The following comes through the official Facebook page of Blind Melon:

Don’t forget tickets for our upcoming shows in PA and Mexico are on sale now! Join us at the Mount Airy Casino Resort in PA at Gypsies on Feb. 16th at 7pm. You can purchase tickets here:

We will also be supporting The Smashing Pumpkins as part of the Cumbre Tajín Festival in Mexico on March 23rd! You can purchase tickets here:

See you there!

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  • Mark

    Who’s Singing? Kind of an old pic there….

  • Eric

    Travis T. Warren. Amazing singer, does Shannon justice. Wish more people got into Blind Melon so they would tour more often. Travis and Blind Melon made an album a few years ago called For My Friends, has to be one of my all time favorites.

  • Magic Mike Mazzarone

    To be honest? It’s the only Blind Melon picture we had. Haha. I’m going to stock pile on more today. I did the same for Dinosaur Jr.

  • Eric

    Should be a neat trick without Shannon Hoon…

  • windowpane

    Both bands are just parodies of themselves, at this point.

  • Shannon

    I think smashing pumpkins are…..talented, creative, but I’ve never liked them. Will have to check out blind melon. I honestly had no idea they even came back.

  • versus

    I’ve never heard Blind Melon without Shannon. I never thought the band was great, but always thought they were a bit underrated. Last I heard on here, BM was having trouble getting gigs. Landing a spot to play a festival in Mexico is a big deal for the band I’m sure. Good for them.

  • paulonious

    For My Friends is an amazing album. They were incredible live too. Travis also has his own solo album out.

    Interesting that the blind melon facebook page a few weeks back made a comment that they thought the Pumpkins should be opening for THEM. Kinda weird, since they haven’t toured in a couple years because, and I quote the guitarist “no booking offers are coming in”.

  • Johnny

    I played my high school tennis matches at Mount Airy Lodge back when it was nice.

    Hard seeing Blind Melon “headlining” there…no matter the line-up.

  • bon3z

    I WANT NEW BLIND MELON ALBUM! I fuckin want it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bon3z

    BTW Their album with Travis(new singer) was incredible too. Not as good as with Shannon… You know why? Cuz there were only 1 Shannon and only 1 Layne and only 1 Jeff Buckley, so get over it and enjoy great music that they still can do.

  • Calvin McLain

    For My Friends was a more solid album then Soup for sure. Still haven’t seen these guys live yet, but very much want to. If anyone hasn’t heard For My Friends or Travis’s solo album I highly recommend. Good tunes.

  • g

    for my friends was a love fest, I questioned my sexuality several times while listening to it.

  • Cobainsweater

    ‘Soup’ was a criminally underrated album.

  • ShaneC

    I love all of Blind Melon’s music with Shannon Hoon. Still listen to all of it on my ipod.

    I’ll have to check out the most recent album with Travis.

  • Shitbeard

    Gosh! Blind Melon??? I never knew they were still around and had another album with another lead singer! Anyway, I always thought their posthumous album “NICO” was their masterpiece.