WGNTV is reporting that Billy Corgan can keep his shop’s neon sign thanks to the Highland Park City Council.

The council approved a waiver Monday night which would allow the sign to stay on the Smashing Pumpkins frontman’s tea shop. Corgan says he’s pleased with the council’s decision and that the sign is instrumental in marketing the shop on social media, because people who visit take pictures of the sign outside and post them online.

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  • Andrei

    Be more careful with the grammar, please.

  • More Corgan News

    Thank God. Really. I’ve been having nightmares that Madame Zuzu’s sign wouldn’t be able to stay up, and now that the council approved it, it’s just like the first time I heard 1979. This marks a great day for the Smashing Pumpkins, and an even bigger day for GrungeReport for covering this significant story. Thank you Mr. Mazzarone. You are a noble scholar, and in no way a “disgusting obese pervert”. My only hope for the future is that this site covers more Billy Corgan news. It doesn’t even have to be really important stuff like this story. I want to know what he had for breakfast, when he takes a shit (or an Iha, as he calls it), and what he thought about Les Miserables. Good day everyone.

  • Versus

    Damn, at least get the grammar correct in the headline. Let’s at least pretend to be professional here.

  • JokersCock

    You come here for perfection then go under dirt. Grammar, who the fuck cares. The gist is that a big fucking glowing sign is saved.

  • Versus

    You’re right, we should focus on the story. I can’t think of too many things better than neon signs. It would have been tragic if the sign had to be destroyed. I probably would have boycotted Highland Park.

  • enough corgan news

    I was just about to donate some money to this site, thanks for helping me keep it in my pocket and reminding me that this site is shit now.

  • paul

    “Billy Corgan’s Tea Shop Allowed to Keep It Is Sign.”

  • GwynnKatie

    Ya’ll are so nasty and negative. It IS news – Ok?
    If Jerry Cantrell started breeding and selling the Hereford cattle his father owns on the J&J ranch in Atoka, it would be news here if Jerry continued to also write & record music. Billy is an investor in the TeaHouse. He’s also an alternative musician. Jeez – the lead-in was even a joke: “Your daily dose of BillCo” Levity people – levity.

  • MJM

    I love how I post quite a bit of non Corgan news and it gets little comments. I post ONE BillCo story to keep content going…as an afternon story mind you and everyone shits on it saying “the site is going to hell.” This doesn’t keep any of you from going on here and commenting. Don’t like Corgan news? Coment on the stories we have on Mudhoney, Dinosaur Jr, Melvins, PJ…etc. The amount of hypocrtics on this site is overwhelming. They want no Corgan news yet his stories are the most commented. Unreal.

  • Versus

    Great point, MJM. People here don’t quite realize that the large volume of Corgan stories continue mostly because they almost always get a significant amount of comments (both negative & positive). If you’re tired of the overexposure, STOP commenting on the BC articles.

  • Is he one?

    Well then I for one am glad so many people whine on Corgan related posts as I hope this site keeps posting as many as possible! 😀

  • Magic Mike Mazzarone

    Exactly Versus. Like I say, if the amount of Melvins, Local H and Mudhoney stories got the amount of comments that BillCo’s did I could see their point. But they don’t…

    And I think we’ve been covering those three bands MORE then Corgan and the Pumpkins lately so I have no clue what these trolls are going on about.

  • GwynnKatie

    ^^^ Hey man, some people just aren’t happy unless they can bitch and whine about something. Malcontents. I appreciated the news. Mainly because if I ever travel to Chicago and the place is still open for business I’ll be going there, I love drinking tea.
    AIC Forever.

  • Mark

    You might be right with your points about comments, but that still doesn’t mean that this story is absolutely pointless. I have no idea what neon sign or tea shop we’re talking about in the story. It has nothing to do with music. He didn’t even say anything. At least some of the others have some form of substance. This one is just empty.

    I do read most of the articles on the site, but I seldom comment because either someone else said what I wanted to say or it’s un-commentable. Example, there’s no reason for me to comment on a post saying, “Soundgarden touring XXX.” I don’t think anybody cares what shows I’m going to (considering that nobody knows who I am). I do post on most of the controversial articles to get my two cents in, which generally are Billy Corgan articles, unfortunately…

  • enough

    did anyone ever consider that the authors of these stories, especially this mike clown encourage people to be shitty by posting stupid shit clearly looking for a reaction like “10 best pictures of billy corgan”. the guy then gets on here and instigates more postings by challenging people or being aggressive. I believe this is the same guy who said he was going to a James Iha show, not to cover it, but to mock the artist. You call this professional reporting and have the audacity to ask for donations? brett handles shit pretty well but this mike cat is a joke. brett if you want to turn things around start looking at bullshit like this…how many sites with credibility actually call their readers trolls? i can only think of one

  • Magic Mike Mazzarone

    I run every story by Brett before I post. Nothing I post is without the green light.