Billy Corgan Reveals Why Smashing Pumpkins Reunion May Not Last Long


Billy Corgan was interviewed on Mancow yesterday and discussed the in the works reunion of The Smashing Pumpkins’ original lineup. Alternative Nation transcribed his comments.

“I just talked to [James Iha] the other day, things look good for us getting together to play. We’re talking about it, we’ll see.”

He added, “Here’s the thing, being honest, there’s a willingness for us to play, but there’s also, the world has changed a lot since we didn’t play. The reunion thing is always a bit weird, because then people come in with their expectations. So my whole thing is if we’re going to do it, I think we do it to make people happy, and not go against the tide of what people would want to hear and that type of stuff, but my interest in it is sort of limited. I’m not going to do it for 14 years of my life.”

He also discussed his plans to travel across the country, and film the whole process with his former TNA Wrestling writing partner Dave Lagana.

“We’re going to update daily, do live broadcasts, and put music up everyday. I’m working on a couple projects, one is I’m doing a bunch of cover songs, another is I’m about to turn 50, which is hard to believe, so I might do a thing where I celebrate turning 50 by doing 50 songs that I’ve written, sort of a collection of acoustic songs.”

  • Raj

    The Pumpkins reunion won’t last because of:
    a) Billy Corgan’s ego
    b) Billy Corgan’s ego
    c) Billy Corgan’s ego
    d) Billy Corgan’s ego

    Contestant: I’ll take Billy Corgan’s ego for 1000 Alex,
    beep bop boop bap (bad sound effects)
    Alex: you just got a Daily Double, how much you will you wager?
    Contestant: Let’s do Siamese Dream…no wait I’m going to bet on Mellon Collies and the Infinite Sadness
    Alex: Name 2 out of 5 artists Billy has had a public feud with, I’ll give you a hint for one. One is a singer who’s band performed under an anagram of their name.
    Contestant: Who are Chris Cornell and Marilyn Manson?
    Alex: Correct!

    • Cletus Hammersmith

      It’s one thing to have an ego during the Siamese Dream and Mellon Collie era, but to have an ego now? Based on what? The past 20 years of failure?

  • Mike

    Let it last as long as it can.

  • Billy

    Although i doubt anyone has the balls to do it, i would love for someone to call his ass out for being a hipocrite.
    I would love to hear him swallowing his foot while trying to justify that as long as he is involved it’s ok for old bands to do reunions but not anybody else.