Barrett Martin And Jack Endino Join New Band, To Release New Album And Documentary Soon

Barrett Martin and Jack Endino have formed a group called “7 Kinds of Monkeys” with two Brazilian musicians, Amaro Lima and Ricardo Mendes. The Facebook page for the group says that the two Americans and two Brazilians took “one week to form a band, compose and record an album” while “living together in a small apartament in Seattle.” The band also says that a new album and documentary are coming soon.
You can watch a teaser of the band’s upcoming documentary:

  • Fuzhi

    Sounds very promising. Their first single “Search for gold”, which are featured in the teaser, can also be heard here:

  • bon3z

    Brazilians? What’s next? Belorussians?

  • the barking branches

    hey bon3z

    do i sense a little xenophobia there in you comment?

  • Is he one?

    Feels like racism to me^

  • Deviate

    Could be interesting.

  • WesCaddle

    Little bones- the tragically hip