Garbage drummer/Nevermind producer Butch Vig revealed in a recent Soundwave Festival chat when asked about a fantasy tour, “I’d live to tour with Neil Young, especially if he had Dave Grohl and Krist as his backing band!” Surviving Nirvana members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic (along with Pat Smear) have performed together frequently over the last couple of months after having not performed in their Nirvana roles since 1994 (Novoselic popped up at a couple of Foo Fighters shows with Grohl as frontman over the years and the surviving Nirvana members performed briefly at a top secret Foo Fighters show in 2010). The one new song to come out of the reunion has been the Paul McCartney/Nirvana track “Cut Me Some Slack” from the Sound City soundtrack.

  • drew

    this might sound good on “paper”, but not sure if this rhythm section would groove for/with neil like
    the mighty crazy horse does……….

  • cindy wise

    I do like Neil Young but NO!

  • Ef

    Pearl Jam except Eddie played as a backing band of Neil Young in 1995, the did a tour and recorded an album called Mirrorball, so I’d say why not? why not Dave + Pat + Krist & Neil Young?

  • tom

    I don’t know how top secret the FOO show was… (Show in NJ at the meadow lands) The appearance was not advertized but the show was definitely part of the regular tour. That is to say unless they did this several times in which I was not aware.

  • Scott McLean

    Basically, I didn’t know where to put this but I’m just happy I finally heard “Hollow” the single, on the local radio, though it was about 4:30 am, I can’ sleep due to pain from cold, etc., and was playing guitar to try and make the pain go away, but the song Hollow on the radio helped too.

    I’m all for Dave, Krist, etc. playing with Neil, or anyone, just so we don’t refer to it as that person’s name, followed by ‘vana’ if you catch what I’m saying. Geez let’s respect Kurt even though he’s not with us now. I miss him in rock music.

  • Scott McLean

    there should have been a ‘t’ on the end there and meant can’t sleep, but after hearing Hollow on the radio, maybe now I can. It sounded better on the radio than on YouTube.

  • Keith

    If the thought was anywhere on Neil’s radar, someone as high profile as Butch Vig saying it should happen almost ensures that it won’t.

  • GwynnKatie

    Scott McL, Hollow is just awesome – glad you like it. Haven’t heard it on the radio, but it came on the upper tier cable music channel *Rock* station on Charter Cable on my Grandson’s 2nd BD (Feb 4th) and I made the whole room be quiet while I turned it UP. Aden ran to me and banged his little head. He loves The Doors & Meshuggah too — WTF? Sorry you’re cold (sick?) hope you feel better soon.


  • http://nemsworld.com Christine

    I like Neil as much as the next person but he already did that circa ’97 with Pearl Jam – I don’t see a need for Neil to tour with anyone unless he feels like it. Pearl Jam has already backed Neil, and Neil has his own band when he feels like playing in Mountain View each October.

  • me

    Nirvana needs to choose a singer and get on with it :)

  • Todd

    Bad idea. Neil Young did enough damage to Pearl Jam.