Photo courtesy of Lance Mercer.

Mad Season recently released the new track “Locomotive” featuring Mark Lanegan, which will be included in the upcoming Above deluxe box set due April 2, 2013. Barrett Martin has now revealed new details about “Locomotive” and the upcoming box set in a Facebook post.

Martin says that he recorded the song “Locomotive” with Mike McCready and John Baker Saunders in 1996, while working on a potential second Mad Season record. Lanegan wrote lyrics and sang on three songs for the new box set, and these songs act as a tribute to both Layne Staley and John Baker Saunders. Martin states that “there is no other singer in the world but Mark who could have sung these songs in the way that Layne would have intended” and that Staley and Lanegan “understood each other better than anybody.” Peter Buck of R.E.M. also co-wrote and contributed guitar to one of the new tracks in 1996.

Martin also reveals that the original Above album has not been altered for the new box set, and that the new songs serve only as a tribute to their friends Staley and Saunders. An essay written by Martin about the “the healing power of music,” the production of Above, and the magical period of Mad Season will be included in a booklet in the box set.

Read the rest of Barrett Martin’s new Facebook post here.

  • Kurt Cobain

    Great article Paul. Stay frosty.


    Great article Paul. I’m glad Lanegan is singing for me. -Layne



  • Mia

    I’m looking forward to getting this box set both for the new tracks, the new Live at the Moore DVD and the booklet. I’m sure it will be an interesting read.

  • Maverick785

    Thank god they didn’t go back and give Above an unnecessary remaster. This is shaping up to be one hell of a release.

  • Boom

    Who gives a fuck. I thought we were done with the junkie music. Mad season was a pile of shit in the 90’s and will sound the same now. Fucking junkie cash grabs.

    Oh and to Kurt Cobain above, you are not Kurt so quit acting like it, he was a junkie piece of shit too.

  • Krist Chris Cantrell

    Wow. Hey Boom, you’re pretty angry. So either you listen to rap (zzzzz) or death metal (zzzzz). Well, regardless of the answer….your mothers a whore and I fucked her sideways and made her a sandwich and then I beat her silly.

  • YourMomsPenis

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  • Iso

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  • 90’s Child

    Boom-If you don’t like Mad Season then skip the article dick head

  • GenXLady

    Usually the pissing contests on here can be pretty lame, but for some reason, Iso, your rants often make me chuckle with the what shall we say…artful way you term things.

    And to the Boom poster, maybe you would be better suited to visit a different site.

  • chris

    Hell yes! One major release I’m actually looking forward to. For some reason, my old copy of “Above” has been out of pocket for months, like right when I wanted to turn my girlfriend on to that record’s magic. Found out about this and decided to hold off until it comes out.

    Anterior to the comment about the original LP not being “altered” in any way for the reissue, I wonder if it will feature the little McCready/Staley guitar duo bit that was on some of the pressings early on. I believe it was listed as “Interlude” on said pressings. Somehow I found an MP3 of it and really enjoy listening to it; very calming and would be a nice bridgegap somewhere.

    Looking mucho forward to this! I never expected this to be a reissue of this magnitude, and don’t want to sound all “but what about?” but I’m wondering if any footage was shot during the making of this record in the studio? That’d be cool to see, also.

  • chuck shaq

    This was great. Kind of wish Mad Season would reunite for a tour. Got much respect for Mark. His last one was really adventurous with the electronics. This guy has kept it real the entire time.

  • Abe Froman

    I am really excited for this release…. I haven’t heard Locomotive yet, I want to wait until I get the album.

    I would love a reunion tour, I think Lanegan can and will do it justice, and apparently Barrett Martin agrees. Cash grab or not, I could give a shit. Above is one of my all time favorite albums.

    Fuck the haters.