Billy Corgan Reveals If William DuVall Deserves To Replace Layne Staley


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan discussed William DuVall replacing Layne Staley in Alice In Chains in a new Instagram story Q&A.

Opinion on Alice In Chains with William DuVall?

“William is fantastic.”

How do you feel about the band L7?

“Much respect for them.”

Fan of Tori Amos?


Do you think rock music will ever be mainstream again?

“No. And thank God for all the mainstream touches it spoils.”

What’s this new LP going to sound like?

“Like the grating sounds of your mind coming to a half followed by the exhale of a butterfly.”

What’s your favorite planet, mister WPC?


Is there a God?

“Your faith to ask is to confirm.”

Favorite Disneyland area?

“Toon Town. Actually it should be cut off and cast in the sea.”

Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin recently wrote on Instagram about the band’s Madison Square Garden show.

“Soundcheck at @thegarden incredible show last night by my incredible band mates. This show meant so much to me in so many ways. All I can say is that one circle ⭕️ is now complete and onward we go. Our lives are only ever limited by our thoughts and how those thoughts manifest into feelings. As my brother @williampcorgan said -“we are just getting started”. I will wholeheartedly second that emotion.”

  • Olga Stewart

    ‘What’s this new LP going to sound like?

    “Like the grating sounds of your mind coming to a half followed by the exhale of a butterfly.”’

    Billy, would it be too much to ask if you could answer questions in a way that doesn’t smack of being really weird?

    • Katie

      I thought the same thing, although I do give him credit for his descriptive use of the English language. lol

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    • Katie


      This is The GwynnKatie. It is really you? I’ve missed your posts so much, and wondered what happened to you… I hope all is well.

      Now I consider myself to be one of The People of Boom, but I am afraid we will have to agree to disagree, ok? Brett implied in the headline the BC gave his opinion on whether or not WD deserves to replace LTS. So when the question was asked “What do you think of William Duvall?” He said “William is fantastic.” – hence – a positive response regarding Will.

      I don’t ever remember you trashing The Young Brett… so I’m hoping this isn’t somebody robbing the original (one and only) Boom’s profile and just using it to trash Brett.

      Anyway if it is indeed you… welcome back! 🙂

      Now go rock the fuck out to Pink Floyd’s *Meddle*.

      Peace Out – Katie

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          • Katie

            I concur. Come back and say hello now and again Boom.
            You were missed.

          • Corndog

            Absolutely. The site is always better with a little bit of Boom! You too Katie. Very nice to see you back as well:)

          • Katie

            Thanks Corndog. 🙂 But if I disappear again, it’s just the pressures of work… no time, etc. And I have a Blackberry – not a Smart Phone.
            Yes… I am The Dinosaur Woman. lol

          • Corndog

            Not to worry. I only got rid of my (still functional) VCR about 2 years ago:)

          • Olga Stewart

            I have a 33 year old ghetto blaster that still works.

            I also have a 23 year old WALKMAN that still works.

          • Corndog

            Ghetto blasters!! That’s a blast from the past, pun intended;)

            Do you remember in the 80’s, folks walking around a ghetto blaster in one hand and a piece of linoleum in the other so that they could breakdance on it when the notion took them? God the 80’s were weird!

          • Olga Stewart

            I remember the ghetto blasters.

            Not the linoleum though.

            Though, I would not be surprised by that being carried around as there were people who performed break dancing.

          • Corndog

            Yeah exactly. It was during the whole breakdance craze. For those dancing emergencies when you simply must have some lino so you can spin on your butt:)

          • Olga Stewart

            Ha ha!

          • Katie

            And I bet that ghetto blaster plays cassette tapes and sounds better than any crap plastic CD player available for sale today. 🙂

          • Olga Stewart

            Yes, I think it does. :).

        • Katie

          Boom, as always you tell it like it is. Again we will agree to disagree.
          I can tell The Boom likes The Punk Rock.

          So just for you, after my lunch break, I’m listening to *I’m Sick of You”, which is my favorite Iggy and the Stooges tune.

          Peace 🙂

      • Corndog

        Wait, you were GwynnKatie? Why am i only realising this now? Or perhaps i did and then forgot. Given the state of my memory these days, that’s very possible:) So you’ve been around since the Grunge Report days!

        • Katie

          Heh. I don’t believe I ever said anything about it. I’m sorry I wasn’t trying to deceive anyone. And yes… I have been around since the Grunge Report days (at least 9-10 years now). I vehemently argued against the *No Layne – No Chains* crowd, hopefully that has sorted itself out.

          But I still respect die-hard Layne Thomas Staley fans, as I am one of them, much the same way you are a die-hard Pearl Jam fan. <3

          • Corndog

            Nothing to be sorry about. I should have put two and two together! Do you also perchance have a YouTube channel with that same name?

            Layne was a great singer to be sure. I’m not a massive fan of Alice, but I do like them. Such a shame what happened to him.

          • Katie

            Yes I do. And the kid on the guitar is my son… Although that was about ten years ago. He still plays when he can but Andrew is married now with children, works four 10-hour shifts on 3rd at the local Trauma Center.
            He is gifted, but of course that’s Mom talking… 🙂

          • Corndog

            Sounds like your son would get along with KayB here on the site. I believe that she is a trauma surgeon or something similar.

  • Kooler Than Jesus

    What’s your favorite planet, mister WPC?


    Was this Billy trying to be funny?

    • Katie

      Yes. I believe he was… lol

  • Dave Id

    Has Billy Corgan become a roaming correspondent for If he has, he needs to ask relevant questions and get s answers to what is posted as in the headline for the article. This post is similar to Billie’s post last week about what he thought about Layne Staley, “He was great.” Now we get “William is fantastic.” That’s some “great and fantastic” reporting there.

    • Katie

      Sometimes – unfortunately… it’s a slow news week. Brett does his best. I happen to love this website and my friends here. Brett posted a comment from BC regarding his thoughts on LS & WD, and those responses came from an Instagram Q&A, so there was not a lot of elaboration on BC’s part… that’s all.

      • Dave Id

        If Brett wants to write an article about Billy Corgan, that’s fine. He should headline the article as such. I’m sure Corgan and the Pumpkins have a decent following. I, however am not one who does. The only reason I opened these two articles in the past couple weeks is because it suggested/implied something about a band and it’s members who I do like, not just quoting Billy Corgan saying these people are “great or fantastic. If Brett has something of substance to write about AIC Vol. 1 or Vol 2, I would be interested in reading it. I’m tired of clicking on misrepresented articles that are actually about a band or it’s members that I have no interest in. I get it; internet sites are paid by the number of “clicks” on an article, but even if it is a slow news day, misrepresenting the subject within an article is ultimately send readers away from the website.

        • Corndog

          Welcome to the internet. Can i take your coat?

          • Katie

            :X… :)… 😀
            I do love your very dry sense of humor Corndog.

          • Corndog

            It’s the Irish in me. I can’t help it:)

          • Olga Stewart

            Katie, I am also Irish.

            And if there’s one thing you can count on where we are concerned, it’s that both we have a sense of humour and we know how to use it. :).

          • Katie

            Another friend from The Isle of Eire!!! I am of Irish descent, but am American. Teal-eyed, redheaded with a temper to match… heh

            Honestly, I would rather smile, be happy, crack jokes and enjoy good humor than lose my temper any day of the week.

            Erin go Bragh!!!
            Alba go Bragh!!!

          • Olga Stewart

            Well, you can see me in my user photo here.

            Oh and I know all about the Irish temper (as I have one myself). Ha ha!

            Yes, having a sense of humour is not only wonderful but it is also freeing.

  • Dee

    Okay, so, no longer reading this piece of shit website due to three clickbaits regarding Layne Staley in the last three days. Suck it.

    • Dave Id

      I have come to the same conclusion.

    • Katie

      Ok, well thanks for stopping by… There are plenty of Heavy-Metal / Rock websites out there for your music news so I hope you may find one that suits your needs. If you hate it here that much, then please… find somewhere else to go and spread your negativity.
      Thanks & Peace

  • Dysnomia

    There have been other articles like this. These questions and answers are jokes, right? No one would ever actually ask questions like this, right? If so, I don’t blame Xorgan (for once) for giving short, stupid answers like this with these questions.

  • Berkeley5th

    “Reveals” Again!!!

    • dakotablue

      “Deserves” is also getting a lot of use!

  • Jaimie Rain

    This is like those NASA headlines proclaiming a breakthrough find in the search for life on Mars! Then when you click the article it’s just some scientific jargon about how certain grooves in the sand leave strong evidence there was possibly a river in that spot 3 million years ago.