Bandmate Reveals Size Of Marilyn Manson’s Penis


Ex-Marilyn Manson keyboardist Madonna Wayne Gacy (aka Pogo) linked to Alternative Nation’s article yesterday about him making jokes about Marilyn Manson’s balls after a fake news article was released claiming he’d lost his testicles during his on stage accident at the Hammerstein Ballroom on Saturday.

Gacy sarcastically wrote, “Just to be completely clear, I never made fun of the size of his penis, although he does have a narrow urethra and a pencil dick.”

Note that Jenna Jameson claimed Manson is ‘massively endowed’ in her book. An Alternative Nation reader named Arch commented, “You can see Manson’s dick in Honcho Magazine and a shadow of it in his latest video. It’s thick and a decent size.”

Gacy added, “Seriously, I said it before, I want to thank this person. There is no such thing as bad press.”

“I don’t know how many photo shoots and interviews we did with Alternative Nation, but they never quoted me that much when I was in the band.”

A commenter mentioned that he paid tribute to Manson’s father when he passed away.

“Either way it is irrelevant, people need to sell magazines, and that s*** doesn’t sell.”

A commenter then brought up Holy Wood (In The Shadow of the Valley of Death).

Gacy wrote, “That record wasn’t that good compared to the previous two.”

“It started the downward slippery slope into a Gothic self-fulfilling prophecy.”

“Additionally, that record sold less than the previous one as well as opening at a lower number, which was the first time we went down a notch.”

  • nomad

    This guy clearly didn’t evolve past 5th grade.

  • Kay B

    I don’t believe MM had a big penis however it takes someone with a smaller penis to make fun of someone with a small penis. Make sense?

  • Karma

    So cute that Phteven is trying to stay relevant. A two second Google image search proves that he’s a liar. This “man” pretty much does nothing anymore but auction off band memorabilia on eBay. He hates Manson so much that he still uses the name that he gave him.

    Shut up, Phteven.

  • agentboolen

    Holywood is my 3rd favorite MM album. Yes it’s behind Antichrist and Mechanical but it was still very good. The Nobodies is one of my favorite MM songs. Also did he forget about Portrait of the American family? Timeline wise is seems like he’s mentioning Antichrist and Mechanical.

  • Shell Cooper

    Jealous much? Why are you crying? You’re no longer in the band, let it go.

  • Ranting Hippy

    Seriously, who hasn’t seen Marilyn Manson’s penis?

    • ALittleBitOfSomething

      But you can be a “grower not a shower” or look big but not grow. Most guys with big ones think it’s “enough” to lie there; smaller guy’s tend to put in more effort and tend to be better, imo.