Barrett Martin Talks Mad Season, New Mark Lanegan Album, And More

Barrett Martin has revealed news in a recent Facebook post regarding new Mad Season, new Mark Lanegan, and more. Martin first revealed that he recently recorded a Jimi Hendrix song with Mike McCready, recorded by Jimi Hendrix/Led Zeppelin producer Eddie Kramer. Secondly, he revealed that he “got to play on the new Mark Lanegan album” but did not specify whether this new album was Mark Lanegan’s upcoming collaboration with Duke Garwood or a rumored new solo album by Lanegan.

Next, Martin mentioned that he is currently working on an instrumental soundscape album with Mike McCready, and that McCready also played on the new Walking Papers album, which was recorded last September.

Lastly, Martin mentioned that he and McCready are preparing the release of the Mad Season box set for April 2nd, 2013. Martin revealed that the first single “Locomotive,” featuring Mark Lanegan, will be released to the radio soon. A link will be posted by Martin when the song goes streaming live.

  • Ben

    Sweet… new single soon! Was not expecting to hear anything just yet, but I guess it isn’t really that long until the re-release date. Can’t wait to hear this!

    Also looking forward to hearing this Martin/Mccready project – sounds interesting…. and the Jimmt Hendrix song. Also looking forward to hearing new Mark Lanegan.

    Bring it on!

  • Mark

    Nothing but Good News in this Article!!!! Sweet!!!!

  • Mia

    Wasn’t expecting a single to be released for the Mad Season box set, that’s pretty cool. Can’t wait to hear the song!

  • YUMMyyyyyy

    :-* :-* B-)

  • Lennart

    Great great news. Also, new Lanegan album already? Bring it on!

  • Locomotive
  • Mia


    Thanks for the tip off on the preview! Sounds awesome, can’t wait to hear the whole song. Songs pretty rockin’.

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  • Paul Kneitz

    Thanks for the tip

  • Christine

    the Mad Season box set for April 2nd, 2013. Martin revealed that the first single “Locomotive,” featuring Mark Lanegan….

    …. marks calendar!

  • Christine

    Hey, new Mudhoney comes out April 2 (so says my calendar).

    Gonna be a good day.