BETWEEN THE RAIN Make Alternative Heavy Again



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One of the latest hard rock outfits to emerge from the boiling pot that is the New York City music scene is Bronx’s BETWEEN THE RAIN, consisting of vocalist/guitarist Tim Donlon, bassist Victoria Rothman, and drummer Xavier Martinez. A decade in the making, Between the Rain’s debut E.P., Skin, is available now on most digital media formats, and you can check out their lead single, “Mudroom”, below. What follows is an interview with Victoria, Xavier, and Tim, laying the groundwork of the band’s musical ambitions: their guitar-based sound is a breath of fresh air in the modern synth-pop one hit wonder landscape of mainstream rock.

Can you tell us a bit about how you guys got started?

TIM: In Boston I started performing shows with a laptop as a backing track with prerecorded drums and bass. Then, the band was more of a concept. I moved to New York City in 2007 and started looking for the perfect bass player and drummer… enter Victoria and Xavier. They replaced the bass and drum parts with their own style.

What was it like being part of the NYC scene? 

VICTORIA: It feels like scenes are hard to come by. In most places, they’re dwindling because nobody goes to as many shows anymore. YouTube, Facebook, and Netflix are hard to compete with when it keeps people from leaving the house. We’ve played with some awesome bands like Jump For The Sails, Mama Doom, the Necktie Straits, Riffhanger, and CloudMinder, but we don’t know many bands personally. We certainly aim to be instrumental in scaring up a scene, but it feels like it’ll take some doing.

Who are some of your biggest musical influences? 

VICTORIA: Though we all have eclectic tastes, you can hear a lot of influence from 90’s bands in our sound. STP, Tool, Queens of the Stone, and Chevelle are a few that stand out.

Tell me a bit about your first single, “Mudroom”. 

XAVIER: We wrote “Mudroom” in a Brooklyn rehearsal space on the fly.

TIM: It’s about technology having negative effects coupled with its inherent benefits.

What can listeners who enjoy “Mudroom” expect from BETWEEN THE RAIN in the future? 

TIM: It’s pretty boundless. We have plans to tour and write a full-length album and we’re definitely looking forward to it!

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