already known.

    Listen to the singer, his voice is between Brian Johnson and Bon Scott. He can easily pull off AC/DC songs. He is not a cheap impersonator of Bon Scott, Brian Johnson wanna be. He has his own style, its his clean voice, he sounds nature and not forced and fake which can fill and it can work in AC/DC music.

    But not only his voice but look at his persona, he got the attitude and the experience to fill big stages, and he already did filled big stages.

    I already seen a lot of suggestions like krokus and angry anderson, etc

    But CONSIDER this, like Eddie Trunk said, that would be a dinosaur act. its not 80’s anymore. Thats a POINT, a FACT. Who know who are those singers nowadays? The audience is younger. most of them didn’t exist when these singers where on the scene.

    I know they are good but they don’t have the mainstream AC/DC has.

    Now with Corey he can help expand AC/DC music to the whole new generations. He is not the best or the only one, but he can do the job. Its far better than that fucked up Axl Rose, even John Lydon can be interesting or kid rock haha.

    And last but not least hope you enjoy the video John 5 hit every dam high note on that guitar perfectly.

  • Javier Gutierrez

    The only one who can replace Brian Johnson is The King Elvis.

    He Definitely Totally Nailed It

  • Patrick Bohler

    I nominate Joan Jett.

  • Rick

    Please tell me this just an early April’s Fools joke.

  • Julio Canales Hernandez

    AXL sucks big time, not even a shadow of voice of what he was back in the 90’s .. I WONT SEE AC/CD WITH THIS DIVA ASSHOLE who like to make people wait for hours to hear his sorry fucked up voice… I love AC/DC but…FUCK AXL!!!.. just get a regular John Doe with good vocals and that’s it