Billy Corgan Reveals Hilarious Argument With ‘Blonde Elephant In The Room’ D’arcy


Billy Corgan discussed meeting his former Smashing Pumpkins bandmate D’arcy Wretzky in a new interview on It’s Electric with Lars Ulrich. He said he met her and they began arguing after a Dan Reed Network concert, and that the argument has never ended, a reference to their recent feud over Corgan only offering D’arcy a guest role on the Shiny and Oh So Bright tour. Alternative Nation transcribed Corgan’s comments.

“The story is we were both at this show, and I came out. It was a hot night, you go out in the street and it’s cool kind of thing. I heard this person talking behind me saying that they loved the show, and I didn’t like the show at all. I just had a visceral reaction, I just didn’t like the show. It’s not because I thought the band sucked, I wouldn’t have been there if I thought the band sucked because I had the record.

I just didn’t like the show for whatever reason. I heard this person saying it, and I turned around and it was her, and in our first moment of knowing each other, we got into an argument. It’s a true story. Here we are, and the argument has not ended.”

“James [Iha] and I were already playing, and she said she was in a band, which to this day I don’t know if it was or wasn’t true, because I never saw a gig, and I never saw anybody. But she said she was in a band, so she came over, and the next thing you know she’s in a band. It was the three of us for awhile before Jimmy [Chamberlin] joined.”

Later in the interview Lars referred to D’arcy as the ‘white elephant in the room.’ Corgan jokingly responded that she was the ‘blonde elephant in the room.’

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