Credit: MonteLDS and Some media outlets gleaned from your interview on that the Smashing Pumpkins may call it quits if Oceania isn’t well-received. What is your response to these reports?

Billy: I would say those reports are irresponsible. We are very happy together as a band and as friends, and there are no plans to disband, nor any discussions about disbanding. My point was if Oceania is not well received, it would be time to change our FOCUS as a band. I have plenty of projects that have been sitting on the shelf for awhile that I’d be more than happy for us to get into. That said, Oceania is a record we are very proud of and we hope people feel about it as strongly as we do.

  • whip

    Zietgest was ok… I have faith in Billy even if he is the last remaining member of the once great band

  • paul

    disbanding because of a commercial failure goes against everything he seems to stand for at the moment. that was his M.O. in 2000, but now it seems to be more of a “I’m not doing this for you anymore, I’m doing it for me, and if you like it, good, if not, I don’t care”.

  • Jim

    Billy is hilarious

  • steve krasz

    i personally thought zeitgeist was a horrible album that doesn’t even come close to their work done in the past (gish – machina)

    that said, i really hope this new album sounds awsome. im not impressed at all with all the other stuff released so far after zeitgeist, (all the one song releases, plus the teargarden stuff)…so im a little bit worried…seems like it just keeps getting worse!

    ociania, for me, will be the last straw. either it kicks ass, or im officialy done with this band. not to mention, billy’s voice has sounded absolutely horrid since the reformation in 2007.

    i can’t see the new album being all that great, but i could be wrong…guess i just have to wait and see.

  • abbazabba

    why is this news? why are they being covered here? it is news to me these guys are grunge… but then again what is grunge? if they did break up, who would notice lol…. not many

  • David.

    Do we not call him William anymore?

  • Superunknown

    That picture! LOL

    Billy is ridiculous

    It’s like these SP updates are just posted so we can see the most hilarious images of Billy.

  • fsh

    I thought American Gothic and the G.L.O.W. ep were very good post-Zeitgeist material. Then again they still had Jimmy. To me, thats the missing ingredient in the new stuff, which has been largely unlistenable.

  • lala

    all the negative comments here are from fucking STP fans. LOL. SP rules

  • Mills

    I’m not disbanding the Pumpkins any time soon. I’ve got nothing else going on and I was laid off from my job managing a KFC.