Billy Corgan Reveals If Smashing Pumpkins Could Record Reunion Album


Billy Corgan discussed the rumored Smashing Pumpkins original lineup reunion in a new Team Rock interview. He said he is interested in being ‘creative again,’ hinting at an interest in new material if the Pumpkins reunite.

“The tabloidian version of ‘Will it? Won’t it?’ I’m not in that game – I’m in the, ‘Hey, I’m all for it.’

“I don’t have anything to defend, or push aside, it’s none of that. I do hope that whatever it is, it would ring to the public as authentic and well-intended.

“As I’ve said a few times publicly that I’m interested in the band being creative again.

“Playing shows is fine – I’m totally cool with the idea that if you come see some iteration of Pumpkins 5.0, it’ll be focused on the ’90s era of work.

“It’ll be a real celebration – we’ll get the closure we never had.

“And a 22-year-old who has only ever heard about the myth can come and see it in some form. I think we’d still be fine.

“But me personally, I’m really interested in being creative again.

“I think there’s a space for us to fit where nobody is inhabiting, and that’s very attractive to me because our skill set is quite dangerous in this environment, and I really like that.”