BillCo is back! After a few days without Smashing Pumpkins/Billy Corgan stories, we have one! Here is a quote from Stereo IQ‘s new interview with Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan.  This is in response to a question regarding people getting pissed off at Lana Del Ray for using a Great Gatsby aesthetic, and finding out that it’s not the real her.

“Rather than celebrate the person’s ability to even pull it off, everyone gets obsessed with “well it wasn’t what i thought it was.” You know, you got fake gangsters running around. You got fake kids with full sleeve tattoos who look like they’re drug addicts but they couldn’t find their way out of a heroin den if you shot them.

It’s really funny, we’re a culture that celebrates the image if it’s upheld, but we actually don’t want to know what’s behind the image. We actually don’t want to know there’s a person, and of course now theres a whole business setup that actually celebrates the disintegration of the celebrity model, because there’s money to be made on, you know, “Kim Kardashian fell over today, ha ha ha.”

We lose sight that these are real people with their own pathology. When I was on Piers Morgan, he asked me a question about Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. I said that I celebrate them for having creating their own business model and empowering themselves. They are who they say they are. They’re not trying to pretend. It’s all the people in my musical culture that act like they have all this integrity and then behind the scenes I hear about all these shitty business deal they’re doing. That’s the gross part about rock ‘n’ roll, all these posers that run around. I’m a lifer, you know — I’m in it for better for or for worse.”

  • Hailey

    Well, he’s got a point… Pretty wise words, this time. Yay, Billy! (:

  • olive

    There certainly are a lot of posers in rock’n’roll (and in all music) and for all his twatty ranty behavior I still think Billy is the real deal. Pity he sounds like a part almost every time he opens his gob.

  • GenXLady

    I think the types Billy was referring to have always been around, and probably always will be. It seems false images are so celebrated, and put on a pedestal waiting for a big fall even more so today though, because there is so much “reality” tv, pseudo celebrities, and instant information available over the Internet.

    I think someone like Layne Staley, who really wanted his privacy, would have been disallusioned even sooner with the music scene, if he and AIC had come up in this instant information age. Look what happened with Amy Winehouse. After her initial talent was acknowledged, everything you would find in the media was all about whatever trainwreck situation she was involved in. It’s like you’re celebrated if you can uphold the celebrated image, or a huge focus if you have fallen far off the pedestal. Everyone in between is “too ordinary”, so the public keeps needing to find the next new thing to live up to the hype. And where there is possible fame or money involved, there will always be someone willing to try to play that part.

  • Alternadude

    Very true what he says…

  • Shadow on the Sun

    Corgan just defended the Kardashian and Hilton business model of becoming famous for no FUCKING reason. They’ve empowered themselves through their family fortunes not because of anything THEY have ever worked for. Corgan has officially gone off the deep end, his management needs to cancel any further interviews
    I’m floored that a rock musician would try to legitimize Kim and Paris. That is a slap in the face to any fan of his who ever worked a job to pay for a cd or concert ticket to a show of his. I am going to go throw up now

  • Jack Irons

    I knew I liked Billy…

    Without a doubt in my mind, There’s only one band he could be talking about.
    It ryhmes with Earl Am…

    EV is a clown!!

  • jjc19461

    If you hate Pearl Jam, why is your name Jack Irons? “If you hate something, don’t you do it too.”

  • John

    Wow, I can’t believe this Jack Irons guy is still trolling. It’s been weeks! Don’t you have a job? School? Other things to do besides get butthurt about how Eddie Vedder sold out?

    Honestly, anyone who spends this much time thinking about Eddie Vedder must really be craving the cock.

  • Scott McLean

    Yeah I remember when I heard that Charlie’s Angels song by Pink which is party a remake of an old song. But darn it’s still fun to watch that video because i’m a guy. No, please Billy don’t tell me I’m not the original guy. I know that already. lol

  • Scott McLean

    Oh yeah, and I just heard Should I Stay or Should I Go in the intro of some new pop song as I was driving to town this morning to volunteer on a holidays food drive to help feed hungry people; I’m glad I did but wish I hadn’t heard that song. I like that Clash song but not the pop song that used part of it.

  • Scott McLean

    Also, I hope Elton John and Madonna speak out on this where rap/hip-hop and pop groups are using samples or parts of songs for their “new” songs. That would be interesting to hear from them.

  • Scott McLean

    Billy is right and that’s why all musicians and singers should say who their influences are the way I do, because otherwise I guess we can just guess by checking out songs on YouTube. The truth is mostly on there somewhere if anyone wants to compare songs and see what song from the past influenced some other “new” song.

  • paulonious

    that’s enough billy. just say you are jealous of soundgarden and pearl jam and leave it at that.

    shut up.

  • Jack Irons

    John: It doesn’t take but a few seconds to post comments, I can multi-task at work. Just like ED… Smoke, sing(forget lyrics) & talk out of the side of his mouth all at once.

    Billy should put out an equally as ridiculous CD as EV’s. Like an CD of all Banjo music.
    The title could be “And you thought Ed’s album sucked balls…”

  • Alternadude


    Load of crap.

    Shut up.

  • SuperSG

    @ John


  • Alternadude

    But hey what is wrong with “craving the cock”?

  • SuperSG

    @ alternadude

    LOL XD

  • Loder

    The only integrity pearl jam has today is their love of money coming from an old catalog of songs that will continue to bring them recurring income for years to come. No real drive or passion to be true artists anymore that’s why these slackers are finding it difficult to organize themselves to create a new album. Hah, good thing Matt C. has Soundgarden! If they go full throttle, Pearl Jam will have drummer problems again, I bet ya!

  • Batman

    Corgan is spot on. Pearl Jam are sell-outs who act like they are so underground when they made a freaking Target commercial a few years ago. Their only good album after Vitalogy, is Yield, and thats probably the only album where Vedder’s vocals don’t sound a goat getting beaten down.

  • Alternadude

    The “avocado” is simply awesome though…

    Mmmm cocks.

  • Calvin McLain


    Takes one to know one…

  • Stardogg3333

    Hmmm a sellout to release an album off their own label ….. I don’t think it’s possible to sellout this late in the game lol . By the way jack what band do u like ?

  • Aaron

    He has a point but why continue to bring this crap up. He should just let it be and not say anything.