Axl Rose & Mickey Rourke Mocked For Bizarre New Fight Photo


Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose and Mickey Rourke were recently photographed together at Staples Center for the Wilder vs. Fury boxing fight. The photo has spread on Twitter, and people have bizarrely started mocking the rock and film legends. They’re survivors and aging, that’s a good thing! If they died young would they be celebrated by these idiots?

Axl Rose has a longtime connection to the film industry, which Rourke has been a longtime fixture in. Guns N’ Roses songs have been featured in numerous films over the years, and Rose recently told Atlas Magazine that he’d be interested in scoring a movie.

“Listening to movie soundtracks is a big thing for me. When you listen to stuff like Pirates Of The Caribbean and you get that blend of orchestra and modern instrumentation – it’s very clever. I have a lot of respect for the guys who do that. It is something that I would like to do at some point in the future.”

He also said Queen, who are featured in the new film Bohemian Rhapsody, are the greatest band of all time.

“For me, it’s easy – Queen is the greatest band and Freddie [Mercury] is the greatest frontman of all time. The band are the greatest because they embraced so many different styles.”

  • Suicide_Note

    Geez, Mickey used to be such a handsome guy. Dude went way, waaaaay overboard with the plastic surgery. Yikes! 😬

    • HippieChic61

      Right! He was a hottie! They both look hit!

      • dakotablue

        Mickey was hit, literally. He left acting to professionally box for a few years and had to get his face repaired.

        • Andy Freeman

          gimme a break, didn’t think anyone was still falling for that bullshit…

    • sharkguitar

      Rumblefish was a great movie. How about some articles about Stan Ridgeway? That cat is definition of Alternative.

  • sharkguitar

    It’s articles like this that make me glad I’m not rich and famous. Rich is good enough.

  • WhatsInAName

    Mickey & Axl lucky to have survived the 80s. Now they gotta deal with shallow 20-somethings commenting on how they’ve aged. Welcome to the new millenium!

    • Fahad Javaid

      You’re in the new millennium, baby! You’re gonna die!

  • Lazarus

    They do look like middle-aged lesbians.

  • ellie

    LMAO at what some those ppl wrote.

  • Christopher Zeitz

    I think it’s just sad! Axl was like my hero back in the day. And the audacity that both of them have to still try and wear make up on top of it!! Why?
    MR used to be a really good lookin dude, but yes, he looks like he performed his plastic surgeries himself, with a dinner knife.
    Axl still has a chance to bring it back a little bit, but he has to let go of the burritos and cake and at least do more running on stage!

  • Cunt Fuckula

    That VisuallyBetter one 😂😭😂

  • MC

    I didn’t know Mickey Rourke was married to Bruce Caitlyn Jenner.

  • Dan

    One looks like a grandmother, the other a great great great GREAATTTT grandmama