Billy Corgan Shaves And Shares Hot Shirtless Photo


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has recently been sporting an epic beard, but the rock icon has decided to shave it, and he’s shared a new shirtless photo to show off his new look! Also for the record, we’re referring to him as looking ‘hot’ for our female audience since we’ve frequently referred to photos of Frances Bean Cobain as ‘hot’ and ‘sexy’ for the male audience, so you can’t call us sexist!

Corgan also shared a photo with his good friend Lisa Marie Presley, wishing her a happy birthday. He wrote on Instagram, “A very, very happy 50th birthday to my dear friend Lisa Marie Presley. We celebrated last night with friends, family, and Lisa’s wonderful children present. Not only has Lisa been my friend of 20 years, but she is also one of my favorite people in the world. And I’ve been blessed to meet so many great people on life’s journey, but LMP is tops.”

Billy Corgan also owns the National Wrestling Alliance, and discussed owning the championship belt.

“@nwa’s prestigious title, the ’10 pounds of gold’. Someone well known, who’s name I shall withhold for privacy, surprised me by asking, ‘So I heard you bought the National Wrestling Aliiance?’ And then it struck me in this funny way that the title is mine, at least in terms of ownership, but the thought had never once dawned on me because ultimately the title belongs to the fans and the great men who’ve held the belt.”

Been awhile since this visage was around. Photo shoot today! #WPC

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  • Kooler Than Jesus

    He looks better (“hotter”) with the beard. XD

  • Colleen Grant

    WPC looks hot with or without a beard or hair. He’s been my 20+ yrs secret crush. Laugh

    • Kimberly

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    • Alina Zagitova

      With grey beard he looks like an old man. Better to dye it.